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  1. Miss H


    I'm not vegetarian but after being banded I have really gone off eating meat, loving millet, beans, lentils, chick peas, spinach etc.
  2. Miss H

    teenage girls making fun of me while running

    How extremely disrespectful, they won't get far in life if they continue with that attitude.
  3. Miss H

    Being Naughty

    I find that when I tell myself I can't have this or can't have that then suddenly that is ALL I can think about!! Now I don't "diet" so much as "eat healthy" and I don't freak out when I eat bad or worry about it, just make an extra effort with hauling my butt to they gym :-)
  4. Miss H

    Things doctors say

    Maybe he was talking about what he expects the band is going to do for you, doesn't mean you can't do more on your own :-)
  5. Miss H

    ebooks - free if you want them from my dropbox

    Wow Deb, thank you so much! That is amazing! I will load mine up during the week. What a great idea!
  6. Miss H

    ebooks - free if you want them from my dropbox

    I did all the install and stuff and clicking on the link takes me to the site and tells me how to get more space?
  7. Miss H

    Travel Insurance

    I work at AIG :-) They have re-branded their name though, they are now Chartis, still the same company. Nice to hear good things. I'm not in the travel insurance department, however I can provide you with a link to our 'Friends and Family' discount travel insurance. PM if you're interested.
  8. Miss H

    Can I swallow panadol capsules yet?

    I was taking panadol tablets from day 1, no problems.
  9. Miss H

    Stuck for the first time

    When I'm hungry and I scoff the first mouthful is when things usually get stuck for me.
  10. Miss H

    rapid weight loss

    I lost about 10kg in the first month after surgery, didn't loose anything further for another 4 months.
  11. Miss H

    What can you DEFINITELY not eat?

    I love eating quiche!! I find pasta ok also, thought try to avoid if I'm being good. Steak is a definite no, so is bread. Dry chicken or pork is a no. Hamburgers no. Everything else I think ok, lots are 'difficult' though, but i think that's a sign of good restriction. It's good because if I really wanted something I could have it so I don't feel like I'm missing out, even if I could only have 1 or 2 mouthfuls and have to chew chew chew
  12. Miss H

    What is a typical day menu for you?

    Coffee around 10 Low-Fat Yogurt mid morning sometimes, generally I'm not hungry for this though and try and have it to get my metabolism going. Lunch - Cruskits or rice cakes with philly cheese or avocado something like that. Dinner- I eat most things except bread, tough meat and rice. BF is a huge meat eater so sometimes he'll have his t-bone and I'll zap a weight watchers frozen meal or cook up an egg and some mushrooms, though most nights it's whatever is going ie, tacos, salad, stir fry etc I don't drink nearly enough water, only 1-2 glasses per day. I rarely snack, and when I do it's mostly a 'boredom' thing at work rather than a 'hunger' thing. Weekends is very similar, except i'll cook up an egg for breakfast. I've noticed that I have really turned off meat, so if the chicken or whatever meat is a bit tough from cooking I'll just feed it to the dog lol I'm about 6 months down the track, and I think I'm almost at the green zone.
  13. Miss H

    What does full feel like

    Sounds like you've just over done it and should have rested up, you have many internal stitches that are still healing. Also some people have shoulder pain for up to a few weeks post surgery. So I think the pain is unrelated to what you've been eating (drinking). You won't have much restriction if any, so now is not the time to be worried about eating too much, etc. As long as you're sticking to doctors instructions that's the most important. Best of luck, and take it easy.
  14. Miss H

    Frequent burping

    Pre-banding I never really had gas, now I burp many times thorughout the day lol.
  15. Miss H

    Has anyone else been told ...

    I was told what you were told, and anything more than that is all up to me.