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  1. Nickimat

    13 Oct is the big day

    Good luck Joy. Best decision I ever made, and am sure it will be the same for you too.
  2. Nickimat

    Exciting & Liberating

    Well this was 4 months ago and I'm 3.5kg off my goal weight, and in a SIZE 12!!!!!!!!!! You know that song Happy? Best, best, best decision I ever made.
  3. Nickimat

    Hello- Just begun contemplating

    Hi KRB & welcome. No-one knows I got banded but my husband and one close friend. What happened after my surgery is I changed my habits; I am eating a very healthy, protein rich, diet. I got a Fitbit and am walking a lot & going to the gym 5 days a week. Naturally, 21kg down and everyone is noticing and is praising me for my hard work. Don't be overwhelmed by the amount you have to lose; it's a journey. I downloaded a free app from the app store called MY Weight, and every day I have a loss an entry goes in. It is so gratifying every time I make an entry and now five months on it is equally gratifying to review my history and progress. All I can tell you is I have absolutely no regrets; my life is changed. Best of luck to you.
  4. Nickimat

    With Heartfelt Thanks

    Congrats on taking the plunge MMM. You won't regret it
  5. Nickimat

    Healthy Weightloss rate?

    I had the three week stall after a cracking start and stayed the same weight for a few weeks. Then after my first fill I started losing again. Currently averaging 4 to 5kg a month, which I'm really happy with. Best of luck.
  6. Nickimat

    Exciting & Liberating

    I know! I used to hate anything to do with fashion, but I'm starting to get interested
  7. Nickimat

    Exciting & Liberating

    How thrilled was I to cull my wardrobe yesterday & take lots and lots of clothes to charity. There's plenty of room for new, smaller, items in the future (not yet I have another 17kg to go yet!) Absolutely thrilled that I made the decision to do this. It has changed my life
  8. Nickimat

    One whole year

    Fantastic well done
  9. Nickimat

    Long time lurker first time poster

    Hey PvPBel & welcome Good on you for making this decision. I was recently banded in February and started at a similar weight to you (98kg). Just over two months in and I'm at 84kg. I'm on track to reach my goal of 65kg by my birthday on 23 October. Have booked for Hubbie & I to be in Hawaii at this time and I'm hoping to fit into my wedding dress so we can renew our vows on Waikiki Beach. Will definitely post some before & after photos. I'm absolutely delighted with finally making this decision. It has meant that food is no longer a huge issue. In fact, I love what I eat all the more; savouring flavours and really enjoying it, I simply eat a lot less. I have also fallen back in love with the gym and my fitbit, and see everything as an opportunity to get in more steps. I did hit a three week lull and waited another two to start losing again, but it's all part of the process. Wishing you the very best & can't wait to hear of your progress.
  10. Nickimat

    Question prior to surgery

    I didn't have to do optifast, but I did start eating the way I hoped to in the future before my surgery. I started eating small portions, taking smaller mouthfuls, chewing everything thoroughly etc. I think my Hubbie took me out and I had an entree and a couple of glasses of wine two days before my surgery. I only got banded in Feb and had my first fill in March, but so far I've lost 12kg. Couldn't be more delighted with my decision and this new lifestyle is so easy. Best of luck for Monday.
  11. Nickimat

    Adolescent Daughter to be lapbanded

    I can only let you know that having recently been banded In Feb, I only wish I'd done it long ago. Recovery after surgery was not too bad; a few days of discomfort and feeling tired from the anesthetic. On the whole I have found the whole process to be easy and seamless and the weight is coming off in a steady and healthy way. I am motivated to train and am walking lots. I'm not near my goal weight yet, but I feel so much fitter and healthier already. I've found this forum to be great when I needed support and advice. I think you supporting your daughter to change her life for the better is wonderful and wish you and her all the very best.
  12. Nickimat

    Weight limit for hospital

    Good luck. Hope to hear some good news soon. :)
  13. Nickimat

    Weight limit for hospital

    Totally feel for you BP13. Have you tried upping your activity? I hit a stall and found that doing a lot of walking seemed to get things moving again. I've been doing 45 mins in the morning before work and then every time I go to the loo at work I do a lap of the building (sounds crazy I know, but it's become a habit now and the steps do add up). Best of luck
  14. Nickimat

    Pain after fill

    Thanks Gdp. I'm getting much better advice on here than from my surgeon! :)
  15. Nickimat

    Pain after fill

    Thanks t_elle. I I did Google this and found others experienced this too, so am less worried. I didn't know to stick to fluids as my doctor just said no bread or red meat. He never had me on a liquid diet at any stage either; only soft foods. I'll definitely do fluids for a couple of days next time (I have my second fill in 2 weeks.