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  1. band.to.sleeve

    Going from a lap band to a sleeve

    Thanks everyone! Kazbo - I find your last paragraph very interesting about possibly not being eligible to get the sleeve due to damage. Almost all people who I've come across that has had a lap band, throws up after most meals regardless how long they have had their band in for. I throw up maybe 2-3 times a year at most and that would because I've rushed my food or I've had too much red meat or bread on that occasion. I live very comfortably with my band in the sense that I am rarely sick so I'm hoping that because I haven't been throwing up that there would be no damage, or minimal, with some scar tissue building around the band like normal. Thank you for enlightening me though as I will definitely ask my doctor about this when I see him this week!
  2. band.to.sleeve

    Going from a lap band to a sleeve

    Hi everyone! My name is Leigh, I'm 33, live in Sydney (originally from good ol' Brissy!) and I have been searching around for a lap band/sleeve forum so I'm glad I found one. I got my lap band back in December 2006 when I weighed 150kgs and was only 24yrs old. I worked in health insurance at the time and had done my homework extensively however there was a lack of support, no FB groups or forums to talk with other patients. I knew I wanted something that was reversible though. I lost about 17kgs initially and was pleased with how I was managing things. I flatlined with my weight loss (lack of exercise, no band tightening, lack of motivation) at about the 130-135kg mark and that is where I stayed for several years. Then about 4 years ago, I started a new job where they had just started a weight loss challenge. I'm competitive with a lot of things, but weight loss has never been one of them. I got on board though, and with several band tightenings, I smashed through 20kgs in 3 months (won the challenge!!), and then continued to lose after that. I got down to 104kgs and was feeling fabulous! Not long after I was made redundant and changed jobs which was extremely stressful as my partner had just quit his job to study while I supported the both of us. During the previous 2 or so years I had extremely bad reflux and was coughing excessively at night that I could never sleep and would throw up saliva constantly. During the day I was fine and wouldn't throw up food as I have always known my limit and have lived with my lap band for years. Underlining all of that I was severely anaemic, unaware to me. So out of sheer frustration with my surgeon not helping me, I got a referral to another surgeon. He told me my band should have never been as tight as it was, which was causing the reflux and the coughing and he released it. Overnight, I slept! It was a miracle. The motivation was still there to lose weight however with a stressful job change, I put on a few kgs, and my mindset went from being motivated to feeling defeated. In the last 2 years I have put on all of the weight I had lost and I got up to 152.5kgs. When I was 104kgs, I had thrown out all of my fat clothes because I was never going back to that, but as I put weight on, I had to buy clothes again. I have about 6 massive bags of 'skinny' clothes just waiting to be worn again. So, a bit over 12 months ago I increased my health insurance and booked in to get the gastric sleeve done. With preparation for my surgery I have lost 3.9kgs in the last week (I can feel that old motivation coming back again!). I'm scheduled to have my lap band removed on the 24th September (next week!) and get the gastric sleeve on the 23rd November. I've had several acquaintances, an old neighbour and old colleagues also get the sleeve and while watching them as my guinea pigs, my test subjects, lol, that this is the right decision for me. I'm not nervous, or anxious, since I've gone through the surgery before, I just want it to hurry up! I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and learning some things from you too! Below are some photos from my journey over these years. I will start my photo tracking again just before I go into surgery next week. This was the tracking I did during my weight loss challenge at my old job. I could tell my moles on my stomach were getting closer, you could see my ears better and my stomach was rising very quickly! These shorts are a size 26. Sadly, I am sitting in them right now as I type this, and they are fitting me very well. I loved using these shorts as an indicator of my weight loss. And you can see the fat clothes I was putting in bags to give to charity! I miss doing fun runs (walks!), million paws walk etc because of my weight gain. So as a motivator I have pulled out the calendar for the next 12 months and marked all the events I would like to attend. Here I am at my lightest at 104kgs, with a bulky jacket on lol...AND I was fitting into skinny jeans. This is my motivation photo!