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  1. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Misery must love company cause its nice to know im not alone. Ive been trying to figure out if or when i may have injured it! Hopefully it eases soon.
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  2. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Have anyone else noticed tailbone pain after weight loss. I cant sit for more that 30 mins without it aching awefully? 
    Ive ordered one of those cushions with the cut out but has anyone else experienced this? Does it get better?
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  3. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Ok so here it is
    54.6Kg difference 
    47weeks (including pre op faze)
    excuse the facial expressions, the before pic i was trying not to cry  

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  4. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Oh thanks Mandy, it feels awesome to hear people say that, thats the whole reason i was posting update, not only to keep myself accountable but also to help others   im going yo try to find a before and after pic. That should definatly help others cause its shocking 
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  5. jemabell added a post in a topic: Revision- Alfred   

    Hi sorry i didnt get notified there was a msg! I had my op on 21st march last year. Currently lost 55ish kgs. I have a post called my updates documenting almost everything  
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  6. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Hi Nats,
    Goodluck with everything and thank you for your comment  
    Im currently at 87.4kgs and going strong. Not far of my goal weight and a healthy bmi! Best thing i every did, cant wait to see your results too.
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  7. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Hi all, sorry we have been moving and so much happening i havnt had a chance to update. Curently at 90.2. Habnt been im the 80s since primary school so im excited. Goodluck mumofthree! Keep me updated on ur progress!
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  8. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Hi Irene,
    Thing have been going well, hit a bit of a stall the past few weeks so trying to change up my excercise and diet routine, hopefully that helps. My hair is still sheding but alot less! But there is alot of breakage also. Below is the progres i havnt put on here yet, slowly  moving down.
    3/10/2017    95.3
    10/10/2017    94.9
    17/10/2017    94.2
    24/10/2017    93.4
    31/10/2017    92.7
    7/11/2017    92.3
    14/11/2017    91.8
    21/11/2017    91.8
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  9. jemabell added a post in a topic: update-ish   

    My husband LOVES the squishy too lol! I tend to wear compression undies most day which helps, but i also have some "muscle seperation " issues that happened during pregnacy which needs correcting. So i tend to look pregnate even though im not. They would reconstruct that while doing the tuck.  Its still early days so i have plenty of time.
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  10. jemabell added a post in a topic: Hubby vent   

    Hey Bogan,
    Im sorry your in this sort of emotional situation, its always hard when our spouses debate us rather than just support us 100%.
    I have all those worries that you have pointed out, will i continue to make good choices, will i always stop when im full, will i always be able to resist those temptations. 
    I was seeing a phsyc for a while which helped alot, i cant explain why it helped but it did. She moved and i started seeing someone else who i didnt like, so im looking for someone new again. 
    None of this process is easy, the surgery, the life adjustment, the judgments, the cost, its all hard. But in my opinion its worth it. For some people its easy to lose weight, my husband is also like that and its frustrating  lol. For me i chose to get the surgery (twice), and i dont regret one thing about it, i own my decision because it was mine to make. And if i stuff up, its my mistake also and i own it and do what i need to correct it.
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  11. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Week 26 post op 
    Start weight 142kg
    Current weight 95.7 kg
    Total loss 46.3kg 
    Its been a few weeks since i posted. Im happy to report my hair seems to have slowed down in its shedding. Life is great at the moment, busy but great. I still have food intolerances and dumping issues but im learing to deal with it. 19kg out from my goal  weight!
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  12. jemabell added a post in a topic: 3 - 4 weeks post op recovery   

    Hey bogan,
    The inly issues i had around that stage was with bowl movements, but i think my experience was quite rare and even now at 7months post op its still happening. Its called dumping and it dosnnt usually happen to sleevers but im just "lucky". I had a event at about 5 weeks post op, and left early because i had to "use the loo" and im one of those people who needs to be at home to do it lol. Although these days i cant really be fussy. Appart from that healing wise  at that stage i was fine, so im sure you will be ok  
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  13. jemabell added a post in a topic: update-ish   

    Thanks for the post youngbelle, i always think about where i might be in 2 years. I was sleeved in march. At this point i know its early but my tummy skin is becoming  and issue. So eventually i may look into that if i can every afford it lol. Its nice to hear from people a few years ahead.
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  14. jemabell added a post in a topic: urgent advice required please Band to sleeve are Bypass   

    Hi newbie, im not sure if you've had any replies but i went from band to sleeve. I was in the same boat as you and spoke in depth to my surgeon about it and also did alot of research. So far its been very effective im 45kg down since March. So im happy with my choice, but i still worry about the future, i think thats natural.
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  15. jemabell added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Thanks for the advice millymolly and soul sister. Im really hoping it eases of soon but time will tell. If not ill definatly be looking into those wigs. 
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