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  1. ScratchCat

    Sleeved 27 April

    I was with Dr Roy Brancatisano at Norwest Private Hospital. Can I suggest you try some other protein shakes or meal replacement options? These optifast type shakes are critical for healing and maintaining nutrients in the first 2 weeks after surgery. They are the best source of protein for someone on a full liquid diet. I didn't like optifast, I ended up buying Kickstart from www.pharmacy4less.com.au which is better albeit after 5 weeks of it i'm about to gag haha.
  2. There's certainly no reason why you can't do this on your own, you need to up and moving around ASAP anyway. I think having someone there to help is ideal, but for me it was more about emotional support than physical.
  3. ScratchCat

    Sleeved 27 April

    I'm 3 days ahead of you having been sleeved on 24 April I stuck to the optifast diet fairly rigidly, my surgeon demanded a minimum 4 week period on the liver shrink diet or he wouldn't do the surgery. I got emotional as well, and I'm a big burly 32 year old bloke and ended up calling my dad in for some comfort. I wasn't getting any sleep due to pain and the never ending buzzing noise the IV/PSA machine was making all night. I've been struggling to keep hydrated. My urine went from light yellow to dark orange 24 hours after I came off the drip. I'm slowly trying to increase fluid intake each day which seems to be getting easier. Where did you get sleeved? who was your surgeon?
  4. ScratchCat

    Sleeved 24 April

    Thanks Ness I know this is hard work, I expected nothing less and I'm still committed no matter how rough I feel. It's obviously a much more drastic surgery than the band hence why the recovery is (imho) much more difficult.
  5. ScratchCat

    Sleeved 24 April

    Day 5 I'm really struggling to get in 2 Litres of fluid. It's 4:00 PM now and I've only just got in 1 Litre.Had to go to the GP today to get the drain wound re-dressed. It was still oozingAm finding I can't tolerate dairy like I used to, makes me feel sick immediatelyFeeling dizzy and a bit of nauseaWent for a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood at midday.
  6. ScratchCat

    Sleeved 24 April

    Hi People As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I was a former bandit and have just taken the plunge with a sleeve. My surgery was on Monday 24 April 2017 and I was discharged today 27 April to recover at home. You can read about my concerns surrounding >> Anti Depressents during Nil By Mouth I had some teething problems immediately after surgery related to my anti-depressant medication and abdominal pain. You can read about my pre-op concerns at Anti Depressents during Nil By Mouth. I was able to take my medication on the morning of surgery, but had to skip all of the next day and most of the day after that due to delays in getting the results from the swallow test. The lack of medication resulted in increase nausea and a loss of balance resulting in me falling over whenever I tried to go for a walk in the ward. Due to the lack of post-surgical exercise, I was having pretty bad back and shoulder pain when coupled with my surgical abdominal pain became overwhelming and too much for me. I didn't sleep for the the first 2 nights in hospital and by the end of it was an emotional mess. My surgeon happened to turn up in the middle of this "episode" and was concerned at the high level of abdominal pain I was getting. He then asked the nurse to partially pull out my drain which she did resulting in my pain levels going from a 9/10 down to a 2/10 instantly. It appears the drain was pressing against my diaphragm and nerve ending in the area resulting in pain. Not common, but can happen in some individuals. Anyway, im going to go and cradle 200ml of pumpkin soup and try and learn what my new stomach is telling me
  7. ScratchCat

    My updates

    @jemabell Everything i've read from other sleevers is that weight gain isn't unusual in the first few months and can be caused by a lot of different things such as fluid retention, muscle growth and swelling. I really think you're riding the scales too much, I don't weigh myself between appointments with my surgeon, I just focus on how my clothes fit.
  8. ScratchCat

    Anti-Depressents during Nil-By-mouth

    Hi Everyone, I had my appointment with my surgeon today to discuss how he was going to tackle my anxiety and medication. We've agreed that I will only go without Venlafaxine for 24 hours and during that time he will write me up for valium to be delivered via my drip. Plan is as follows Monday - Take medication in the morning and then get admitted to hospital for surgery same dayTuesday - Nil By Mouth/No Medication - IV ValiumWednesday - Barium Swallow in the AM followed by fluids and medicationThursday - Discharge from hospital in the AMFeeling a lot better about it all now. He also went through my pathology results from the bloods he ordered and pointed out that I was Vitamin D deficient with 32 nmol/L (Healthy Range: 50-140) and insulin resistant with 28 mU/L (Healthy Range: 0-20) with normal blood sugars. Vitamin D can be addressed with supplements but I am certainly on the road to diabetes without losing this weight.
  9. ScratchCat

    I had a leak

    Certainly an experience that reinforces how serious this surgery is and the mental strength to get through it. Thanks for sharing your experience and I am certain you'll regret feeling your regrets about the surgery
  10. ScratchCat

    Anti-Depressents during Nil-By-mouth

    I've done a bit of research already and discussed it with my chemist and there are no liquid or intravenous variants of the drug. The capsule actually contains heaps of tiny beads which slowly release the drug into your blood through the lining of your gut with a lot of them coming out in your stool. See http://imgur.com/a/ltzAZ. I've done some reading through Google and have found a few comments from other sleevers about the 3 days post-op and a lot of them have only missed it for a single day and then open the capsules up and mixed it with apple sauce with a sip of water.
  11. ScratchCat

    Anti-Depressents during Nil-By-mouth

    I've got an appointment with the surgeon this week to discuss it. He's not a psychiatrist obviously so not sure what he'll be able to do apart from tell me to tough it out and write me up for an intravenous sedative if my mental state deteriorates too far.
  12. Hi People Anybody else here who was on anti-depressents during their sleeve? I am on a fairly high dose of Venlafaxine for psychiatric reasons and have just realized I won't be able to take them for around 3 days. It's got me really worried as even missing a day can really spin me out.
  13. ScratchCat

    Scar Leak?

    Sounds unusual especially a week after surgery. It could just be fluid build up around the wound site as I experienced something similar when I had my lap band procedure over a decade ago. Obviously If the wound is overly tender, warm or smells I would get in front of your GP to get some soft tissue antibiotics like Keflex.
  14. ScratchCat

    Are my expectations of my surgeon realistic?

    Hi Everyone, So I wrote to my surgeon and asked to cancel my sleeve surgery and all follow appointments with him. I wrote a detailed letter outlining my concerns and the reasons why I wanted to seek out another surgeon. To cut a long story short, he agreed to do the band removal at "no gap" before the surgery but now that I've asked to cancel the sleeve surgery he said he will have to invoice me the full gap for the band removal as the "no gap" was conditional on me getting the sleeve with him. At no stage was that explained to me nor did I sign anything to that effect. It's really pissed me off, as I feel like I am being backed into a corner. I don't have the means or the energy to fight him on this, and it is totally destroying my confidence leading up to this monumental change in my life. *sigh*
  15. ScratchCat

    Are my expectations of my surgeon realistic?

    Thank you for your support so far guys. I am committed to my change in lifestyle and having such a poor experience with my surgeon was a real let down. I'm still recovering from the band removal and am in a fair bit of pain so don't want to make any decisions until i've recovered. However, I am seriously considering cancelling my sleeve gastrectomy with my current surgeon (Circle of Care, Norwest) and engaging a new surgeon. The three surgeons i'm looking at are as follows: Dr Michael Talbot (St George Private Hospital)Dr Craig Taylor (Mater Hospital, North Sydney)Dr David Martin (Strathfield Private Hospital)