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  1. Bel1995

    Adjustments expert advice please

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I may have small fills like you i think
  2. Hello Would people be so kind to share band adjustment experiences with me. My first adjustment was 2ml and i didnt feel any restriction. My second fill was 1ml. That afternoon and following day I couldnt keep down water and had .7ml taken out. I could drink water straight after. Two days later after 48 hours on liquids I could only keep down small amounts of liquid and no soft foods. So another adjustment to have fluid removed. Not from my specialist as he was doing surgery. The lady said i had 4.6ml in my band. The numbers didnt add up with two adjustments totalling 3ml. So I had a further .3ml taken out. Had a drink of water and I was still too tight. Another .3ml taken out straight after and I was fine to drink water. That was yesterday. I have had soup for tea last night and drinking fluids is now fine. I have 4cc in my band now. My band is a APS 10. small. My confusion is I now have less fluid than i had prior to my last fill. Prior to my last fill I was hungry and still eating big portions after my first fill of 2ml. As I am liquids now I am feeling hungry. In 2 weeks after eating solids If i feel game enough is there any suggestions on what amount to have filled? I will also ask my specialist however am hoping people may share their own experience and advices of band adjustment Thank you on advance.
  3. Bel1995

    2nd fill too tight

    hi Would anyone please share their fill experiences. My second fill was last Wed of 1ml. The following day i had to go back as i couldnt keep water down. .7ml was removed and I appeared ok. Now since yesterday Saturday I can only take tiny sips
  4. Bel1995

    Pulsating sensation and Burping

    Maybe band is too tight?
  5. He is cheaper than some specialists too.
  6. hi i was banded by him in jan. He doesnt have the best bed side mannerisms but definitely knows his stuff. He has alot of experience. I have been happy with him and have seen him at him at his city rooms. my surgery was at st lukes hospital in potts point.
  7. Bel1995

    Dr Clement Tsang

    Hi I have found he doesn't have the best bed side mannerisms however he appears to really know his stuff. He is very factual with information. He has alot of experience in this surgery as well which is what made me feel more confident. He repaired a hernia during my surgery which I didnt know I had & never charged me for the additional part of my surgery like most specialists do. Hope this helps
  8. Bel1995

    Chest pain?

    hi there That pain sounds just like the pain i am experiencing since my 2nd fill. I was told it is due to the band being too tight. i had some fluid removed a few days ago & the pain went. now its back again so am off to have more removed tomorrow. let us know what doctor says and good luck
  9. Bel1995

    Am getting scared any advice before lapband

    What foods did you eat post op during the liquid stage? I was banded on monday - am feeling ok more sore from gas pains. So far have had clear broth, jelly, water, herbal tea and coffee. Also had a optifast shake. Am i allowed to have a very thin watery vegetables and chicken soup with no lumps i.blended it till water thin? I cant find my list anywhere from the dietician.
  10. Has anyone recently been banded by dr clement tsang?
  11. Bel1995


    Hi there Am being done 25th January. Wow that's Great that your already feeling so much better. Am the same as you doing it for health issues too OA of knees and pre diabetes so looking forward to new changes. Have you had band yet?
  12. Bel1995

    Dr Clement Tsang

    Hi For those that were banded by dr clement tsang did you stay overnight in hospital or day surgery only?
  13. Bel1995


    Hi all I will be banded in January looking forward to all your updates