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  1. HI Everyone Have any of you guys been sleeved in Canberra around Christmas time? My waiting period ends Dec 18 and I am wondering if I will have to wait until Jan to have my sleeve done? Thank you
  2. Oh that's great to hear. I have just got the referral from my doctor so I will have to go to an info night soon. I cannot wait!! 10 months away now it seems so far away! I have been researching and the results are incredible! Please share your progress Thank you
  3. Private54

    Just the beginning

    Hi Everyone I am new to this site and can not wait for the sleeve! I have just signed up for health insurance so the 12 month waiting period could not come fast enough! Can anyone tell me how long after the waiting period they where sleeved? I have so long to wait but I have been researching for a few weeks Any info would be great thanks everyone
  4. Hi Everyone I have just joined this site today. I have been researching Gastric Sleeve surgery for the last week and have also signed up for private health insurance i can't not wait for my waiting period to be over I really need this surgery I am just a little worried about the BMI, can anyone tell me if there is a limit to your BMI? I am about 37-38 but I have read on some sites you need to be at 40? Also after the 12 months how long have you waited to actually have the surgery? any info is much appreciated