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  1. herachieness

    hello all!

    I'm not sure of which surgery I'm leaning towards, I need more info, thank you Jellybelly89 and mrs kaje for your replies ../ I seem to have a small problem though, I work in a hospital where both dr karihaloo and dr wright work, not sure if I want to have the procedure where I work, may have to look into going to a diff hospital, ill ask them what they think, wow your little infographic is awesome Jellybell89, you must feel fantastic! thank you again ladies
  2. herachieness

    hello all!

    hello all! I'm new to the forum, I'm considering surgery, just starting my journey, looking at options and reading some of your stories and comments is confidence building and informative, I too am slowly gaining weight at a constant rate, (114kgs) insulin resistance and the rest that goes with the weight gain, although I have changed my lifestyle since that diagnosis I'm still gaining, well it feels that way to me, id actually be very interested in my blood results since my last ones ... I'm sure you all know the story, anyway I live in Newcastle NSW and would love to hear from anyone that would like to tell me their story, successful or not the more info and encouragement I can get the better