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  1. Ray1075


    Hello! I saw on one of the other forums that you can buy alternatives of Duromine (like this http://solutions4weightloss.com/buy-duromine-australia/), but I don’t have guts to try it myself. I really want to lose weight till summer but I can’t deal with exercises and training. Maybe I am too lazy and look for an easy way to slim down. I tried coffee for losing weight in the past and it helped, but after a few weeks I started to gain weight again. Look what the girl just under your post says. Seems like it is quite harmful and it makes me think it is too risky to slim down with such side effects.
  2. Ray1075

    Personal Training in Adelaide

    Hey Brods, I am going to move to Adelaide soon, so I am looking for a good gym there. I have no idea about personal training but can you recommend me any good gym? Thanks
  3. Ray1075

    Advice for loved ones

    I think everything is quite simple. If you think that your best friends pie is disgusting, you should be opened to say it (only if he/she asks). If you are not honest with them you are scared of their judgements. Are they friends in this case?