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  1. kaylarenee

    Apricot Chicken

    I am trying this recipe today. I love apricot chicken and I really hope it's yummy!!
  2. kaylarenee

    Hi there (just had a lap band)

    Thanks for the welcome lovely people xx It definitely has been a crazy few weeks. I am now up to the mushy stage and much prefer this stage although I don't think I am eating enough as I have been so lethargic and sleeping all the time although I do have post op wound infections
  3. kaylarenee

    Excess skin surgery

    Hi sorry for another post and another question I have been doing so much research around the web but I am wondering what happens after you lose all the weight. I mean I have 80-85kg to lose. I am only young (25) but if my skin doesn't go back and I do need skin removal surgery, is that covered under private health insurance or is that entirely self funded because I have heard people saying that is costs $20,000????
  4. Hi there, I am wondering anyone's experiences with being really hungry post op? I am just over a week post op and have just started purees but starting to get really hungry. I don't think I had any fluid in the band and it's like 5 weeks until he will put fluid in. Should I be concerned that I am so hungry? I know nothing about lap bands and it's been a real whirlwhind of a couple of weeks as my neurosurgeon needed me to lose weight for surgery so it all happened really quickly.
  5. kaylarenee

    Hi there (just had a lap band)

    Hi there, This forum was recommended to me by a fellow lap banded friend who used this forum for it's resources and had all good things to say about it. I am 25 and my weight loss journey began when I was 18. I managed to lose 60kg at one stage but unfortunately I put all that back on and more with a mixture of eating badly through some emotional stages as well as having a lot of injuries in that time like; getting hit by a car, having an accident on my vespa and snapping my leg in half and then having a herniated disc which turned into three collapsed discs in my back (happened during pregnancy) and now I can't have the surgery to fix it (have already have one back surgery) until I have lost 50kg as they just don't have the access and tools to do such a complicated surgery hence having lap band surgery. I only found out on Thursday last week that they recommended the surgery to me and they had me in that Tuesday. I didn't have long to mentally prepare. I'm now 3 days post op and I am still feeling pretty sore. I am struggling because I can't sleep on my back because of my back problems and I can't sleep on my tummy because of my surgery site. So I'm having trouble sleeping. I'm still on the liquid phase obviously. My surgeon used one of the newer bigger bands on me so I have 1 week liquid phase, 1 week puree phase and 1 week wet solid phase and then I assume I go onto other solids but careful and read all the rules like no white bread etc. Anyway that's a bit about my surgery. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing. I work from home with a two year old luckily but I am staying at my mother in laws luckily because my two year old is very jumpy and hyperactive at the moment and he would jump all over me otherwise. The surgeon wants me to lose 100kg in a year and a half I am currently 158kg and I don't think I want to be 58kg!! That's too small for my height of 175cm. Kayla. x