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  1. ashleigh27

    Hubby vent

    Hi Boganlicious, Sorry you're having a tough time, and sorry also for being as blunt as I'm about to be... I think you should ignore your husband and do what you need to do. Some people do have capacity for great empathy, but for most, unless you've been there - and by 'there' I mean, battling a weight problem, and trying so hard but fighting yourself the whole way - then they don't get it. And clearly your husband doesn't get it. By that I mean, its good he is supportive and thinks the sleeve etc will help and he does have some experience of losing a lot of weight- but as for all the rest, we are all different, and you need to make the decisions for you, whether that is to sleeve now or wait, or to see a psychologist or not. I see a psychologist regularly, and have found it really helpful. But that's not for everyone. What do you think would help you? Anyway, I think anything that is making you super anxious or doubting yourself isn't good. And maybe if you have the support of someone such as a psychologist who can help with the emotional eating, and head hunger etc etc, than you wont have to rely on your husbands support as much and it may make things clearer for you. Anyway, really wish you good luck with it all.
  2. Hi All, I was sleeved on 18th November, and recovery has mostly been as expected and all going well.. this is all TMI Sorry.. but I have 5 wounds in my stomach and 4 have healed really well, but the tiniest wound at the very top of my belly just hasnt healed super well, it keeps opening up a bit. At first I just thought it was because of where it is.. but then a couple of days ago I had a look at it and thought there was something sticking out of it.. at first i thought it was all scab, but then realised it wasnt coming off, but was super attached... then i had a closer look, and its fibrous and actually i think its some sort of string.... Its a tricky time of year, its not an emergency - its not infected or anything, just a bit gross, and my surgeon is shut until Jan 16. I have a GP appt on Jan 4th and will mention it then.. but just thought I would check - has anyone else had this? Anyone know what it is? Just knowing its there makes me feel quite squeamish! Thanks
  3. ashleigh27

    The awkward dinner - sooner than expected.

    How did you go? I have only told my sisters, so for all others I have just explained away the surgery and my eating habits with a vague "Health issue" -and said the drs had put me on a really restrictive cleanse, that I have to lose weight for my health, and really needed to stick to it.. I hope the dinner was ok!
  4. ashleigh27

    Xmas Lunch - What Did You Eat?

    it was one of the hardest days ive had so far! I was sleeved on 18/11.. I had one egg scrambled for breakfast, and then at lunchtime I had 2 prawns, and 2 pieces of ham, and maybe one spoonful of potato salad. I was totally satisfied, and full... but it was hard because I wanted to eat more of the delicious food on offer! Such a weird thing to just not be able to (but so great as well - and I was so happy to not spend another xmas feeling embarrassed about my weight, but feeling in control!)
  5. ashleigh27

    Home today

    Got home about midday today, after being sleeved on Friday morning. I feel pretty good about the whole thing! Was admitted on Friday at 6am and wheeled pretty much straight in to the theatre. I have to be honest -friday was pretty awful - not because of pain, I was just so nauseous I couldnt do anything, so tried to sleep the day away. But was feeling much better on saturday, and today. I feel like the pain is much less than I expected, and although the 1.5 litres they wanted me to drink before discharge seemed like everest I managed it... just! Being home I have had some more water, about 1/4 cup of chicken and sweetcorn soup, and about half a cup of chicken bone broth. I am feeling more sick, sore and dizzy than I did yesterday, which I think is about being up and about a bit more today.. Anyway, pretty nervous about what is to come next, and keeping up fluids and protein.. but so glad it is over, and seems to have gone well. this forum has really helped my nerves in the lead up to the operation etc. Bring on massive weight loss
  6. ashleigh27

    Surgery day

    Congratulations! Let us know how you go!
  7. ashleigh27

    Just got my surgery date

    @twentyseven are you only having one week of with sleeve? I am looking forward to it... i have always been big, but about 3-4 years ago had managed to lose a heap of weight, and I was fit enough to be running 5k races... to be honest i am just really looking forward to being fit and running again... and then things like feeling more comfortable in my clothes, and not checking if im the biggest person in the room, or worrying about the structural intergrity of the chair im sitting on! how about you?
  8. ashleigh27

    Just got my surgery date

    @Klee77 its nervewracking isnt it! So far I have just said I need to have an operation, but I know people will ask questions. I'm really excited, but also terrified. I have to do optifast for 3 weeks before hand!
  9. ashleigh27

    Just got my surgery date

    Hi All, Booked my surgery date for sleeve yesterday - its going to be 18/11.... and now Im starting to freak out a bit! What have you all said to people about why you needed the time off work, and also in response to the rapid weight loss? I dont think I can shut everyone down with Diet and exercise.. How long did it take before you could get back to exercise? I am just freaking out a bit / a lot, about how big and sudden it all is!