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  1. Thanks Newme1. Much appreciated.
  2. snfer

    Looking to change life by banding

    Thanks Newme1. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi! I am looking to get Lap banding done and I live in South East of Melbourne. Can anyone recommend me a good surgeon to get this done. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks. Niro
  4. Hi! All, I am seriously looking to get lap banding surgery done. I have consulted a doctor yet. My GP said it is a good idea to get it done. I am weighing around 161 kg at the moment. I target is reach below 100 kg. I want to do this for my self and also for wife and two sons who are very young. I want to be able play with then run around with them. I am hoping to get advice on choosing a surgeon. I am living in South East of Melbourne. I have looked up on few places but I do not know who to choose. Can anyone please give me advice on this. Hoping to get the surgury done in either Valley Private or St John of God Berwick. Thanking in advance for any advice or guidance.