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  1. Wishing

    3 days PO

    Thanks youngbelle! Feeling great but still in hospital with bleeding from the drain. Very frustrating but I understand the Dr is just being cautious...and that's a good thing! Interestingly my sweet tooth has completely vanished! I have to water down the juices because they're so sweet, and I've always taken sugar in tea. I can't stand the sweetness now. I wonder if that will go away as I recover.... It's amazing that hunger can disappear so completely too! Before the op I constantly felt hungry, I know it's only been five days but now I barely think about it. Does the hunger return I wonder? Anyway.....tucked up for hopefully my last night here! Wishing....
  2. Wishing

    3 days PO

    Three day out from the op on Monday. I started off really well, went for the the barium swallow, came back and went downhill fast! Tuesday was a nightmare, I felt so sick, tired and miserable. The drain is still leaking so I won't be going home today as planned.....very disappointed. It is certainly easy to know when I've sipped too fast....awful feeling! But.... I am feeling much better and I know this phase won't last long! Onward and upward (or should that be downward??) Wishing...
  3. Wishing

    Countdown to op day.

    So.... 3 days to go! I can't wait! Any last minute advice would be appreciated..... something you wish you'd been told beforehand? I know there's a few of us heading in for the op soon. I bought this book yesterday, it has great ideas and recipes for each phase of the process.
  4. Wishing


    Oh dear.... Most surgeons are not known for their sparkling wit and charm.....just down to business! 10 kg is awesome and bloody hard work as we all know, so good for you! It will make things even better for op day. Hang in there and keep telling yourself how fabulously you're doing!
  5. Wishing

    I went and got married!

    Congratulations Kazbo!
  6. Wishing


    Thank you so much soul sister! How did the op go? Bearable? While I'm still super excited I am feeling a bit nervous now it's creeping closer. It's actually comforting to know others are going through the same thing at (close to) the same time. I can cope with most things, but I hate vomiting! Ugghhhh! I've been reading about the post op food, and have spoken with a dietition, but it's still a bit hard to get my head around how to get enough in nutritionally. I'd be interested in hearing how you manage. I hope your appointment went well today. :-)
  7. Wishing


    Two to go before surgery. Weight today is 108.4kg. I has a lovely dinner with my family last night at a delicious restaurant and today I've started the optifast pre surgery diet. Yum. The next two weeks can't go fast enough, I just want this done!
  8. Hi! Looks like our surgery is the same day! :D

  9. Wishing

    19 days and counting!

    My weight has been a self fulfilling prophesy. Since I was a teenager, with protruding hips and collar bones, I was convinced I was overweight. Determined to wear that bikini, but hideously embarrassed about my body. Everybody, and I mean everybody was, in my mind, skinnier, prettier, smaller, better.... In my mid 20s entering my weight on a form as 64kg (I'm 165cm) I was overwhelmed by the shame of obesity. When I got married 20 years ago I weighed about 75kg and the dressmaker continuously referred to me as one of her 'bigger brides'. In my head all I heard was the message that I was fat. If I could only turn back the clock and give myself a good slap!! Even as I face gastric sleeve surgery I doubt I'll see that unappreciated and much maligned 64kg mark again. I'll be happy with the wedding weight 75! So.... Now I'm 53 years old, mother of 3 teenagers and a miserable, unhealthy, life stifling 110kg. I have type 2 diabetes, which is managed but terrifying. My 'netball knees' are suffering under the weight and I'm stuck in the cycle of needing to exercise but being too unfit, tired and miserable to be able to motivate myself. You name a diet I've tried it! 5:2, Atkins, soup, Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Dukan, Impromy (the best of the lot) ....... the list is so long. I've had some success along the way only to find them unsustainable and I so easily slip back into old habits and the weight creeps back like some insidious cloak of shame and failure. My GP has been suggesting surgery for a few years now, I didn't really take it seriously. The cost for a start, even with private health insurance, was a major factor. Three kids were the priority and I felt selfish even thinking of spending thousands on my lack of self control. At my local weigh watchers group the leader spoke with disdain of those who chose surgery over 'grit and determination'. She spent many meetings telling us of the horrendous side effects and the damaged caused to the body from this unnatural practice. She looked suspiciously at new members that lost "too much" weight and speculated on their surgical status. She'll be mortified at my impending defection to the 'dark side'!! (....and secretly I can't wait to run into her in six months time!!) With my health getting progressively worse, no energy, headaches etc, I've found myself withdrawing from life. I don't want to meet friends, go to work functions, meet new people, I don't want to go out with family....I'm just too tired. And fat. This, my friends, is not healthy mentally or physically. I don't want to miss out. I want to participate, actively, in my family's life. Now finances are more flexible I've decided to take the plunge, much to the delight of my GP and the horror of my husband. He's a born worrier so I expected nothing less.... but he's supportive. I meet with the surgeon and in what seems like a bit of a whirlwind, my surgery is booked for Monday the 16th of November. Day one of my second chance. So, so, so excited!