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  1. Samantha Winslet


    Can I ask, what's the difference between the ESG and regular sleeve surgery, and why did you decide to go with the ESG? How's it going?
  2. Samantha Winslet

    June 2019 Sleeve

    Hello all, I'm booked in for the sleeve mid June (after six and a half years with the band, had it out in April). When I first joined on here there were groups created every month it seemed, for those having their surgery around the same time to keep in touch and for support, but the forum seems a lot quieter now. Is there already a group for people being sleeved in June 2019, or anyone else having their surgery around this time? Or is it all fb groups now?
  3. Sorry to hear about your horrendous experience!! Glad your health is OK now and hoping you are able to manage with all the knowledge and experience you would've gained in the many years since being banded. Good luck with you choice re whether to get more surgery or not xx
  4. Samantha Winslet

    Band to sleeve

    How did you go??
  5. Samantha Winslet

    Ups and downs (and ins and outs)

    That sounds so horrible! How did everything go with revision??
  6. Samantha Winslet

    Asking for advice....

    I totally agree, I think we all know that everyone's journey is different but sometimes it's easy to forget. And people have quite varied success or experiences with WLS. Generally the "golden rules" and standard advice will apply to most people/circumstances but sometimes it can still be a real struggle even when you're doing your best to do the right things. Even something like being in denial or falling back into bad "head habits" around the food or food behaviours, that is a big part of the struggle for a lot of people and just because you've had WLS, it's not automatically easier to do the right things, it's still hard work and yes people should make the effort if they've made the commitment of having WLS but in reality there are a myriad of other factors that go into the mix, and people should feel free to share their experience no matter where they're at, without judgement. For most people who've had WLS, if they didn't struggle with things like denial or negative thoughts/behaviours around food they wouldn't have become overweight in the first place and turned to the surgery in desperation after years or decades of trying and failing, and that can become exhausting or overwhelming for some people. Some see success right away, others take years to work themselves into the headspace where they're ready to make real and lifelong changes. Everyone's journey is different and so is their experience with the surgery and how it affects them. I think it's hard with the forum where so many questions get asked over and over when there are answers to those questions back in earlier threads, but I suppose the downside with going through older threads is a lot of the time the members who wrote in those threads aren't around anymore so you can reply to an old thread but those members won't ever come back on to read and respond, so people would rather start a new thread. Overall I think there is a lot of appreciation towards long-term members who have had success and still come on the forums to provide advice and support to newer members, I can understand how that would get draining after a while..
  7. Samantha Winslet

    Fallen off the Wagon

    I'm in the same boat! Mine will be 5 years in Jan..
  8. Samantha Winslet

    Lost my way

    Sorry for not getting back to this! How have the last couple weeks been? Sure, we can do a deal I need all the help I can get!
  9. Samantha Winslet

    Lost my way

    Totally understand how hard it is.. How did you go with phoning about the fill? I haven't been going to the gym regularly at all, have been flat out with family/personal stuff, hopefully from next week onwards I'll be getting back into a routine.. Sometimes I enjoy working out but most of the time I don't..
  10. Samantha Winslet

    Lost my way

    It's very hard to go cold turkey with things which is why I suppose people say better to do it in small steps and gradually as you'll more likely be able to incorporate it as a long-term lifestyle change rather than something to do in the short-term to get the weight off, and then it comes right back on once you "fall off the wagon" (story of my life! ) . I know that I can shift the weight but I know how hard I have to work to see results and a lot of the time it just seems "too hard". The hypnotherapist I saw actually told me to stop using the phrase "lose weight" as things we "lose" we usually hope to "find" again and subconsciously we do the same with weight according to her, she said she uses the term "let go of" weight rather than lose, as it's more permanent.. Thanks for saying I sound positive! I don't feel it at all, but if you've got a good attitude towards it then that's half the battle I think.. I haven't weighed myself in a while because I don't want to know. I could probably guess given the tightness of clothes atm but I can't face the number right now, I would probably cry if I got on a scale right now.. I just need to start heading back in the right direction and then at least that's something to feel good about. It's an ongoing struggle! Good luck to you as well, let me know how you go with fills etc.. I've kind of given up with fills, I was never able to get to the "green zone", I found it was always too tight or too loose, even now, sometimes it's loose/relaxed and other times I get really bad stuck moments so I just don't know.. xxx
  11. Samantha Winslet

    Lost my way

    It's very interesting and I can relate to all of that. It's the same in my family, my sister is very slim and athletic, I've always wondered why do I seem to be the one that struggles so much? She seems to live on salmon and spinach and that's what she enjoys eating. She does love chocolate but I think she eats mainly dark chocolate. And I look around and feel envious of others who seem to lose weight much more easily than me or don't seem to struggle with food the way I do. I think your husband is right, there is a huge aspect to weight loss/gain that is psychological, the physical aspect is just the tip of the iceberg for what is going on underneath. I'm in the same boat as you, feeling lost etc at the moment because it's "hard" to eat healthy and exercise most of the time. But the alternative is also hard, suffering health issues due to decades of eating poorly and not getting enough activity, feeling "big" and uncomfortable/self-conscious, thinking about food/weight all the time, it's no way to live I went to an RFA meeting last night which is Recovery from Food Addiction. Similar to OA, same program/steps etc but it goes a step further with it's primary purpose being to help people abstain from the addictive substances of sugar, wheat and flour. They believe these substances affect certain people differently and trigger a biochemical response that causes addiction and dependency, exactly the same as how alcohol affects alcoholics. They believe (same as AA) that the only real way to lead a happy and healthy life free of the addiction is to abstain. I nearly ran out of there screaming! A life without those things, can't even get my head around it :/ I don't think I "binge" particularly but I definitely eat more processed food than fresh. And I can never stick to a diet because I always crave something I shouldn't have. But people who are living abstinently say their lives are so much better and they are so much happier being free from the compulsive thoughts and behaviours around those foods. And being a healthy weight is just a bi product that comes naturally with it. I highly doubt it's something I could realistically do but it's making me wonder.. Over the years I've tried Lite n Easy, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Optifast and other meal replacements, Garcinia Cambogia and other supplements, prescription medication for weight loss such as Duromine and Orlistat, I've tried weight loss hypnotherapy, I've exercised regularly at gyms or other fitness, I've had WLS 4.5 years ago and none of those things have gotten me on track to a healthier lifestyle long-term. I can lose weight in the short-term and feel like I'm making progress, but for some reason I always return to unhealthy foods and the weight comes back on seemingly overnight, and then I'm despairing again. Anyway, my plan is to get back into the gym, and just try to start cutting back on processed foods as much as I can, pay close attention to what I'm putting in my mouth and if I still can't seem to feel any better or move forward then perhaps I might need to look at "quitting" those things altogether, we'll see. Sorry if I've made you feel worse and not better! xxx
  12. Samantha Winslet

    Lost my way

    It's not that I don't like Lite n Easy, I think it's great for convenience and some of the meals are really nice, it's more I just get too bored if I have to eat it all the time as it does start to all taste the same after a while. And of course, a creamy pasta from a restaurant or made at home the way you like it is always going to taste better than a more bland, frozen version I totally understand the struggle, it's definitely a battle in the mind and sometimes it just feels too exhausting, constantly thinking and planning meals, choosing what you "should have" rather than what you feel like having. I've had that many times since getting the band where I feel like I'm trying my hardest to exercise and choose nutritious foods in balanced amounts and even though it's hard for me I do it anyway, but when you don't see results it can feel quite discouraging, like it shouldn't be that hard. But it is hard though, if losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight :/ I guess each person just needs to find out what works for them. Another thing I'm going to do is try one of those food allergy test things where they can tell you whether any types of food don't agree with you because I've heard of people suffering health issues, not knowing why and then one day finding out they have an intolerance to something that they didn't know about and that can cause inflammation or interfere with the thyroid or lots of things that can affect weight I think. You never know, there could be something else going on that's messing with your hormones or your body.. Similar to you, I also find with my band sometimes it's so tight I can barely get a multivitamin down, other times I can eat and it's like it's not even there, so it's strange. Like everyone says, it's only a tool and at the end of the day you have to decide what do you want, how are you going to make it happen and then follow through on your plans even when you really don't want to. And be patient as it is a slow process.. I read that as well about going for a fill every time you get hungry, I don't think that's overly practical but each to their own, they probably didn't mean it literally. I don't find WW overly helpful, I think it's a great support to have and it provides accountability and education on food and nutrition but when you are feeling your lowest (for me) going along to meetings to be told I've gained weight (again) just makes me feel even worse. In OA meetings the focus is taken off the weight loss side of things and the attention is on what is going on in your mind and your emotions that is leading you to those food behaviours. Looking at the underlying issues first in order to recover from unhealthy thoughts and behaviours around food (and faith in a higher power). It sounds quite simple but it's something that doesn't get enough attention in the diet and weight loss world, what you're doing on the outside with the food, is probably a reflection of things happening on the inside, negative self-talk around yourself and food, feeling ashamed, defeated etc and it's a vicious cycle. For me, I know that I want to see results but I also want to be able to eat whatever I want. And it doesn't work that way. If I'm honest I don't really want to make long-term changes, I just want the weight to come off now so I can go back to eating what I want to eat again. So I know it's my thoughts and attitudes around food that keep tripping me up, even when I have the best of intentions Perhaps if you are feeling at rock bottom with food/weight, you should (gonna sound crazy but) take the pressure of for a while. Give yourself a time period, maybe a month, where you promise yourself not to stress about losing weight for that time. Put the scale out of sight. And during that time maybe just keep a journal or something of what you're eating and also how you're feeling around the food. Not with the goal of losing weight but purely just to observe what your food behaviours are and at the end of the month see if there's anything you can take away from it. Or if that sounds silly maybe adjusting your expectations to start with something smaller, like maybe cutting back on sugar or increasing your water intake, or substituting something you love that's bad for you with a healthier version? All the things we know we need to do, but doing them is the hard part.. I hope you start to feel a bit better soon! xx
  13. Samantha Winslet

    Just banded

    Good to hear you are feeling lots better, look forward to hearing how you go
  14. Samantha Winslet

    Lost my way

    I actually had both of those done last year too (or perhaps it was the year before) when I was struggling to lose weight (which I still am) and wondering if it was something to do with the band itself. Came back all fine and I was told I needed to focus more on what I was putting in my mouth (which is true). I think the mind is a powerful thing and even though we have the band, sometimes the head hunger can be stronger? I certainly feel like I've struggled with hunger since getting the band, after maybe about the second year or so and at times I've wondered whether the band has messed with my hunger levels because I don't remember ever feeling as ravenous before the band as I have at times since the band :/ But anyway, I don't follow an eating plan currently, I'm doing Lite n Easy so I try to stick to that as much as I can but I don't particularly like it and I don't do it everyday. 4.5 years on and still trying to figure out what works for me..
  15. Samantha Winslet

    Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!

    You must've had your band out by now? How is it going? What a horrible thing to go through, you must've been so upset and disappointed..