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  1. I just made this soup today and it is B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! Yummmmmm... You'll need 1.2kgs of Sweet Potato, diced into roughly 2 cm pieces 2 fresh Garlic Cloves, chopped finely 1 Large Granny Smith Apple, peeled and grated 1 Brown Onion, diced 3 tsp Curry Powder 1 tbs Olive Oil 1/2 C Carnation Light Evap Coconut Milk 4-5 C Good Quality Chicken Stock Heat oil in a large soup making pot. Add the onion and garlic, stir. Add the curry powder and stir, cooking for around 1 minute until aromatic. Add sweet potato, apple and 4-5 cups of stock to the pot and bring to the boil on a medium to high heat. When boiling reduce heat to low and allow to simmer for 30 minutes. When cooked use a bar mix or food processor to pulverise soup making it smooth. You can add more stock if needed. Add coconut milk and stir through. Add cracked pepper to taste if wanted. Notes: This soup is a little spicy and if you aren't a fan of spicy things, then I would use less curry powder. You could use coconut cream if you wanted to give a creamier taste also. I really enjoyed making this soup, it was easy as and it tastes faaaaantastic! Yum. My pieces of sweet potato were abit bigger than 2 cms and I cooked this for longer than 30 mins. I reckon I must have cooked it for about an hour. So there you go, hope you enjoy it! CUB
  2. How many bandits out there who are close to or lost lots of their weight have noticed a reduced amount of the dreaded CELLULITE *insert scream here* I know we're all starting off pretty big, so spare skin is a given but what about that other horrible thing, cottage cheese thighs?! Much appreciated, don't hold back!! Haha unleash the horror! Cub!
  3. Cub

    Why am I fat ?

    Thank you so much for this!! Number 4 is so my life at the moment and I've woken up this morning with the mentality to keep strong and power on. I'll be having a go at this tonight, so thanks.
  4. Cub

    Moving to Perth!

    Hey Kids! Just wanted to say I'll be moving to Perth shortly with my family and I can't wait to catch up with some of you to share our journey! I'll be living in the Northen suburbs somewhere, not sure where yet. So yeah, new me, new life, it's all abit exciting!!!! Keep ya'll posted here I am worried that I won't fit in with the city slickers CUB
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    I went out for lunch with my mates the other week to Hans and had the pad thai (never had it before and thought it was a rice dish!) I nearly died when it came out it was friggen MASSIVE!!!! Then I ate some and I barely made a dent in it and I was sitting there saying to my friend this waitress is going to think I'm nuts coz she's going to think I didn't eat any!! Luckily for me, my other mate hoovered alot of the rest up so my plate looked normal in the end!! Haha. CUB
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    Hunger signs

    My real hunger signal is chest pain. It comes on suddenly and is alleviated when I eat. I get it in the early mornings (3-5am) and when I haven't eaten for over a few hours. I too am beginning to see that I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner because of a clock and I'm currently trying to remedy that! I wasn't hungry before I went to work the other day and I went about an hour before my chest pain kicked in so that was annoying because I couldn't have anything right there and then!! So it's hard not eating when the brain says it's time to! My hunger is different everyday though. Yesterday I didn't want my porridge until 10am then lunch I was hungry at 12pm so only 2 hours and porridge normally lasts me hours, so it's hard to tell when ya stomach is gonna want to be fed!! Hope this helps! CUB
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    Hi, I'm Introducing myself.

    They won't stop you from having your surgery. They know you will possibly lose lots of Opti, it's kind of the point really. You'll be right mate! Don't stress!
  8. Cub

    Went to the doctor today, had some liquid out!

    YAY! Full steam ahead Kelz!!
  9. Cub

    Im so over this . I want it out!!!

    I'm so bummed this has happened to you! It'll all be okay, it sounds like it's too tight. Once that gets fixed up you'll be fine. It must be so hard for you, I hope it gets resolved asap. Don't give up, this will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself!! xox
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    I had mine today too, it was a breeze, sorry to say Kelz!! Very full, haven't had very much but can keep it down just fine 11kgs down, happy, happy, joy, joy. Hope you are more settled tomorrow and can eat more.
  11. Hey Kids, Where to start? Ha!! I'm nearly 5 weeks post op and am having my first fill this Wednesday halle-fucken-lujah!! Scuse my french but I'm hanging out for my fill, even though I'm paranoid that my port has flipped!!!!! I've lost in total 10kgs, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at but Easter was like the freakin DEVIL!!!! Seriously, I have learnt now that having special occasions is for me, a bad idea. My body loves sugar too much to indulge in things like chocolate and lollies so from now on I'm just not going there!! I get hungry alot, I'm eating more than I should be to satisfy the hunger, obviously it's not alot compared to what I used to be able to eat but still, it's not good. I'm not eating slow enough and that's pissing me off abit. It's really hard especially when around others to eat slowly. Need to come up with some kind of strategy. Sometimes I'm just so hungry when I finally eat that I scoff it down. Bad Cub, bad, bad CUB!!!!! Anyways I'm sure alot of others have faced this, I feel like abit of a failure at the moment. I'm just craving sugar something chronic. My sister introduced me to a natural supplement to curb sugar cravings, she has IR too and says they really help so, I'm going to give them a try. I've had one hairy moment so far, had dinner with the fam... bbq with sausages, rissoles, salad etc. Rissoles were very dry and I had abit of a "stuck" moment. I probably didn't experience full tilt stuckness. It wasn't as bad as I imagined, I suppose the worst bit was that I felt abit awkward with all these people around. I tried to sip some water but that just wasn't going to do anything but make it worse so I went to the toilet where I burped and swallowed and burped and swallowed for about 10-15 mins I reckon and it just subsided. I thought about chucking twice but I didn't coz I was embarrassed haha it was a very strange thing! Anyways, looking forward to my fill, hopefully at the very least it makes me slow down! I know I need to it's just a really bad habit to break! On a positive note, people are starting to notice my weightloss and my clothes are getting too big for me. I've lost over 10 cms each from my waist, abdomen and hips so it's made a huge difference!! I can't wait to lose more! I'm also currently obsessed with cheese. I love it! Strange child I am. Lots o' Love, CUB
  12. Cub


    I'm a huge fan of that quote. It's the quote I used as to why I decided to try being a nanny in America. It's inspiring for sure. Good on you! CUB
  13. Hey Kids, This topic has probably come up before, I tried searching it but I can't find anything about it Does anyone wake up during the night/early morning with chest pain? It's happened now a few times since banding and it's something that wakes me up and keeps me awake for a small time. I have to sit up in bed for a few minutes and it seems to subside. My band is empty so I don't get why this happens. I'm seeing my surgeon next week for my first fill and I'll ask him about it but I just wanted to know if others suffered the same?? Thanks in advance, Cub
  14. Thank goodness for that!! Phew! Have a wonderful Easter )
  15. 10kgs gone. Whoooopieeee!!

  16. You must be terrified! I'm so sorry to hear this. Remember the power of positive thinking. If it is cancer you will have the love and support of those around you and with that you'll find the strength you need. Heres hoping they turn out to be benign cysts. I'll be thinking of you.
  17. Cub

    Turkey Burgers

    I got this recipe off a bandit friend who has made them for me twice now. I just love 'em! They are quick and easy and taste good and are healthy for you too. Particular attention was paid to the veg inside these burgers as my friend found she sometimes had problems with getting uncooked carrot down, so she cooks the veg for that reason. I've had them made fresh and from the freezer and both times were as good as each other! I never liked turkey until these. Of course you can use chicken mince if the word turkey freaks you out!! Enjoy, Cub 1 packet turkey mince 1 zucchini, grated 2 large carrots, grated 1 tbsp chicken stock 50 mls of water 1 packet fetta cheese, diced into small cubes 1 egg salt & pepper to taste bread crumbs or I like to use that packet stuffing mix for extra flavour Heat a small amount of oil in a pan, add grated zucchini and carrots, when they are starting to get tender, get your chicken stock and add the 50mls of water, stirring until combined. Add this to the pan and stir veges. You want them to be nice and soft. In the meantime, add your turkey mince to a bowl and throw in the cooked vege when very soft. Add your egg, salt and pepper to taste, a small amount of stuffing mix and the fetta cheese. Mix well. Add more stuffing mix to a small bowl and make your turkey mix into flat burger like patties. Roll in the stuffing mix and cook. These are yummy, you can vary the recipe to your particular taste but the fetta is a nice little surprise in there. When cooked they can be frozen and reheated in the oven. This mix makes quite a few patties so there will be plenty for you to bring out of the freezer when you feel like! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!
  18. Cub

    Nearly a week :D

    So, today is day 6 in bandit land. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I'm healing well, but itchy as hell as I had an allergic reaction to the stickyness on the waterproof dressings over my wounds. It's extremely hard not to scratch!!! Arrgghhh!!! I'm getting pretty hungry but find the 6 small amounts of liquid a day are filling the gap (for now). I'm finding it difficult to get enough water in, 1 sip every ten minutes is not really my idea of having a "drink" of water. Yesterday I was abit frustrated by this as I was very thirsty and couldn't just chug down some water. It actually really pissed me off and I was sitting here having a bitch to myself saying how ridiculous it was haha... let's add in here that I've been home alone with no human interaction so talking to myself is neccessary! I'm not crazy, I swear! I'm looking forward to mushies and I've been eyeing off the weetbix, of all things I want to fang into a weetbix haha what a freak! Actually yesterday I had a bit of a down day and I don't know why but I've got such a thing for cheese and ham sangas or cheese and ham toasted sangas and yesterday I wanted a toasted one. I've only just got fond of the damn things, I'm not a big ham eater though so it's quite strange and now I can't eat them!! I'm extremely worried about my smaller stomach being stretched. Talk about paranoia. I've always been a quick drinker and I'm trying SO hard to drink slowly but it's really not working too well... I can't really fathom how liquid could stretch the stomach because it slips right past the band doesn't it? Anyway I need to get a grip on that!! I've lost just over 7kgs to date and I can't really tell but I'm happy about the number I'm seeing on the scales. I've been naughty and weighing myself everyday, just to see. Next week I'll try not to! I went for a walk around the block the other day and I think it was abit soon and I didn't go easy enough because I got abit sore after but I'm going to start walking again either tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait til I can take my dog with me but he pulls really hard on the lead so I think I better wait a little while before taking him. I start work on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it I think I'll be fine to go back to my daycare job the week after too so that's exciting. I've missed my little cherubs and I'm sure they've missed me too!! So anyhoo, I'm going to watch a movie because boredom is creeping back in. I might do some little hand weights while I'm watching the movie!! Okie dokie I'm off, take care peeps. Peace, love & V8 juice, Cub
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    Liquid.... nurofen???

    Oh dear, I took panamax elixir and ibuprofen - which is liquid nurofen but for kids. I didn't take much of the ibuprofen because it tasted disgusting and the thickness of it made me gag. I was fine with the panamax though. It smells much more pleasant than it is haha I wasn't informed of nurofen being bad.
  20. Cub

    Before banding pig out!

    Ordinarily, before any diet I would undertake I would have a huge binge of chocolate, ice cream and big portions of spaghetti bog or take away but this time I didn't do that. I didn't really feel the need. I did go out for my birthday - I had italian food and dessert with my friends and with my family I had my optifast and then some ice cream cake ha, that was mainly to actually FEEL like it was my birthday. I had to travel to have my op and ran out of optifast just before the trip and I'd just had my ultrasound the day we went and my organs were all of normal size and my liver not too fatty so my mum said don't worry about it and so I just ate what everyone else was having where we stayed. I tried to make good choices and not eat when I didn't have to. Like normally I would have been like well I'm off the wagon and would have eaten anythign and everything I could get but I made a decision not to do that, I did have a last meal, a curry and dessert and during the day mum and I found this doughnut shop and I had two little doughnuts but I didn't go crazy like I normally would have!! CUB
  21. Hey all, Just wanting some advice from all you bandits out there... So I'm 1 week & 4 days post op and am feeling very well in myself, my wounds are healing well except for where I think my port is. This area is healing fine on the outside but it is still hurting inside when I move sometimes, like when standing up sometimes and getting in and out of the car. Now I know you kids aren't doctors but does this sound normal from any of your experiences or do you think I should have it seen to? I'm not due for a fill until 4/5 so still a fair way to go. What do you think? I'm starting to get abit worried now Thanks peeps, Cub
  22. Cub

    The value of online communities is...invaluable!!!

    I love this. What a great story!
  23. Cub

    All Perth Waiting Bandits !!!!!!

    I paid my money on the day of my initial appointment. I insisted when she said they like you to wait. I said well I've saved up the money and I don't want it just sitting there so they took it. My surgery got moved from November 3rd 2011 to March 30th 2011, due to the hospital not operating on those people over 180kgs. At the end of the day it came down to the money and I asked to be put on the cancellation list which when I went in Feb only had 15 people on it. I know what you mean about the wait though, I would be severely depressed if I had to wait until Nov. I was very blessed to jump the queue and I couldn't be more thankful for my good fortune.
  24. Cub

    6 weeks down and half way to goal!

    You are such an inspiration Danielle!! What a woman! Hehehe I've seen those skinny cow ice cream sanga's omg! I've had my eye on them. I suppose it's a good thing I'm restricted to liquids Good on ya mate! Keep up the hard work! Cub