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  1. Annettemariebee

    6 Days PostOp

    Everything is going along fine, I am increasing my free fluid intake slowly and am nearly up to a cup!! Yet still amazingly, I am not feeling hungry, this is too good to be true, never have I ever.... Onto some reality though, I am experiencing the horrible neck shoulder pain, thought I was a hero last night with no pain relief, how wrong I was. in my defence, I wasn't feeling pain before bed, just uncomfortable, this to me didn't warrant an endone! well I was reaching for one this morning I can tell you, along with a maxalon for how sick I felt. The moral to my story is - don't be a hero, take all the steps necessary to have a comfortable and safe recovery Annette
  2. Annettemariebee

    3 Days Post Op

    it really becomes a personal journey! Before I went home yesterday, I had nausea which resulted in vomiting, I probably took the panadol too quick or something, I can tell you it is an experience I do not want to repeat because of the pain. I feel reasonably comfortable with my pain relief and being very anal about my fluids, especially because it is hot here in the tropics and dehydration is a reality even without banding. i am amazed that I don't feel hungry, who would've thought that food is thought of so differently for me and so soon into the journey! Annette
  3. Annettemariebee

    One Week to go and Counting

    its been a long week, not necessarily tough, but definitely challenging. I'm not sure whether I'm hungry or just need/want meat! Definitely a carnivore, not a herbivore!
  4. Annettemariebee

    PreOp Waiting

    As I sit here and think of what I can and can't eat, I imagine my life as a healthier being. My stomach isn't rumbling but my brain is saying 'I could eat'! Easier day by day? Sometimes! I just have to remind myself of the better times ahead. My concern is mostly about the first few weeks after the banding (2/11) if I'm hungry now, what's that going to be like? Am I going to fail? I really hope not. so for now I will imagine
  5. I'm currently doing Opti Slim - I have decided on doing Vanilla, to this i can add a shot of coffee from my coffee machine, or chocolate flavour, or an essence these can be nice with salty caramel being yummy or adding peppermint to the choc flavour. also jelly crystals if you like that sort of flavours! I bought my Optislim for $50 for 2 boxes of 21 satchets at Chemist Warehouse