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  1. kg_precious

    What were you eating 7 weeks in?

    Hi Froody, Is this what you were eating 7 weeks post op? I don't think there is any chance I could fit that in right now. I may need to have the balloon put into my tummy as i think i have very limited space, more so than the most sleeves, however I'm seeing my doc tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to advise if given my complications I'm eating enough.
  2. kg_precious

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    Thanks soo much for the support, toys forum really has helped get me through the last few weeks. I have a positive update. I have been well now for 2 weeks and I'm starting to eat a little more variety. Its still very much depends on the day but I'm definitely making progress on the food front. I'm back to see my surgeon this week and hopefully we'll be talking about a CT to make sure the leak is gone and then the removal of the stent so I'm back to normal again. I have been back at work and everything is starting to feel normal again. I'm still a bit tired and low on energy but managing to get through the days at the office :-)
  3. kg_precious

    feed back

    I had my sleeve done 7 weeks ago and I was a rare 1 to 2% that suffered a complication with a leak. I followed all the rules, i was hust unlucky. Sure it wasn't pleasant and I was sick for a few weeks but I'm fine now. I have lost 12kgs in 7 weeks and started at 94.3kg. I'm also vertically challenged at 161cm so the weight loss is noticable. Its by no means an easy journey with eating but I hear recovery and solid food is certainly not far away from me. Even with the tough run i have had id do it again.
  4. kg_precious

    What were you eating 7 weeks in?

    So I'm i have now been sleeved 7 weeks and despite the leak and pneumonia I'm feeling pretty good. I am starting to try new foods and can be successful or not depening on the day. I'd really like to see what others were consuming as i feel like I'm really struggling some days. I have heard you need to keep trying more solid foods to get the stomach working hard again as the soft food doesn't require much work and that's why it's easier to digest. I still get the thick phlegm coming up and that's sometimes just after a couple of spoonfuls of food.
  5. kg_precious

    Struggling with how much to intake.

    Nexium or Somac is great. I saw my GP a week after surgery because of heart burn and got Nexium such helped. I was them swapped to Somac by my surgeon such i think works a bit better for me. I also had and still have issues with plain water 6 weeks after surgery so I add some diet cordial go help it go down a little easier. I was aldo a coffee phine but unfortunately the just isn't room for it at the moment. I occasionally try a coffee when I'm out and just drink a few sips or half if I'm lucky. I'm sure these things get easier over time.
  6. kg_precious

    Feb 2016 sleevers

    Hi Elliemay, Glad to hear it all went well..I was also sleeved at the Mater on 7 January and all went ok but that pain for the first 2 days was hard. I hope they gave you a pain button. I was also in a shared room which isn't great coz you get almost no sleep. Who was your surgeon? My recommendation is to rest up after you go home and take it easy with the food stages even though the puree stage is very hard. I'm 6 weeks out today and I'm finally eating a little more. I was unfortunate to be the 1% with a leak complication and then got pneumonia such put me back into hospital so I'm a little slower on the phased food choices right now but I am definitely enjoying eating again after 8 weeks including the optifast phase. Also don't rush home from hospital if they will let you stay, its amazing how much the bed helps be mobile :-)
  7. kg_precious

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    So after being out of hospital and back a work for a day I found I was suffering some pretty intense chest and pain under my left breast. Instead of waiting this time I calledmy surgeon who immediately asked to me come see him as I was running short of breath as well. Last time we ruled out the blood clot yak god however this pain was abnormal. I was rushed back into emergency on Tuesday with fluid on my lungs which was causing the pain and making it hard to breathe. As you can imagine my 3rd trip to hospital since the sleeve op on 7 January is really taking its toll. Thankfully there wasnt enough fluid to need it drained so I spent a few nights in and some time with a physio to help move the fluid from my lungs. I'm 2 days out of hospital, still some pain but its easing. The leak is still however present so the surgeons are going back in on Monday to check on the stent they inserted to drain the infection abs also to balloon my stomach a little so it will increase a little and will handle the internal gases a little better. Following this minor procedure things should start looking up for me. I'm 5 weeks post op from the sleeve and really looking forward to some real food soon. Great news is I'm 10.3kgs down but its been a very tough few weeks.
  8. kg_precious

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    The first 3 days were challenging, I was counting down the hours till my next pain relief. However I woke up this morning and I had the dreaded feeling of the pain killers have worn off, if I move will I cry? Great news I got out of bed and the pain was manageable at about at 3/10. I must say I feel better today than I did before I discovered the leak issue. Prior to my recovery was very slow and I could hardly eat or consume much. A day after the repair operation, I ate a whole yoghurt for breakie, mashed potato for lunch, custard and then more mash and pumpkin soup for dinner..My gosh its nice to not eat with so much pain. I think i have a little way to go and it certainly scared tge crap out of me but I'm definitely on the mend.
  9. kg_precious

    Plastic surgery booked - shit's getting real!

    Hi Kazbo, You will feel amazing after your surgery. I lost 50kgs on my own about 7 years ago and was just 57kgs and feeling great but had the body of a nana at 24 so I decided that's it I'm booking it all in. I had mine done in twilight for faster recover as an outpatient and went home the same day with regular checks with the doc i recovered well. The first op was the inner thigh lift which was painful but mostly because the stiches are in an awkward place but I was so happy that 2 mths later i got my tummy tuck which was like a walk in the park. It was done on 28 December and i was out with friends for NYE. This was my fav coz i got a new belly button and had the flattest tummy. The final surgery was 12 month later was a butt lift, now this one was no walk in the park. I didn't get my boobs done coz i didn't have much so when the doc operated he injected 500ml of fat i to each so i moe have size D boobs :-) Its hard to have stitches along the tailbone and back because of sitting or sleep so recovery was longer but soo worth it.I'd do it all again in a heartbeat however i think my skins in good shape so hopefully i bounce back naturally. I got to 94kg before i decided to get a sleeve i couldn't let all of the hard work and money go to waste because my body hates me. You sound prepared and I'm sure you will recover fabulously. P.s. I scared really well so its hardly noticeable so you can wear a bikini x
  10. kg_precious

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    After 5 days in hospital I have good news that I'm finally going home tonight. I had surgery yesterday to drain out the infection and put a stent in so it continues to drain and hopefully the very small leak will heal on it's own. I'll have to go back and get it removed once its fixed but I should be ok. I'm feeling much better apart from the usual aches after surgery and the dreaded shoulder tip pain which I didn't have with sleeve op. I'm looking forward to going home and hopefully feeling much better in the next few days.
  11. kg_precious

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    Thanks guys. I'm still in hospital and its day 3. They are managing the pain and i saw my surgeon today and he doc its just a small contained leak which means I'll have a small op via the throat tomorrow so they can drain the fluid back into my tummy with a stent which will stay in for 4 to 6 weeks before its removed in a day surgery. This is my longest hospital visit and I haven't eaten since Saturday so right now I'm so glad i dont get proper hunger pains. I'll hopefully be able up drink fluids tomorrow as i have been nil by mouth for 36 hours which is horrible. I'm a bit upset this has happened to me with only 1 to 2% chance I didn't think it would be me. There is a bonus, i think i have lost lots more weight since being in here and i will be able to get my intake in much easier after this is all fixed. Fingers crossed tomorrow is pain free.
  12. kg_precious

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    I finally have an answer for all of the pain. After being poked and proded in hospital fit the past 2 days we have discovered a small leak in my tummy which is a little scary bit the docs say its contained and i should be ok but will meet with my surgeon in the morning. Have any of you ever experienced this at all? I'm a bit scared and frustrated thai this has happened to me.
  13. kg_precious

    Stitch pain in left side :-(

    Hi there, I was sleeved 3 weeks ago and when I hit the 2 week mark I started getting this excruciating pain in my left side. The pain has been ongoing for more than a week.and I'm now taking panadine a few times of day so its bearable. I read a few old threads of some band patients experiencing this however to hear from some more recent sleevers if they suffered the same problem and how long did it take go go away because its quite a horrible pain. Good news is I've lost 6.5kg since the op but I just need to work out this pain issue.
  14. I was sleeved just over 2 weeks ago and all of a sudden I am soo tired my body hardly wants to move. I felt great early in the week but now struggling to get around. I went back to work on Monday as i work in an office watch was so nice to feel human again but now i feel worse than i did a week after surgery. I an taking band buddies vitamins and getting some protein in via liquid but can't seem to get 3 small meals in. I gave also had a couple of vomit incidents wfh makes me scared to try new things. I'd love to know if any of you experienced severe tiredness to the point you felt like you couldn't get out of bed. How long does it last. I've had a bit of a tough week and feeling very tired of being soo sick.
  15. kg_precious

    Pain in chest!!! Ouch!!

    I was sleeved 10 days ago and I'm slowly starting to feel more human. Now lots of the other pains I was having are going away I have noticed I have a constant pain in my chest. Taking a deep breath and after I drink seems to be the worst part. Is this common amongst people who've had this op?