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  1. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Once again not Wednesday but I just had to share. I finally reached my goal (to get into the 60s). Today I jumped on the scales to find I am officially 69.5kgs. I can’t explain how happy this has made me lol. 41 days out from the 1 year mark and have officially lost 53.5kgs.
  2. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Well done Boganlicious, that is great news. I’m actually weighing in on Wednesday for a change lol. 71.7kgs this morning. Getting rather excited. My goal is within reach lol
  3. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Not quite Wednesday but I've been sick. So this is the first time I weighed myself in a little while. 72.3kgs!!! I am only 2.4kgs off my goal now (I just want that first number on the scale to be a 6 lol). I'm coming up on the year mark and I am rather excited to see how far I have come..Hope I reach my goal by the end of August. Well done to everyone on the progress you are making...it is so motivating to see.
  4. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Long time, no report. But i’m Back now. My scales decided they had had enough the other month and I have been super slack about replacing the batteries. Partly because I was testing myself not to be reliant on the number on the scales and partly because I kept forgetting to get them when I was down the street. But i am happy to report. New batteries and no change in my weight. Have decided to up my exercise program and will now be adding strength and resistance training to my program. Looking forward to seeing what changed this brings Well Done to everyone on your amazing progress. Keep up the great work.
  5. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Oh I’m late this week too. Had a 0.5 kg loss this week. Overall total : 47.2kgs 10 kgs in 2018 goal progress : 4.1kgs (only 5.9kgs to go). Thanks for the welcome Molly
  6. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Thanks @denzel, it’s been life changing. Now to lose that last little bit and reach my goal
  7. Mandy

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Seven months post op and my weight loss has well and truly slowed down. At my last visit ( late December) my surgeon has said he doesn’t believe I will loss anymore weight. I have a goal to lose 10kgs this year though. So I was hoping I could join you guys here to stay accountable? So far this year (since New Year’s Eve) I have already lost 3.6kgs. So 9 months to lose 6.4kgs. Pre-Op: 123kgs Start of 2018: 79.9kgs Currently: 76.3kgs Total loss: 46.7kgs
  8. Mandy

    My updates

    Wow, that is truly amazing. Congratulations on your progress. You must be so proud
  9. Mandy

    My updates

    That would be amazing to see. To actually see the progress. It is one thing to read about and see it in numbers but to actually see it visually can really make it so real. I recently saw a picture of myself from a wedding I attended about 4 months before my surgery and I was shocked and amazed (mostly shocked lol) at the difference.
  10. Mandy

    My updates

    Congratulations Jembell, you must feel great. You are truly an inspiration I followed your progress while I wait for my surgery date, it gave me so much hope
  11. Mandy

    Back to hospital I go.

    As I write this I am waiting to go in for surgery. After presenting at the hospital NYE with extreme stomach pain. It turns out I have gall stones. Which apparently can be caused by major weight loss in short period of time. So after losing 45kgs in the last 4 months. I basically brought this on myself. Even so, getting the sleeve is still the best decision I ever made.
  12. Mandy

    looking for advice

    Go get the private process started. If it is something you can afford (about $5000 give or take) this will probably be the quickest option. I started both private and public processes at the same time (I had only just got PHI so I still had a 12 mth ahead of me) and I had already had the surgery done privately by the time the public system wanted to even see me for the basic consultation. So over a 12 month wait to go publicly. As for wait times, there wasn’t any with my surgeon once the PHI took affect he got me in ASAP. Though other surgeons could be different.
  13. Mandy

    Coconut cream

    Certain foods can be difficult post op, especially dairy. Our new stomachs can be a tad sensitive to it especially if you have too much of it.
  14. Mandy

    Update on me

    Another update, 10 weeks 3 days post op. 38.6 kgs lost (14.1kgs on Optifast) Lost 4 clothes sizes (from 22 to 14) Everything is going well. I feel like I have adjusted well to my new lifestyle and learning to live within it's limits. The hair loss has started but I'm not overly concerned I have always had very thick hair so a little bit of thinning isn't a bad thing lol. Although I have been slacking on my vitamin intake so this has made sure I remember to take them lol. Looking forward to reaching my goal and buying my new wardrobe soon(ish)
  15. Mandy

    The 1st week

    A mouthful is great but I have to admit I do miss taking a big long drink of cold water especially now the weather is warming up lol.