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    Hi I'm new here so I'll give a quick rundown of my situation; Chase, 26, female, 120kg, always been a bigger girl but since early 2014 I had a traumatic event that left me with anxiety, depression and my weight has spiralled out of control since. All attempts to lose weight since have failed or left me heavier. I have been through a number of antidepressants but most of them make me really sweaty and also gain weight, this was humiliating and I gave up on AD's over 1 month ago because I can't handle putting on any more weight. I'm looking to have sleeve surgery, I live in Sydney. I do not have health insurance that will cover the surgery. I would like to hear some real feed back about good or bad surgeon's, are there places that are more/less expensive (most places have the cost if you do have insurance) and there places with long wait lists or quick service. And any other information you guys have for me. Thanks Chase