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  1. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I can't believe that 2 1/2 months have past since I last posted on this forum. Not posting regularly has been a deliberate decision as I was becoming obsessive with my weight loss, but how did I let it go so long without posting... OK, so my weight yesterday morning was 77.2kg which is a weight gain of 1.6kg since my last posting. I'm not worried about this as I was too skinny when I got back from my holiday and I'm still well within my maintenance goal of 78-80kg. I saw my dietician again in December and I'm determined to continue seeing her every 2 - 3 months as an accountability check just in case I go off the rails. I'll be seeing my surgeon in May for my 3 year check in ... WOW time flies. Great to catch up on what is happening with you all. Keep up the good work. Molly
  2. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I’m home from my holiday in the US and I’m very pleased to report that my weight this morning was 75.6kg which is a loss of 2.9kg. I had to weigh myself 3 times before I believed what my scales were telling me. All that walking I did in NY paid off and the sore feet were worth it. I”ve been following your discussion on BMI which still puts me in the overweight category even though I’m 4.5kg under the goal set for me by my surgeon. I’m 60 years old and starting to look scrawny so I’ve happily accepted that 78 - 80kg is best for me and stuff the recommended BMI. Molly
  3. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Good morning everyone. This is my first post in a month as I have been trying to weigh myself less frequently. I was becoming obsessive with weighing myself several times a day so I made the conscious decision to pack the scales away for a few weeks . I'm off to see my dietician this afternoon for my 2 1/2 year appointment so I dragged out the scales this morning to see how much damage I've done. Pleasantly surprised that I've had minimum weight gain in the last month. My weight this morning is 78.5. so a gain of 700g over the month. I am very happy with this as I am still under the goal set by my surgeon. I'm heading to the US next week for a 3 week holiday. I'll stay away from all those huge meals laden with fries and salad dressings but I fully intend to indulge in a few glasses of Zinfandel - my all time favourite wine! I've really enjoyed catching up on all the news in the posts and wish everyone all the best on their individual weight loss journeys. Molly
  4. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm a day late as usual. My weight today is 77.8kg which is a loss of 100g.
  5. Millymollymandy

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I saw my sleep specialist this morning for what will be my last consultation. Having lost 60kg, I am finally, finally, finally cleared of sleep apnoea. I no longer have to wear that awful mask every night and I can travel without having to cart a CPAP machine with me. Molly
  6. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm up this week too. My weight this morning was 77.9kg which is a gain of 200g.
  7. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Boganlicious that is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations.
  8. Millymollymandy

    Intro from new member

    Welcome DeeCee, I had a gastric sleeve (not endoscopic), just over 2 years ago at the age of 58. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner having been obese for most of my adult life. I'm loving life and enjoying pastimes and activities that I would never have contemplated before losing the weight. And I believe that the weight loss has prolonged my working life and increased my earning capacity. Whether we like to admit it or not we are often judged by how we look rather than how capable we are at work. Molly
  9. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    My weight this morning is 77.7kg, so I'm down by 400g from the last time I posted. I'm happily maintaining at a point slightly below my goal weight. I'm still having trouble with the site's security certificate when using my iPad, so have to weight until I'm at work to log on to this site. I've been watching everyone's progress with much interest just haven't been able to log in. Boganlicious, you are doing so well and your weight is coming off at a very steady pace. Congratulations on now being classified as 'obese'. I know it sounds like an odd thing to congratulate you for, but we've all been where you are and experienced the elation and relief of moving from one category to another. Molly
  10. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    My weight this morning is 78.1kg so up 200g from last week. My fingers automatically type a weight starting with an '8' and even when I went to see my GP last week I told her my weight was 89kg - my brain hasn't caught up yet with the reality of my weight loss. Denzel, I just shake my head every time I read about your weight. You are such a dainty person at 51kg - I'd be worried about you blowing away in a strong gust of wind. Mandy and Boganlicious, you are both making such good progress. Congratulations!
  11. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm back online. I'm having problems logging into this site from the iPad at home. I keep getting a message about the site having a dodgy security certificate and then I can't log in. So I'm using the work computer now and not having any problems with the log in. My weight as of last Wednesday was 77.9kg which is a loss of 1.7kg since my last weigh in. I have now officially lost a total of 60.1kg. It seems that I'm still slowly losing weight even though it's over 2 years since I had my surgery. Great news from everyone else. I'm loving reading all your weight loss stories. Molly
  12. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    My weight this morning was 79.6. which is a gain of 700g over 2 weeks. Sorry for the lack of communication. It's the end of the financial year and I've been flat out at work. I've just booked to have 3 weeks in Germany, Austria and England later this year. I'll have to sit down and work out how much lighter I am than when I travelled last year. Denzel, it's great to read that you are still on track and maintaining your weight. My surgeon was talking to me about the lack of longitudinal data on sleeve and bypass patients and that there is a growing concern about the large number of people who are gaining big amounts of weight at the 2 - 3 year post surgery mark. All the more reason to remain vigilant! Well done Boganlicious. It is such a sense of achievement when you break through that 100kg barrier and you are so close you should be able to 'taste' it. Is it politically correct to use the expression 'taste it' with WLS patients? No offense meant!
  13. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Yesterday I had my official 2 year checkup and weigh in with my surgeon. My weight was 78.9kg. That’s my first time under 79kg and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My surgeon has told me to concentrate on maintaining my weight from now on and I’m more than happy with that advice. Boganlicious that is an outstanding result for you. Are your friends and acquaintances commenting on your weight loss yet?
  14. Millymollymandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I celebrated my 2 year ‘sleeveaversary’ yesterday. Yay me! My weight this morning was 79.1kg which is a loss this week of 900g. This is my biggest weekly loss in months. My total weight loss is 59.9kg and what a difference 2 years makes. Well done Boganlicious. You’ll be under 100kg before you know it.
  15. Millymollymandy


    Absolutely agree with Jellybelly89. Give your surgeon or dietitian a call and be frank about your issues with dropping the veggies. You won’t be the first or the last person to have this issue. Better to be upfront about it and have the support of your team.