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  1. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    My weight this morning is 78.1kg so up 200g from last week. My fingers automatically type a weight starting with an '8' and even when I went to see my GP last week I told her my weight was 89kg - my brain hasn't caught up yet with the reality of my weight loss. Denzel, I just shake my head every time I read about your weight. You are such a dainty person at 51kg - I'd be worried about you blowing away in a strong gust of wind. Mandy and Boganlicious, you are both making such good progress. Congratulations!
  2. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm back online. I'm having problems logging into this site from the iPad at home. I keep getting a message about the site having a dodgy security certificate and then I can't log in. So I'm using the work computer now and not having any problems with the log in. My weight as of last Wednesday was 77.9kg which is a loss of 1.7kg since my last weigh in. I have now officially lost a total of 60.1kg. It seems that I'm still slowly losing weight even though it's over 2 years since I had my surgery. Great news from everyone else. I'm loving reading all your weight loss stories. Molly
  3. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    My weight this morning was 79.6. which is a gain of 700g over 2 weeks. Sorry for the lack of communication. It's the end of the financial year and I've been flat out at work. I've just booked to have 3 weeks in Germany, Austria and England later this year. I'll have to sit down and work out how much lighter I am than when I travelled last year. Denzel, it's great to read that you are still on track and maintaining your weight. My surgeon was talking to me about the lack of longitudinal data on sleeve and bypass patients and that there is a growing concern about the large number of people who are gaining big amounts of weight at the 2 - 3 year post surgery mark. All the more reason to remain vigilant! Well done Boganlicious. It is such a sense of achievement when you break through that 100kg barrier and you are so close you should be able to 'taste' it. Is it politically correct to use the expression 'taste it' with WLS patients? No offense meant!
  4. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Yesterday I had my official 2 year checkup and weigh in with my surgeon. My weight was 78.9kg. That’s my first time under 79kg and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My surgeon has told me to concentrate on maintaining my weight from now on and I’m more than happy with that advice. Boganlicious that is an outstanding result for you. Are your friends and acquaintances commenting on your weight loss yet?
  5. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I celebrated my 2 year ‘sleeveaversary’ yesterday. Yay me! My weight this morning was 79.1kg which is a loss this week of 900g. This is my biggest weekly loss in months. My total weight loss is 59.9kg and what a difference 2 years makes. Well done Boganlicious. You’ll be under 100kg before you know it.
  6. Millymollymandy


    Absolutely agree with Jellybelly89. Give your surgeon or dietitian a call and be frank about your issues with dropping the veggies. You won’t be the first or the last person to have this issue. Better to be upfront about it and have the support of your team.
  7. Millymollymandy


    Welcome Kath. You will find lots of very good information on this forum and some fabulous, supportive people to help you through the hard days and celebrate with you along the way. Don't ever hesitate to ask questions about the process or life post surgery - we've all been there. Good luck with the 2 weeks of just Opti that your surgeon has advised. Surgeons and dieticians have your health as their main concern and advise us all differently based on our individual needs. Keep us posted with your progress. Molly
  8. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Boganlicious, congratulations on your successful post surgery progress. You are doing everything as you should to ensure that you will be successful.. My weight this morning is exactly 80kg which means I am back to my goal weight. I will be celebrating my 2 year sleeve surgery in just 6 days. I can't believe how quickly that has come around or how different my life is now. I do not have a single regret about my decision to have WLS. Molly
  9. Millymollymandy

    Forgot to eat

    Wondering why I’m feeling like crap and I’ve just realised that I haven’t eaten anything all day. The only thing I’ve had all day is a cappuccino at the footy this afternoon. I got up this morning and rushed out of the house to go to the market to buy flowers for Mother’s Day. Then I rushed off to the football. Came home about 6pm and put a pot of soup on to cook but then started preparing my work for tomorrow and forgot to eat the soup when it was ready. It’s now nearly midnight and I’m feeling shaky and I’m breaking out in sweat and this is so not good. I can’t believe that I forgot to eat or drink and even though I’m feeling sick, I’m still not feeling hungry. Go figure.
  10. Millymollymandy

    One spoonful too many

    Hi Zaruse. It does take a while to ‘read’ your body and to know how much is enough. You are still in the very early days but you will be amazed at how quickly your body will settle as long as you follow your dietitian’s advice and don’t try to skip any steps. In the early days it used to take me 20 mins to eat half a soggy Weetbix. I can remember being so impatient to get back on to solid food, but then when my dietitian gave me the ok, I was scared. So I took another 2 weeks before I had the courage to have some solids. You are right about exercise helping the food to shift. I went for a walk around the block and it definitely helped. It’s a good lesson to us all that we need to watch our portion sizes and eat slowly no matter how far along the weight loss journey we are.
  11. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I’m up 400g this week. Weight this morning was 80kg which is bang on goal weight. Boganlicious, don’t stress about slow weight loss pre op. This time is all about shrinking the liver for a safer operation and that is not dependent on the amount of weight you lose. Weight loss (if it happens) is just an added benefit of the pre op diet.
  12. Millymollymandy

    One spoonful too many

    I think I’m about to die - I’ve just had that one mouthful too many and I am in agony!!! It was only a glass of water but I was thirsty and I drank it too quickly and now I feel as if it’s all stuck and it won’t come back up and it won’t go down and I feel as if I’m choking. I’ve only experienced this 2 or 3 times thank God. Does anyone else ever experience this with their sleeve? You’d think after nearly 2 years that I’d be more careful but old habits come back to haunt me when I get too cocky.
  13. Millymollymandy

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    Hi Dave. So sorry to hear that you hit a hurdle in your weight loss journey but it sounds as if you’re back on track again. We are all so grateful for this fabulous forum that is a testament to your vision and desire to support so many people battling weight issues. The forum contributors come and go as they/ we move through the different phases of the journey - but it is so reassuring to know that all these wonderful people are here when we need support, advice or a good kick up the backside.
  14. Millymollymandy

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    It’s great that you have the support of each other as you begin your weigh loss journey. Zaruse, best wishes for tomorrow and please keep us updated with your life post surgery. Molly
  15. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Up, down, up, down... I'm up 200g this week. Weight this morning is 79.6. My body seems to have found it's natural comfort zone and I'm still under goal weight.