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  1. Nought

    Gallbladder issues

    Wow !! aggro much Nessa1977 As stated! That is what my surgeon told me after I almost begged to have them done together! And yes it was an emergency procedure done on a Sunday! Take a chill pill! This is Not the place for attacking people!!!
  2. Nought

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    How you going kg_precious? lizz
  3. Nought

    Gallbladder issues

    Not safe to do apparently! Don't know if just my case or in general lizz
  4. Nought

    Gallbladder issues

    My surgeon would not remove at the same time ... Almost begged Now my sleeve date is revised to 29 feb .. Waiting waiting waiting
  5. Nought

    Gallbladder issues

    Hi Not after but 4 weeks before surgery date! It was the most excruciating pain ever! good luck! Lizx
  6. Nought

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    Great news! All the best
  7. Wow so exciting!!! Agree, it's only money! Rather safe! Lizz
  8. Nought

    Feb 2016 sleevers

    Hi .
  9. Hi im new to this forum and get sleeved in Melbourne at Epworth on 29 Feb ... Yikes THIS month!!! i am super excited and so ready for this! Reading all you comments is a great resource and has been invaluable! as a 'professional' dieter, I have tried many many (maybe most) diets, fads, 'programs'! A few things that have worked for me in the past were a tablespoon of ACV before each meal and lemon in my water. Do any of you have any comments on the use/effectiveness of continuing after the sleeve? One thing about me and diets is food needs to be flavoursome, bland 'watery' does not cut it! I then feel deprived and the binge problems occur ... I discovered Braggs soy seasoning. Has anyone used this? Then lastly salt is obviously not great for us but any comments about light salt? Please share any spice, flavour enhancer ideas! All comments appreciated and welcomed Lizz
  10. Nought

    I've sprung a leak :-(

    Hi! Can only imagine how you must be feeling! All the best with surgeon visit! At least you have an answer now and they can fix you! Sending good vibes Lizz
  11. Nought

    Today's the day

    You look amazing ilikewinter ! I get sleeved 29 Feb, super excited!
  12. Hi! I'm new I got my sleeve date yesterday and was over the moon... Then last night I got the most severe pain in my side. I would rate it 9 out of 10! GP sent me for scan and confirmed gall stones Really crappy timing as I have waited so long for my sleeve! Does anyone know if I can have gall bladder out and sleeve done together? I really hope so! I'd be so upset if it interferes with my 22 feb date. Anyone had this done? thank you Lizz