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  1. The hallway

    Follow up appnt

    Hi Boganlicious. I hope you are doing well. I totally understand what you mean and where you are coming from. Please let me know if you ever need anyone to chat with? It WILL get better.
  2. The hallway

    Preparing yourself for lapband surgery

    great work rosemary!!! how are you doing now? have u had any stuck incidents?
  3. The hallway


    Thanks ada. Yep what you wrote sounds right..... im looking for any excuse to stop the shakes lol So I purchased a box of optislim and frankly I would prefer optifast. Does any want a free box of vanilla optislim?
  4. The hallway


    Thanks for your reply. Does this sound standard to you guys? I’m 88.9kg 1.65cm and the dietician said three shakes a day and only green veggies. I’ve been reading on this forum, individuals heavier and shorter than me and didn’t need the optifast shakes.
  5. The hallway


    So I’m on the first day for optifast, omg it’s really unpleasant!!! ewwwww any alternatives?
  6. The hallway

    Health insurance

    thanks for you reply. I took it up today. oh I hope nothing happens for at least 12 months lolll
  7. The hallway

    Health insurance

    hi guys. Next month I'll be banded. Fingers crossed. I'll be going through super to pay for everything. Just a question, how important is it to take up health insurance? Thanks.
  8. The hallway

    My second slip

    Where did u get banded
  9. thanks for your reply. anyone else?
  10. The hallway

    21 Optifast to give away - Sunshine Coast

    Hello. If you have any left over, please PM me. Thanks.
  11. Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone has had the band put in at The Sydney Institute for Obesity Surgery in Ashfield, wth dr wilson? Thanks.
  12. The hallway

    got my super money will be joint you all soon!!!!

    how are you going steveegirl? I hope you are enjoying your band.
  13. The hallway


    thank you so much for your reply. im sooooo excited and nervous.
  14. The hallway


    Hello everyone. I hope all is well. First time posting!!! just a question, I have been approved by dhs to get $13300 from my super to pay for my band surgery. However, it just occurred to me, does that mean I will be taxed from that amount? If so, do I need to borrow re apply to dhs again to pay for my surgery? Does that make sense? Lol