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  1. First follow up with surgeon today, 24days post surgery & 6kg down, 9kg since initial consultation. 

    To say I'm happy would be an understatement 

  2. One week post surgery, 3.8kg loss & 7.6kg since initial surgeon consult. 

    I know it's because I haven't eaten anything but liquids, but when the most you ever lose is 5kdg, I'm taking it :D

  3. Soccermum

    Question prior to surgery

    Thanks guys for your responses. Well I had my band Monday and also had a hiatus hernia repair which was found when the surgeon went in. I spent 2 nights in hospital and 3 days sleeping pretty much. i am eating my broth my lovely mum made for me and I still have a couple of optifast shakes left. I was happy when I was weighed prior to surgery and was 3.8kg down from my initial surgeon consult and today I was another 3kg down, but I know this is because Im not eating anything yet. Ive got 2 weeks to rest, because of the hernia, and today was the first day I could really do anything, so of course I overdid it, until my body told me to stop, so I sat and watched Prince tributes on MTV all afternoon.
  4. Soccermum

    Question prior to surgery

    Thanks for the advice. Yes eveyone is different. Ive neve been one to be hungry, optifast has been easy for me, I woke uo this morning craving a vanilla optishake, haha. The only 'pigging out' I do is if Im out with friends. My smaller friends always comment on me never being hungry. I even have the ability, at work, to sit at a meeting table full of food and not touch a thing. I am hoping my back pains will go away. Its been the cause of the weight gain so I cant wait to be able to do a aerobic class pain free & walk upstairs without my knee hurting. I'll be even happier if it gets rid of my fibromyalgia & fatigue as well. I want to lose about 30kg so hopefully this will happen. My new life starts Monday
  5. I have my lapband surgery on Monday and been really good on the Optifast & Veges, I know this is to shrink the fat from the liver. Im wondering if anyone had a last meal in the days leading up to banding?
  6. Soccermum

    Counting down the days

    6 more sleeps! Im really into the optifast shakes, soup & veges but wonder if I will ever be able to have a slice of a beautiful freshly made pizza or a yummy souvlaki pass my lips ever again my two favorite sometimes food
  7. Soccermum

    Counting down the days

    My band surgery is now 18 days away and I am about to start on optifast. I broke into my soup pack yesterday for lunch and was surprised I actually liked the chicken soup. Im now filled with emotions about whether this will work for me, what it doesn't, what do I do then. My last attempt was the 12 week body challenge which I commenced Sept just gone. I followed the food plan to a tea, exercised when my pain & fatigue would allow and in 12 weeks I lost under 3kg. Before that rapid loss for 3 months and I Think I lost about 5kg before the weightloss stopped and so did I I know I have the willpower, but if the results aren't on the board after 3 months I will be devastated. This is my last chance of getting back to the body I had 6 years ago when injury & pain wrecked my life
  8. Soccermum

    Carbs vs calories

    I think everything in moderation. My (adult) children made the choice for us all to ditch "low fat" and return to full fat dairy products and butter, and we can really notice the difference in taste and no one has increased their weight as a result. Good luck with your new eating habits.
  9. Soccermum

    4 weeks away

    The only reason I dont want to tell them is because one of the girls I work with has a friend who had a band and she goes on and on about how it was a stupid thing for her to do and how she atill eats everything. These people are brutal, and whilst I dont really care what others think, I'd rather wait until Ive lost a bit before I say anything
  10. Soccermum

    4 weeks away

    hahaha love this exactly what would happen to me
  11. Soccermum

    4 weeks away

    Hello I am having band surgery 18.4.16. I'm both excited and scared. Scared in that I worry that it won't work because nothing else has. Excited when I think about the gorgeous outfit I can buy for my son's wedding later in the year. (Already got my weight ticker on my signature ready to go) However, because people are so judgemental and negative, I am not telling anyone except family I am having the surgery. It's not that I'm ashamed, I just don't want to be watched like a hawk and have to address a million questions. I need to take time off work and have told my boss I need surgery, but I know the rest of the office are going to pry. I'm not the type to tell them to mind their business. My question is what excuses did people use for their time off?
  12. Soccermum

    Frustrated by log in

    Hi guys I have logged in using my username instead of email address and had no problems thanks now I can get going
  13. Soccermum

    Frustrated by log in

    I only joined last night, hoping to get support for my upcoming band surgery, however everytime I go to log in I get a message of incorrect log in details. I have password saved on my iPad but have to reset password each time. Sometimes I've had to resend the reset request twice as I don't always get the email. I have also found that I get "timed out" very quickly therefore have to go through it all again. It's very frustrating as I was hoping this would be a great platform to talk to people about the negatives and positive experiences. But having to reset my details everytime I change a page is making me wonder.