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  1. also with the sleeve they remove a part that makes you hungry so you dont feel hungry. i cant remember what its called. but i think thats why sleevers eat less and dont have hunger as much.
  2. mrs ajl

    Wedding Chatter

    sorry to barge in a bit bored, but the lace one is very beautiful and suits you
  3. mrs ajl

    Has anybodies port flipped here?

    mine flipped probably a week or two after getting my band. i was bending down and felt a funny pulling stretchy clicky feeling. thought something happened. went for my first fill a few weeks later and it was so flipped they said surgery to restitch. was day surgery at port hole nothing major. very quick. all good ever since and its been about 2 years now. dolan was my surgeon who put band in first time and then had to fix his work.
  4. mrs ajl

    White fluffy grains of yumminess

    i have problem with chinese fried rice but if i eat indian the rice is ok. but must have lots of sauce.
  5. mrs ajl

    Flipped portal

    i had this happen at my first fill. they struggled for 30 min bending the needle then said ports flipped back for surgery. didnt do any checks. booked in a month later for the port to be restitched. was just day surgery but still had a week off. nearly 2 years later and all still good. port is stitched close to the surface now so sticks out a bit. well done on your weight loss thats awesome!!!
  6. Congrats To Beth on her wedding day today !!!

  7. mrs ajl

    Clothing size variation

    Kmart i am much bigger in size. the way i think about it now is i know i have lost weight so f***k it if it says a larger size i will still buy cos i know the truth lol
  8. this last week i have been able to eat so much... pizza and hot dogs. def need a fill. all going down easy and quickly am nearly 2 yrs banded and at goal weight. dont want to start putting it back on

  9. mrs ajl

    What's your addiction

    cooking shows, recipe books with pics is my reading at night. kitchen appliances and containers. i go to work to fund hubbys addictions which is rebuilding old school cars.
  10. mrs ajl

    I said YES!!!!!!

    congrats!!!! wishing you and Chris all the happiness in the world
  11. mrs ajl

    Starving after first fill.

    i find also my fill doesnt kick in til a week later for some weird reason
  12. mrs ajl

    What's for lunch?

    was bad had chinese but only ate just over half and will have the rest tomorrow. was so yummy though
  13. the BMI centre in joondalup bulk bill
  14. mrs ajl

    How long does it take you to eat?

    i usually take half an hour. some days at work i only get 15 min for lunch so i try and keep it simple on those days
  15. mrs ajl

    Clean Eating magazine

    https://www.facebook...ipes?ref=stream or checkout their fb page