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  1. Chantelle1606

    DR Tsang - DHS approval

    Thanks for your reply Jellybelly! I have already paid off my credit card, so the amount sitting in my account is the gap to cover the surgery. If I show them print screens, they will be able to see no other money in there apart from my wages (which go to bills anyway) and the amount I'll be using to cover the gap. Ive printed out all of the forms I need so I can take them to my consultation for the surgeon to help me, once they're filled out I will get my identification sighted by a jp and pretty much send the forms off straight away. I'm looking to book in October and know it can take up to 6 weeks so I want everything to be done and organised as soon as possible im hoping it all works out, I will be devastated if I don't get approved.
  2. Chantelle1606

    DR Tsang - DHS approval

    I was looking at the DHS forms, apparently you don't need to tell them what the loan was for, you just need to put down how much it was for and how much the repayments are. I've seen other threads where people could not get the full amount from their super, or lost some of the money to tax and they had to prove to the DHS they had the funds to cover the gap, in my case it will be about 4K which is what I have. What do you think?
  3. Chantelle1606

    DR Tsang - DHS approval

    Hi there Jellybelly, thanks for your response. I have got the personal loan approved, half was to pay off my credit card and half was to put away for the difference I would need for the surgery. So if they need proof of me having the funds I do have them.
  4. Chantelle1606

    DR Tsang - DHS approval

    Hi guys, first timer here and not sure if I'm doing the right thing lol!! For over a year now, I have been up and down about whether or not I will be getting the gastric sleeve surgery. I have finally decided I will be getting the sleeve done and have my appointment booked in for Wednesday 10.08 in Sydney with dr tsang. I have confirmed that I won't be able to get the full funding from my super, because I need to leave about 5K in my super account in order to keep my account open. If I apply for my super, plus the amount I will get taxed it will equal to about 12k therefore I will need to pay for the rest. I I have a personal loan through the bank, and will be using this amount to pay the difference. I was wondering what documents you have to supply for the release of early super? I'm worried they're going to tell me to just increase my personal loan instead of letting me get my super, which I can't do because I got the loan to cover the difference only and consolidate other debts. I currently live out of home and have a car loan as well, so virtually I have no savings, I am relying on my super. I was was wondering if anyone could give me any information about this, and about the DHS as I am just worried I doing get my money. Apparently, if they give you a certain amount they will ask for proof that you can cover the difference for the surgery which I can do. Has anyone done this? Im so stressed already and worried any information would help me thank you so much