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  1. Thank you all for your responses. I spent last night doing more research and reading various topics on this site. I'm feeling a little more confident about the whole process. Hopefully my super will come through as I'm completely self funding the surgery. I got a quote of $16K from Dr Michell yesterday in the mail. Let's see how things go next Friday Thanks again - Kat
  2. I have been thinking about lapband surgery for a few years now. Was booked in to get it about 6 years ago with Prof Nottle, until the night before my surgery when I got a call from the hospital telling me that i need to pay and extra $3k ontop of what I was already paying for theatre fees. Due to financial reasons I had to cancel the surgery. I have now decided to go ahead with the surgery and am off to see Dr Ian Michell next friday so I can book myself in. My BMI is 36 and I suffer from chronic endometriosis and have pcos. Just looking for some encouragement and support. I believe I am doing the right thing for myself and my future. Haven't talked to my family about it yet, but I'm hoping they will be supportive. Has anyone gone through Dr Ian Michell (Niddrie, Melbourne) for their surgery? Are you happy with the result? As I am a nurse, I understand that all operations have pros and cons but I'm hoping I'm making the right decision by doing this. Which surgeon has conducted your surgery and are you happy with the results and aftercare you have received? For those who have had their surgery lately, how much did the whole procedure set you back? Kat