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  1. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I had a big day at the tennis today and I’m now looking forward to crawling under the covers for a snooze. I’m hot, I’m tired and my backside hurts from sitting in the one position all day but I really enjoyed the tennis. No change in my weight this week. Still 79.8kg. Cheers everyone.
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  2. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: A Whinge About Clothes Sizes   

    I just need to a have a little whinge, really a BIG whinge about the lack of consistency in clothing sizes. I currently have in my wardrobe tops and bottoms that range from size 12 to size 20 and they all fit me beautifully, and I'm not referring to plus sizes versus regular sizes. All these items of clothing are so called regular sizes. How can this be?
    I very reluctantly bought a size 18 suit jacket today. I almost didn't buy it because my vanity kicked in at the thought of wearing size 18, but I really loved the jacket and it was exactly what I have been looking for. I often look at lovely items of clothing online and I check the sizing info on the sites, but I am sick and tired of sending ill fitting clothing back and having to pay the damn return costs.
    Why isn't there a standard bloody sizing in Australia?
    Does anyone else out there share my frustration?
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  3. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Tomorrow is the day....   

    Best wishes. It’s never easy to make the decision to have surgery but we are all driven by the quest for better health and a better standard of life. Listen carefully to the advice of your health care professionals and as BusyLizzie has advised, never hesitate to reach out to the members of this forum.
    Like you, I only told my immediate family and a small group of very close friends about my surgery. I changed jobs shortly before my surgery so I told them that I was going in for surgery and avoided any further explanation. If pressed for further info I explained that I’d had my hiatus hernia removed which was true as my surgeon removed it at the same time as my sleeve gastrectomy. Eating at work was tricky in the beginning so I avoided eating around my colleagues. No one at work noticed I was losing weight until I’d lost nearly 30kg. Now when people ask me how I managed to lose so much weight (58kg) I tell them that it’s been a long, hard journey - which is also true.
    Keep in touch. We’re all here to support each other.
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  4. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Jemabell I’m having the same problem. Sitting on any chair for more than a few minutes has become extremely uncomfortable and going to the movies makes me squirm. I flew to Singapore recently and it was agony. But the worst of all is my toilet seat - it seems to press directly against my tail bone and is so painful that I’ve organised to have the seat replaced in the hope that a new toilet seat will help. I’m also hoping that this will get better.
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  5. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    Hi Queenies and welcome to the forum. What an incredible journey you've had to get to this point in your life. Your story will strike a chord with many of the readers of your post as unfortunately being overweight and suffering from depression go hand in hand for too many people. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is never easy but there are so many examples on this  forum of people who have turned their lives around. My advice is always to take advantage of the expertise offered by your surgeon's support team;don't be afraid to ask questions, call or email if unsure or in need of reassurance or advice. Nearly 2 years post surgery and I still see the dietician every 2 - 3 months to make sure I stay on track.
    The 23rd of February will be here before you know it and then you only have another month to wait for your surgery. Stay strong and keep us posted with your progress. And don't hesitate to ask for advice through the members on this forum. We all had very supportive members around us when we began our weight loss journeys.
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  6. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I have to say that there were many times over the last 3 - 4 months when I thought I'd never make goal weight. I'd reconciled myself with the thought that I would happily sit between 83 - 84kg and then the weight started to come off again. Must have been what felt like a bloody long plateau.
    I'd like to thank all the members of this forum who have encouraged me and offered advice during the long journey to goal weight,  but I would particularly like to thank Denzel and Soul Sister for all they have done to keep me on track and motivated. You two have been my inspirations. Thank you.
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  7. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    My weight this morning was 79.8kg. That’s 200g under goal weight and a loss of 500g since last Wednesday. Now The challenge is to maintain my goal weight.
    Hope everyone else has had a good week. 
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  8. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! I know it’s not Wednesday but I couldn’t wait until next week to celebrate this. This morning I weighed in at 79.9kg. That’s 100g under my goal weight. My details are:
    Surgery  date: 29 May 2016
    Weight pre op: 138.8kg
    Total weight loss to date: 58.9kg
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  9. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I’m really happy with my progress this week. I’m down 800g to 80.3kg. So only 300g off goal weight. I am soooo close!
    Boganlicious, I quite often cook vegan or vegetarian as I find the food very tasty and easier to digest for my temperamental stomach. 
    Soul Sister, like you I enjoyed the extra variety of food on offer over the Xmas and New Year period (and a few wines and cocktails too) but everything in moderation is now my motto.
    Denzel I hope you’ve had a good week and look forward to your update.
    Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2018.
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  10. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I’m up this week by 300g. Oh well, it is Christmas. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
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  11. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Merry xmas sleevers   

    Merry Xmas to you too Gordy.
    I've just come home from a big family gathering and I've been reflecting on my weight loss journey. Today I am 21kg lighter than I was on Christmas Day last year and 56kg lighter than I was on Christmas Day 2015. So really, who cares if I couldn't eat all my main course and my sister didn't mind that I stole a few spoonfuls of pavlova off her plate. I'm happy and I'm healthy and I've got energy to spare. Deciding to sacrifice a large portion of my stomach was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
    Merry Christmas everyone.
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  12. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Just sleeved   

    Welcome and best wishes Michael. You've taken a huge step in having WLS and there will be great rewards and exciting times ahead of you, but the hard work is not yet over. Be kind to your body while you're in the recovery period post operation and pay close attention to the recommendations and advice of your surgeon and dietician. Don't hesitate to contact your surgeon or his support team should you have any questions. They are there to help you and to make sure you succeed in this next stage of your life. Before you know it you'll be tightening your belt to keep up your pants or you'll be heading out to buy smaller clothes. Keep us posted on your progress and don't hesitate to ask any questions.
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  13. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    I so feel for you with the reaction to ice cream. I just can't eat it since being sleeved. On the couple of occasions I've been stupid enough to eat ice cream . 
    1. the lactose and sugar has sent me racing to the toilet
    2. The ice cream seems to get stuck in my throat and I can't swallow or breathe and it sends me into an absolute panic and I start gagging (not nice to witness this believe me)
    Does anyone else have issues with ice cream?.
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  14. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    Geez Denzel, I feel for you. Being burgled is such a violation of your privacy and of your personal space and what a crappy thing to have happen at this time of the year. I hope you have friends and family around you to help you through this rotten experience. 
    I had my 18 month check up with my surgeon yesterday and according to his scales I'm at goal weight. By my scales I still have 900g to go - my weight this morning on my scales was 80.9kg which is a loss this week of 300g. I'm going to hold off the celebrations until I reach goal weight on my scales.
    Boganlicious, hang in there. Life after giving birth is not always easy.
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  15. Millymollymandy added a post in a topic: Date has been set   

    Hi MumOfThree and welcome to our community. Congratulations on making such a life changing decision and I hope that your weight loss journey is as successful as it has been for so many of us. The pre op diet is slightly different for each person as it depends on the instructions of your surgeon and dietician, but basically it consists of VLC shakes and very limited intake of vegetables. The number of weeks for your pre op diet is based on a range of factors as determined by your surgeon. For some people it is for 2 weeks for others it can be up to 6 weeks. The purpose of the pre op diet is to shrink your liver so that the surgeon has easier access to your stomach, not to lose weight - although weight loss is usually a side benefit.
    The post op diet consists of liquids, followed by pureed food, followed by mushies and then back onto solids. Initially you will probably not have more than 1/4 cup food in a sitting. Your food intake slowly increases over time until you are able to have approx. 1 cup of food. I had my sleeve surgery 18 months ago and I find that I can usually eat about a cup of food at a time but there are some occasions when my intake is less. It depends on how heavy the food is and how long since I had a drink.
    Can't help with your request for information on your surgeon.
    Best wishes and please keep us updated on your progress.
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