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  1. Hi, You should have no issues doing this on your own. I did a year ago, and have never looked back. I took a taxi to the hospital. I wanted to take a taxi home, but they insisted I be picked up, so I got a work friend to pick me up. I was in hospital for 3 nights I was tired a lot when I got home, but was ok. I had stocked up on noodle soup, and stuff like juice, and jelly cups before hand. I would shuffle around the house slowly, but had no issues doing normal stuff like cooking, cleaning, showering, feeding the pets, collecting the mail etc etc. I never suffered any 'pain' as such. I would call it more a discomfort. I bought a pack of Panadol before hand ( I don't normally take pain meds) I threw them out only last week. I had taken 3 in total. I had 2 weeks off work. Then I had 2 weeks of light duties before they got back to normal work ( I have a very physical job) I remember the first time I drove after a week, I was so excited. But only made it 500m down the road before I had to turn back. I got diarrhoea pretty bad for the 2 weeks. Made me not want to be far from a toilet. Good luck. Hope it all goes well for you.
  2. Nikki_77

    Some advice needed please

    Good luck. Hope it all works out well for you.
  3. Nikki_77

    One spoonful too many

    I have always had a mild lactose intolerance. I could cope with small amounts of regular milk ok. But if I drank a full glass of milk - I would be paying for it later. Since my sleeve, I have not been able to tolerate any regular dairy products. Not even a spoon of ice cream.
  4. Nikki_77

    DR Tsang - DHS approval

    Hi, Your surgeon may give you some instructions on how to complete the application on the mygov website (Mine gave me a printed off step by step guide on how to do it) It was pretty easy - once I had the forms completed from my GP and surgeon, I completed the early release of super application on the mygov website. The letter for the approval was in my mygov inbox within a week. I was not approved for the entire amount (it was the total cost, minus the amount of money I had in my savings account). I sent the form, and my certified ID to my super fund, and I had the funds within 2 weeks. Check with your superfund as for the rules regarding how much can be taken out. One of my co workers could not get money out, as they would not allow them to withdraw more than 70% of the total they had in the fund.
  5. Nikki_77

    Length of stay in hospital for a sleeve?

    I was in for 3 nights. Had the op on the Thursday afternoon. Out of Surgery at 17:30. No complications, walking around at 9:30pm that night. Was out on the Sunday morning.
  6. Nikki_77

    24 year old Stapling

    Try Dr Stuart Eaton on Mair Street (Central Highlands Surgeons). He might be able to help you or point you in the right direction.
  7. Nikki_77

    Band and sleeve didnt work for me

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. I have not had a problem with the sleeve (1 month post op, and 17kg down), but am curious about the "bad habits" that you have. Is it bored eating? Eating junk? Have you tried hypnotherapy at all? A friend of mine did that to stop her addiction to junk food, and lost about 20kg.
  8. Nikki_77

    Day one

    Good luck !
  9. Nikki_77

    Exciting & Liberating

    Ohhh - sounds good. I think I need to do my first post surgery wardrobe cull too
  10. Nikki_77

    Wasting Food

    Does anyone feel like they are wasting a great deal of food all the time?? I mean - I open a 1L long life milk, and keep it in the fridge, however, I can't drink it all before it goes bad, and I end up throwing half of it in the bin. Same with yoghurt. I open a 140g yoghurt to eat. I can't eat the whole thing yet, and by the time I am finished with it, its all warm, and maybe 1/4 of it left - in the bin. I was with friends the other day, and they went to KFC. I tried the mash with gravy. (110g pack) Eat half, I am full, and the left overs go in the bin. I tried making a scrambled egg the other day. 1 egg, a pinch of garlic powder and parsley, cooked up nice and fluffy (no onions, tomato or cheese). I couldn't even eat all of that. I am hoping it gets better, when I move from puree to soft food. I already have some meals cooked, and frozen into small servings (about 80g each).
  11. Nikki_77

    Self funding

    I used my super too. The surgeon I used was great, and provided all the information I needed to help me through the process. Even the part where you have to submit your form on the mygov website to get the approval letter from DHS - my surgeon provided a cheat sheet on how to find it, and what to include (I am lead to believe that previously you had to go into centrelink for that) The best part - is that you don't have to wait - you can start sooner. I was sleeved within 2 months of my first ever meeting with my surgeon. My advise is - check everything you are being billed for - don't be afraid to ask questions (I got a bill for a test I did not have), and don't be afraid to ask if things can be bulk billed. All my pathology was bulk billed after I asked for it to be done that way (They never offered, or said it was an option) Good luck with it all
  12. Nikki_77

    Healthy Weightloss rate?

    How time flies... I am almost 2 weeks post op now!!! Just weighed myself, and I am down from 126kg to 110kg !! Super happy with that!!! I know this rate wont continue forever, and I have read about a "3 week stall", but I am wanting to know what a healthy rate of loss is? 1kg per week? 500g per week? I start on the puree diet on thursday, and I am curious about some good ideas of things to eat. I am so over drinking juice, milk and water. My dietician did not give me recipes (even though I asked), and just said "baby food consistency" . (For someone who does not have kids, that is not a good descriptor)
  13. Nikki_77

    Optifast toilet issues TMI

    Are you lactose intolerant at all? I had the exact same issue with Optifast. I spoke to the chemist about it, and they advised that Optifast has milk powder in it (with lactose). I switched to Optislim (which you mix with milk - I use lactose free milk), and have not had any dramas.
  14. Nikki_77


    I am just starting the pre op phase now, and am using Optislip. I tried a couple of Optifast 2 weeks ago, but had a bad reaction, as I have a mild lactose intolerance. I like adding a drop of peppermint essence, or orange essence into the choc ones, to make choc mint or jaffa shakes.
  15. Nikki_77

    Hi from Ballarat

    Hi, I found this forum the other week, and have finally decided to sign up and say hi. I am due to get my sleeve in a couple of weeks time, and I am really looking forward to it. I am going through Dr Stuart Eaton, and am using a combination of my own funds and my super funds to pay for the surgery. I am curious about how long people stayed in hospital after surgery. I have 4 friends who have had it done, and one got after 1 night, and the others spent 2 nights in. Stuart has told me, that it is a minimum of 3 nights.