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  1. AmandaD

    Coffee Group Swan Area

    Hi Ladies, I am in Ellenbrook and would love to attend a future coffee catch up!
  2. 12 months today I was banded... Best decision I ever made! 65kgs down and 22 weeks pregnant! What more could I ask for :)

    1. .Kylie.


      happy 12 months banding & congrats on the pregnancy

    2. BackinBlack


      Good on you. Not trying to be a steaky beak, but did you find out the sex of the bubs? :P

    3. sexyvic


      Thats awesome. I too live in perth, have pcos n got banded this year on 31 st jan. I really hope n pray ii can say i have lost 65 kg next 31 st jan too. WELL DONE N HUGE CONGRATS ON WEIGHT LOSS N BEING PREGGERS. i have a 8 month daughter best gift ever :)

  3. AmandaD

    POCS and banding

    Hi CsM82, I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 12 and told I would never conceive naturally. I struggled with my weight as I was poked and proded by all different doctors through out my life. My final straw came when my medication stopped working and my weight ballooned to 145kg. On Jan 31 last year I was banded and put on a strict diet to try and kick start my body into working without medication. It was the toughest 7 months of my life but I managed to lose 65kgs and celebrated with a trip overseas for my 30th. The best present anyone could ever give me was to come home to find I was pregnant and we are now 20 weeks along My advice to you is follow a diet and the worst thing for PCOS is carbs. Our bodies do not know how to process them so keep them to a minimum Dont hesitate to pm me as I am always happy to answer anymore questions...
  4. AmandaD

    What is a typical day menu for you?

    I have the same surgeon as CeeCee so my diet is similar! Though mine is slightly amended as I am awake at 3.15am for work! Wakeup - Cup of Coffee - skim milk 8am - Skinny Latte (Decaf) Skim Milk 12-1pm - Tin of Tuna and usually a few cherry tomatos Dinner - Depends on Gym time! Small piece of protein or occasionally fillet steak and veg! I have no carbs of any kind! I have the occasional treat but I now know what I have to do in the gym to work it off Very happy with my progress and how the diet works for me!
  5. 8 months on.... 61kgs down yet still struggling with the headspace thing... grrrrr

  6. AmandaD

    Banding in 2 days

    Good Luck Skye Your in safe hands!
  7. AmandaD

    Dr Watson

    Dr Watson and his team are first class! Super tough and will put you on a tough diet but the results of his patients speak for themselves. I would not change a thing I am happy to answer any questions too ... just PM me
  8. 2 weeks in Bali and weighed the same as before I left..... a huge victory seeing it was my 30th while away and that involved cocktails +:)

    1. dreamhan


      Wow that is awesome!!

    2. dreamhan


      Wow that is awesome!!

    3. kayjaybee


      I knew youd do it :)

  9. AmandaD

    Averange weight loss?

    As most ladies have mentioned everyone is different. I have chosen a very strict route and my average has stayed constant of 8-9.5 kilos a month so I am happy with that! It all depends once all wounds have healed how much exercise you wish to do and what diet you chose to take! All I can advise is please listen to your doctor
  10. AmandaD

    Who to choose ???

    Hi Grinningchook, I am another Watson patient and could not agree more with Kay! It is definately worth the extra effort/travel for long term results! I travel from Ellenbrook to Murdoch for check ups and seminars and would not change a thing! The results do speak for themselves with Dr Watson and his follow up team... love it
  11. Took my rings in to be resized and found out im 6 sizes smaller:( How fat were my fingers/body LOL Goodbye 55kgs never to return :D

    1. =Magpie=


      I have extremely chubby fingers. I've already lost a gold band that fell off my finger two weeks ago :-(

    2. dreamhan


      Wow thats a huge difference!

    3. dreamhan


      Wow thats a huge difference!

  12. AmandaD

    SOR Coffee Catch Up

    Catch Up for regulars and newbies... Coffee Club Carousel 7th August @ 10.30am Add your name here: XandersMummy Linda Amanda
  13. AmandaD

    Dietician SOR

    Hi Cassie, I use a company called Diet by Dzyne in North Perth and they have been awesome My Dietician Bianca is awesome and very familiar with Bands and Sleeves! She has never tried to change any of my diet provided by my surgeon and I tend to look at it more like a counselling session...
  14. AmandaD

    Next Perth catch up

    Onearmedbandit.. I'd be more than willing to grab KJB and a few of the ladies and meet you in Freo for lunch one Sunday afternoon... Dinner a Friday night... or throw around a few ideas!! No probs for me