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  1. lolalu

    I've stalled, please tell me this is normal

    I have been exactly (down to 0.1kg) the same weight for 9 days in a row! No up, no down, exactly the same! Scales literally not moving! Wonder what's going on in there. Fortunately I still feel like my body is changing, otherwise I would be pretty frustrated
  2. lolalu

    I've stalled, please tell me this is normal

    Hi Irene, I am at exactly the same stage and have stalled on the scales too (for about 5 days now - am 4 weeks PO)!! But I was just thinking this morning when my scales didn't give me the lift they've been giving practically EVERY DAY!!, that there are some other things to remind me I'm on track - the sleeve itself, and the portion sizes, and the changes in my physical form, also I've been monitoring my carb intake and focusing on protein. In the olden days I just had calories, scales and guilt! Hang in there, we've got lots of other boxes we can tick to reassure us we're doing it right, the scales will start behaving again soon xx
  3. lolalu

    Pre op prep/tests

    Hi, I bought the book that Denzel suggested and it has been so helpful! If you can get your hands on it - I got it as a special deal with the bariatric portion plate - I think it'll give you a lot of help. (My dietician also recommends it). I got it off this website. They have some package deals. https://onestopbariatricshop.com.au/ xx
  4. lolalu

    Any Information on gastric sleeve please!

    Hi Hayley, worthwhile checking which funds and policies now support weight loss surgery. There have been some articles in the mainstream news about certain companies further restricting / downgrading policy benefits. I'm with BUPA and had my surgery last week, however, BUPA was one of the companies mentioned in the article in the Australian who have been referred to the ombudsman https://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/health/ombudsman-to-review-bupa-policy-downgrades/news-story/f8d49beec7318bcd148ed0f0a68c3749
  5. lolalu

    Please tell me this is normal!

    LouisA I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better. I took your story on board when I went in this week and made sure I got plenty of nausea meds and stayed on my IV fluids until I could sip without vomiting! Thank you for sharing your story - I can definitely say you helped me. I'm grateful for that, but sorry that you had a rough time x
  6. lolalu

    Any March 2018 sleevers

    Hi everyone, I'm done and home. Stayed in 2 nights which was really good actually. I had a bit of nausea and vomited a couple of times. I stayed on top of my pain and nausea with medications as best I could and I think that really helped. Got plenty of rest the first few days (while I wasn't doing an hourly lap around my room and doing the breathing exercises). Wasn't allowed hot packs in hospital but I have to tell you, my shower on day 2 when I got to hold the sprayer onto my shoulders was THE BEST THING EVER!! Today is day 4 - have started on my "smoothies". It is amazing - feel quite full really quickly. It's a full time job staying hydrated but I feel good! Wishing everyone well. xx
  7. lolalu

    Lifting restrictions

    Yes, I too was told no lifting for a month because of hernia risk
  8. Hi Laura, Hope you're feeling a bit better this morning. I haven't had my surgery yet - it's on Tuesday this week. Just wondering though if you're able to have any medications for nausea? Might be worthwhile contacting the surgeon and find out if there's anything. There are few things worse than chronic nausea. I'm not looking forward to it! I do know that getting more dehydrated can make nausea worse. My dietician says sip sip sip all the time (well except for before, during and immediately after meals). Someone on here recommended a really good book, which I got online - by an Australian Bariatric dietician - it's called The Gastric Sleeve Guide. I got it online : https://onestopbariatricshop.com.au/ In the book there's some handy timelines on how to structure your fluid intake during the day to stay hydrated and minimise challenges on your sleeve. LL x
  9. lolalu

    Any March 2018 sleevers

    Hi everyone, I'm off to surgery this Tuesday! I learnt a good lesson on optifast this time around. I was less hungry and bothered by it all when I stuck to it religiously - I understand what they say now about the mild ketosis suppressing hunger. The hardest part was when other people were around and wanting to eat out, but I think it's going to be worth it, and that was enough. The other thing that really helped was hydration. Heaps of water, herbal teas. I skipped caffeine this time and I think, whether it was the stimulant effect or the diuretic effect, the optifast period was so much easier without it. Mind you, I made sure I quit the caffeine a good week before starting opti. And last time I did opti, I thought it was just about the calories, but it's also about the carbs too - the optifast website was a real gem. I recommend it. Anyway, my lesson - fluids, fluids, fluids! Your bladder adjusts after 14 days apparently. Mine did. Thank goodness. I hope it's also good practice for staying hydrated after the sleeve. Not to say I behaved like a saint, nor am I worthy of emulation. I did have the odd terse moment or two. Just wanted to share my lessons learnt! Wishing everyone well this month. Thinking of @Spoodygirl - hope you're feeling ok after surgery on the 1st. LL
  10. Hi Luna, I had my band out last year and having sleeve done next Tuesday. I'm no surgeon, but the information you received was very different to mine. I am looking forward to a successful sleeve. Some people have said on this forum that "virgin sleevers" have a higher success of weight loss but I haven't seen any official evidence yet (Mind you I haven't looked properly and I'm sure someone in our group will have and can help us). Sounds like you need some more opinion! I can let you know how I go if you like x LL
  11. lolalu

    Starting again and lessons learned

    Hello everyone, Here I am back again. I was banded in 2011, really successfully. I was so happy with it, I lost a heap of weight and got into fitness in a big way. A couple of years ago, now that I look back on it, my band slipped. Certainly I was having symptoms of it. I ignored it for way too long. For some reason I felt that the slippage was my fault and convinced myself that I had failed. (Isn't that strange?). Anyway, after a few really bad episodes of pretty much complete obstruction, I saw a new surgeon who gave me a (loving and kind) kick up the arse. I regained a lot of weight in that time. Eating over those years had become a real nightmare. And, though I became a bit averse to food, and eating in front of people, I still managed to gain weight because I was HUNGRY and only refined foods would be able to get in. I can absolutely say that the maladaptive eating syndrome is real, and can corrupt the most intelligent of minds. My band came out in November. Apparently there was quite a mess in there. Though I was fearful of losing my beloved (!) band it wasn't a bad thing. I finally could eat salads, other green things and I have really learnt to be able to eat again. Of course I've regained weight, as I think there's more to bariatric surgery than just the restriction. But I feel that this 3 months has enabled me to reconcile my relationship with fresh and whole foods, all of which were not in my repertoire with a slipped band. I'm on optifast again now - 10 days to sleeve surgery. I really thought I couldn't do it again, but I'm thriving. And finally, I KNOW that my band slippage was not my fault and that I should have admitted it so much earlier. The moral of my story? Stick with your follow ups, they're right when they say we're more successful if we stay connected and, also, don't let self recrimination get in the way of your success (and health). Love LL
  12. lolalu


    The optifast website is really useful. I agree, cold water + blender or vigorous shaker makes it completely different! I'm a big fan of the bars personally.
  13. lolalu

    A Whinge About Clothes Sizes

    I have long been a subscriber to "vanity sizing", just in case some random person happened to see my tag. BUT (only just this week actually) I finally cottoned on to the realisation that people know how big I am by looking at me! It was a pretty profound moment. Depressing, but profound nonetheless. F%$k the size of the clothes - it's whatever feels comfortable and makes you feel great. But I agree, now that we're getting clothes online, it's getting ever harder to find that right size x
  14. lolalu

    Any March 2018 sleevers

    Hey all, I was on the Optifast website last night. There's a really useful list of permitted veges and flavourings. I'd just been steaming greens and getting a bit bored. Last night I made a "soup" of cauliflower, zuccinini and a bit of stock. Heavenly!!! Yesterday, I was really hungry - found out you can put a cheeky stock cube in some water and make a tasty broth. It's amazing what satisfies us when we're hungry!
  15. lolalu

    Please tell me this is normal!

    Morning LousA, if you're still in the hospital, ask the nurses to check your temperature and observations for you. Just the hot skin / feeling cold component. Hope you're feeling better soon. LL