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  1. Gerri

    Ups and downs (and ins and outs)

    Thanks Millymollymandy I will! Thanks Gypsyk7, I'm glad too! Haha
  2. Gerri

    Ups and downs (and ins and outs)

    I didn't end up having the surgery on August 25, and just had it this past Wednesday, September 6. They completely took out the old band and put a new one in, so in some ways I'm back at step 1! At the moment, I'm still in discomfort but home and moving around well. Can't wait to get moving normally again :)mFor me personally, I would not change having the band... it worked for me prior to my illness and I'm glad I did it. The only thing I'd change is having the band emptied immediately when being so sick.
  3. Gerri

    Ups and downs (and ins and outs)

    Thank you lovelies. Things will improve, I'm keeping the faith! At least I'm still able to walk around and eat. I'll update on the surgery as soon as I can xoxo
  4. It's been some time since I've posted, or even been on the site. The journey for me has been up and down over the last few months. In late April, I contracted a proto-virus and ended up in isolation in hospital for five days. The virus caused severe vomiting. Long story short, the vomiting constantly for five days meant a slipped band. I will say, that until this point, the band was working SUCCESSFULLY for me. Because of my weight loss at that stage of almost 30kgs in a short period, and from a very high starting point, I already had skin sag. This meant that my port had slipped lower then where it was expected to be. I had to have a fluoroscopy to locate the port, and have it emptied. For two weeks I had no fluid in my band at all, after being at 7ml. The hope was that my band would correct itself and realign. I went to the clinic and was seen by someone other then a surgeon who put 5mls back in my band. The claim was my band was okay now based on my verbal answers. This was towards the end of May. Since that time I have had an excruciating upper abdominal pain. Keep in mind I suffer from an auto immune disease that effects my joints and to me pain is an every day thing! It was so bad I reported to the ER one evening where they had to get one of the surgeons to come and empty the band. When he emptied it, it was filled with blood. I can't help but wonder if it wasn't put in properly and my fears that the band hadn't corrected itself soon became obviously true. Of course, as our glorious medical system sometimes works, I had to wait about another 4 weeks to schedule an appointment with my surgeon. First words out of his mouth - revision surgery! I am scheduled for August 25 at this stage, so please keep me in your thoughts. For today the abdominal pain is tolerable. Might be the slipped disc in the back keeping my mind off it haha. If I don't laugh, I'd cry!
  5. As of today, the finishing result - 155kms!
  6. I signed up to do March Charge to raise money for The Cancer Council. I was scared but aimed what I thought was high with my goal distance, 70kms for the month. Today, with 5 days left in the walk, I've completed 135kms!!! I'm proud of my achievement and my determination. This has meant so much to me as both my Dad and husband died in March of cancer related illnesses. I may not have reached my $ amount, but I got some donations.
  7. Gerri

    First Fill and Weigh In

    They are certainly hanging, much better then the tightness I experienced before! Glad I have such a wide variety of clothing sizes for the next few months
  8. Gerri

    First Fill and Weigh In

    Hi Molly. I've been offline, got a little lost in my own head. Instead of relying on you all, I hid! Was having major difficulties learning to chew again and in pain. I'm on top of things now, although still learning. I've joined a gym in this past week, and absolutely love it! Thanks for checking in
  9. Gerri


    I go back on March 9 and will talk to them about the amount
  10. Gerri


    Thank you all for your advice specialized29er, I had 5 at my first fill after surgery, and 1.5 at this one' totaling 6.5. I felt this one and the doctor was rushing
  11. Gerri


    I had my second fill about a week and a half ago. Since then I have not been able to eat anything other then soft mushies. Anything else feels like it's stuck and I bring it back up. Any advice? I return to the doc on March 9
  12. Gerri

    First Fill and Weigh In

    Thanks kazbo
  13. Gerri

    First Fill and Weigh In

    Thank you. Yes, very much so! I have more energy, that's the biggest change for me.
  14. I went for my first weigh in yesterday, and my first fill. A couple of things surprised me. I had actually been getting a little hungry in between meals, but not so much that it was really noticeable. I didn't know that this was completely normal, I should have spent more time exploring the forums My doctor tells me that for the first 4 weeks, the hunger is not so big (no pun intended), due to the healing process and that after that you do start to feel a little hungry. It was good to know I was normal. I got some great tips from the dietician, including how to up my calorie intake to between 800-1000 calories a day (the usual sweet range), and how to boost my protein. As far as the fill, I had 2mm when I was banded, and it has now been increased to 5mm. The doctor would like to add another 1.5mm in two weeks. So, the best news of the day? I have lost 17.7kgs! This is such a motivation for me and I can't wait to continue on my journey.
  15. Gerri

    Advice on feeling feel

    Glad it's not just me Where are you located? Maybe people who all live close to one another can do coffees and lunch, since we are in the same situation.