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  1. Froody added a post in a topic: Reviews on Dr. Victor Liew   

    He is an excellent surgeon, you will be in good hands.
    He does not, however, offer much after care. Therefore, you will need to arrange your own dietitian, psychologist etc (and please don't think about not using these resources, most people who enjoy success long term utilise as much professional help as they can).
    I know this is an old post but just putting it out there for others who may be wondering.
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  2. Froody added a post in a topic: Band non-success story looking for options   

    That's a long, torturous journey you've been on!
    If I were you I'd look into Roux-en-Y (RNY or gastric bypass), instead of a sleeve. It has a better long term success rate of any (apart from duodenal switch, which you don't want) of the bariatric surgeries. It requires greater adherence to vitamin supplementation than the sleeve but the risks of leaks is far less - it's well established that sleeves following a band have a higher incidence of leaks, which is something to take into consideration. It is also better for resolution of co-morbidities (chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure) than the sleeve.
    Use this time to research what procedure would be best for you. Also, I'd suggest looking into getting some counseling - a history of alcohol misuse is concerning because it could potentially be an issue post op. I wish you every success on what is a very difficult journey!
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  3. Froody added a post in a topic: What were you eating 7 weeks in?   

    Hi, yep, pretty much. Probably not as much meat, say 50g per serve. Now at almost 3 months out I can eat about 60-70g. My sandwiches are 1 slice of bread, not 2. Most of the time I leave something on my plate, or give it to my husband.
    Given your complications it's not surprising you have problems with intake. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow and you don't have to have any more procedures!
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  4. Froody added a post in a topic: Coffee affect?   

    Sorry, Lilly, but I'd like to see where you get your information from. Coffee would have a minimal effect on weight loss at normal consumption levels (1-4 cups per day). Study after study has shown that the most important thing for weight loss is reducing calorie input - eating less! - something that WLS patients have covered.
    As with most things, the poison is in the dose
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  5. Froody added a post in a topic: What were you eating 7 weeks in?   

    For breakfast, usually weetbix energize with skim milk or half a muffin with a scrambled egg and ham, or sultana bran with skim milk or this ancient grain fruit bread that I get from an organic store (don't particularly care about organic stuff, just freaking love this bread). With coffee, of course.
    Lunch is sometimes a wrap or sandwich with lean meat (chicken, ham, tinned salmon/tuna, rare roast beef). Mostly if I'm working I take a salad.
    Dinner is whatever we're having - last night we had steak, egg and chips (my husband's favourite meal of all time). Lean steak, 70g, with a fried egg (no oil) and homemade oven chips made with minimal oil. Night before last it was salmon steaks with salad. Yum.
    I like to have snacks during the day (even though some dietitians advise against it), I find if I don't I absolutely tank at the gym and have no energy to do anything. Favourite snacks are those small packets of air popped popcorn, yoghurt, small packs of nuts (25g), vitaweats with promite and low fat cheese or a boiled egg. Mostly I have afternoon tea but if I'm at work I like to have something at morning tea as well, otherwise I get too hungry. I used to have dessert religiously pre-op but now I usually don't want it. Amazing, lol.
    You really should be eating solid food at every meal. Relying on fluid or soft foods isn't ideal because they don't satisfy as well as solids. Also, I've read that most issues with intolerance are to do with your eating style - slow down, eat mindfully and CHEW!
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  6. Froody added a post in a topic: quinoa fried rice   

    Sounds yum and good for protein. Carbs help me when I go into beast mode at the gym, so they have their place. Thanks for sharing
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  7. Froody added a post in a topic: How many calories? + stalled :(   

    That's great then, Satellites. I'm glad you're being realistic and I completely understand your wish to be happy with your body. I've been in your situation before and it resulted in years of unhappiness, I was hoping to save you the same angst. I wish you well in your journey
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  8. Froody added a post in a topic: How many calories? + stalled :(   

    Isn't it, Denzel.
    The worst habit I have is eating too fast. I struggle with it daily and no doubt will continue to for the rest of my life, but at least I am aware of it and can attempt to do something about it.
    Satellites, if your BMI is 22 currently, what will it be if you lose a further 8kg? I'm guessing it will be at the very low end of your acceptable BMI, but why would you want to be that weight? If you're struggling to lose weight now to get there, imagine maintaining it for the rest of your life. It'd be a constant fight, battling against hunger and self loathing for not reaching an arbitrary goal you've convinced yourself is ideal. Been there, done that and got the bariatric surgery eventually to stop it.
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  9. Froody added a post in a topic: How many calories? + stalled :(   

    I'd echo what everyone else has said about lowering carbs and increasing protein, but I'd also recommend having a serious look at your eating style. It can make a tremendous difference.
    This is a list of questions a dietitian wrote to someone who was asking about slowed weight loss and I thought it was fantastic.
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  10. Froody added a post in a topic: Gallbladder issues   

    Not bullshit necessarily, if her gallbladder was infected or inflamed it could have been catastrophic if it had been removed at the time of surgery, because it increases the chances of the infection becoming systemic and at least made her very sick, if not killed her.
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  11. Froody added a post in a topic: How much fluid did you have just after surgery   

    Everyone is different, try not to compare yourself to others because it can add to the stress levels.
    I can drink a litre in about an hour, hour and a half. I got myself in a little tizzy, thinking I was abnormal, but my surgeon reassured me that everything is fine. Sip constantly, with very small mouthfuls. It will get better! Also, experiment with additives like Squirt water flavourings, temperature (some people tolerate fluids either cool, tepid or warm better), diet cordial or lemon/lime juice. Might help, you never know!
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