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  1. Kittyk

    July 2018 surgery

    Went for my gastroscopy yesterday. My surgeon requested it be done as a precaution. All clear from that. So next stop is the big surgery!
  2. Kittyk

    July 2018 surgery

    My clinic have a psychologist that they require you see. I will have had 5 sessions with her pre surgery. That is helping get my head together over it and will see her post surgery too.
  3. Kittyk

    July 2018 surgery

    Gold Coast for me :D
  4. Kittyk

    July 2018 surgery

    Oh how cool; the same date! I'm having surgery on the gold coast, how about you?
  5. Kittyk

    Vegan sleevers

    I'm looking for info on doing the sleeve with a vegan diet. My surgery is in July and I can't do the optifast diet. The vitamins suggested by the surgeon are also not vegan so I'm looking for an alternative.
  6. Kittyk

    July 2018 surgery

    Hi there, are there any others having surgery in July? I am booked in for 5th of July to have the sleeve. I'm excited and nervous!! I took out phi a year ago to cover the surgery.
  7. Kittyk

    Today's the day

    Ahh what a great thread, well done!!!
  8. Kittyk

    Cost Brisbane no PHI

    I am here looking for similar answers. I don't have Phi and I don't have any super to access. I could borrow a few thousand but not $20k.