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  1. Leighsa

    Love my sleeve

    I had my sleeve done on May 13th this year and it's the best thing I have ever done for myself no regrets at all.
  2. I'm in Geelong and have chosen Dr Peter Nottle to do my sleeve in May. He comes highly recommended and though I have only had one appointment with the man himself he and his team are amazing. He Operates at the Avenue hospital in Windsor and has various consulting locations.
  3. Leighsa

    Plastic surgery after sleeve

    Good work, make sure you get a copy of your clearance certificate from HCF either faxed or emailed to yourself, they will probably say that they will forward it directly to your new fund but this takes a lot of time and often gets forgotten. If you have the certificate yourself then you can ensure that the new fund gets it and processed is to honour all waiting periods already served
  4. Leighsa

    Plastic surgery after sleeve

    When I worked at Medibank the rule was as long as the main item number was covered by Medicare then the rest would also be covered. Call your health fund with your item numbers and ensure you can identify the main one. Whoever you speak to get a reference number for the call.
  5. Leighsa

    2005 vs 2015

    Your an inspiration xo
  6. Leighsa

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    Hope it all went well and you have a speedy recovery xo
  7. Leighsa

    Banded in 2011!

    Amazing well done
  8. Leighsa


    Thank you for your replies I really appreciate it. I had my GP appointment this morning to get the referral and she was lovely but I was a mess and cried the whole way through and for about an hour afterwards I have no idea why though. I have an appointment with Dr Nottle on the 24th Feb so I'm pretty excited about that as I have a lot of questions and they will help me with the super application also. I just hope all goes to plan.
  9. Leighsa


    hi Im 33 and 120kg, I have three wonderful children and suffer hypertension, anxiety and depression. All my life I have struggled with my weight as a teen I would eat an apple for breakfast the same for lunch, eat half my dinner then throw it up. As a weight loss tool this worked but also had adverse effects on my heart. Anyway I've tried so hard to loose weight and obviously have failed so have now decided on a surgical option. I am seeing my GP on Thursfay to get the ball rolling. I don't know which method to go for I guess I'm looking for least complications and after care and pretty permanent as I know I don't possess the self control to maintain my weight alone. the posts on this site are very helpful and it's nice to know I'm not alone. xo