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  1. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I lost 600g this much for concentrating on maintaining my weight. As of this morning I am 79.2kg which is a total loss of 58.8kg in a fraction under 2 years.
    Boganlicious, your current weight will very shortly be a distant memory as will the cruelty of people who have never had to battle their weight and don't understand the toll it takes on us emotionally and physically.
    Denzel, you would be the first person to tell us not to let a gain get us down. The weigh you've gained will come off again. Keep up the good fight.
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  2. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: It happened!   

    Congratulations Boganlicious. Your persistence has paid off and I am so happy for you. I’m looking forward to following your weight loss journey . 
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  3. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: I've stalled, please tell me this is normal   

    Do not panic and do not start doubting yourself. It is perfectly normal to have regular stalls in weight loss at all stages of your weight loss journey. As someone advised me early in my journey 100 - 400g can be as simple as not emptying your bowels for a day.  Having a plateau early on is common too. There are dozens of posts from members who have had exactly the same experience and gone on to lose massive amounts of weight. Hang in there, keep following your surgeon’s and dietitian’s advice and get ready to celebrate when your weight starts dropping again.
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  4. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I'm down 100g this week. My weight this morning was 79.8kg. As I said in my post in Non Scale Victories, from now on I am focussing on maintaining my weight rather than losing. I am becoming obsessive with the weight loss which is not a good thing. It's not unusual for me to weigh myself multiple times throughout the day. I've booked in for a few visits with the psych who works with my surgeon and I will continue my regular visits with the dietitian as I definitely need to readjust my mindset from loss to maintenance.
    How did everyone else go with their weight loss this week?
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  5. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Non Scale Victories (NSVs)   

    Yesterday I bought a pair of size 12 jeans from Katies. When I started this journey 22 months ago I would have been happy to fit into a regular size 18 and I never dared to dream of wearing size 12.
    Yet despite my successful loss of 59kg and having met my surgeon’s goal, my BMI of 27 still puts me in the overweight category and I would have to lose another 6kg to get under BMI 25. I have no intention of trying to lose another 6kg. I’m 172cm and 60 years old and I’m starting to look scrawny. If I’m going to be brutally honest then I also have to admit that  I’m  becoming obsessive about losing weight. So as of today I am changing my focus from weight loss to weight maintenance - and enjoying those size 12 jeans that I never dreamed were a possibility.
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  6. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I’m late with my post yet again. My weight on Wednesday was 79.9kg so a gain of 300g. Too many Turkish delight Easter eggs this week.
    Welcome Mandy. It’s great to have another person joining us for Weigh In Wednesday. You have done so well with your weight loss so far.
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  7. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    My weight this morning was 79.6kg so I am back under my goal weight and feeling very proud of myself.
    Boganlicious, I've been reading all you posts on your preparation for surgery. Keep up the hard work and it will benefit you come operation time.
    Denzel how are you tracking? You've been having a shocking run with ill health.
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  8. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: First Timer - surgery booked   

    Best wishes for May 29. I’m exactly 2 years ahead of you - I had gastric sleeve surgery on May 29th 2016. That is so reassuring when you make that positive connection with your surgeon and you feel confident in your decision to have WLS. I hope that there will be some Townsville based forum members who will connect with you prior to your surgery. 
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  9. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I’m down 400g this week. Weight yesterday morning was 80.8kg. Only 800g to get back to my goal weight. Best wishes to everyone 
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  10. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Melbourne or Vic surgeons?   

    Hi Zaruse and welcome to the forum. What part of Melbourne are you from? There are many fantastic surgeons mentioned on this site so it may help if you narrow the area in which you are looking. Considering the ongoing contact you will have with your surgeon and their support team, it's probably better that you choose a surgeon close to home. I'm approaching 2 years post surgery and I still choose to see my dietitian every 3 months as an accountability measure.
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  11. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Dr Clement Tsang   

    Hi Schwarz. I was 58 years old when I had my sleeve done and like you I was worried that at my age it wouldn't be as effective. My surgeon warned me repeatedly that weight loss surgery would not be as effective at my age as it would be for a younger person. From memory he was quoting a predicted weight loss of 80 - 85% of my excess weight. I started at 138kg (172cm) and was a very squashy size 26. 22 months later I have lost 58kg and usually wear size 12/14. More importantly I am far more active, healthier and more confident in business and social situations. Am I in a so-called healthy BMI range? No I'm not - I'm still in the overweight range. Do I care? No I don't. I feel fantastic and I've achieved the goal my surgeon set for me.
    Never forget that this is major surgery and make sure you follow the advice of your surgeon and your dietician. They have been through this many times before and will have all the answers you may be seeking.
    Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.
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  12. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Nausea/Headache 6 weeks post op   

    The post op support provided by most surgeons is excellent and usually included in the cost of the surgery. Call your surgeon's office and ask for advice from either the surgeon or the support staff. Your nausea may be unrelated to your WLS but it is always better to check with a professional than to risk your health.
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  13. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I'm 24 hours late with my weigh in this week as I had my 3 monthly dietician appointment today and I thought I'd wait and have my official weigh in today. This morning on my scales I was 81.2kg without clothes. So still 1.2kg to lose to get back under my goal weight but still losing slowly. My heart issues mean that I'm still not allowed to exercise and that is just making everything harder - and making me grumpier. I never, ever thought that I'd miss exercising.
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  14. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    My weight this morning was 81.8kg, so down 100g this week. Still 1.8kg over my goal weight but slowly losing.
    Denzel, I hope you’ve turned the corner with your health.
    Soul Sister, keep up the good fight.
    And jogging Boganlicious? You are far fitter than I am!
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  15. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    Denzel, sorry to read that you are struggling with ongoing health issues. Weight is a secondary concern until you get your health back on track.
    I'm down 200g this week so I'm still considerably heavier than before I went into hospital and I'm still over goal weight. This just reinforces in my mind how important it is to be able to exercise - which I'm still banned from doing. Who would have thought that at my advanced age I'd end up an exercise junkie!
    Soul Sister and Boganlicious, I hope you've had great weeks.
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