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  1. carly0898

    Update so far - post op.

    Great to hear everything is going well Bertie really sounds like you are progressing really well, and I am sorry to hear about your father in law.
  2. carly0898

    Exercise Physiologist

    Hi Everyone, I just had my first appointment with my exercise physiologist and he was awesome! I highly recommend seeing one as they have experience with gastric sleeve patients and know the best exercises that you should be doing to assist with a HEALTHY weightloss so you not loosing muscle weight. You get this thing from your GP called Allied Health which entitles you to 4 - 6 sessions that is covered by medicare (also need to ensure that the EP accepts allied health) This guy made me feel really comfortable, listened to me and explained everything to me so I would understand.
  3. carly0898

    Ladies that started at 150kg?

    Hi Skeeter and BackonTrack, I am doing really well! I have lost 15kg so far, and I can fit back into my nice jeans (still fat jeans but skinnier than i was lol) So encouraging hearing your stories and knowing that it is doable to get past the predicted excess weight loss that the surgeon told me i would get to. I can not wait!
  4. carly0898

    Seeing results

    Hi Backontrack Great work, congratulations on your loss so far It is really encouraging hearing these stories - keep up your great work
  5. carly0898

    My updates

    HAHAHA! That was a good laugh Ironman! Yeah Jem I think it will pass, surely it has to once we start introducing meats and solid veggies again! My scales have stalled this morning too I am desperate to break into the 30's ugh, the walking should have done some good for you my Mum see's an exercise physiologist (I see mine next week) and he has told her that she needs to walk 30 mins everyday! even if its 15 mins in the morning and afternoon to break it up. I think to get my 30 mins I am going to go to a shopping centre lol I don't feel like it chore then
  6. carly0898

    My updates

    Woo hoo this is a good update good work chickadee! I weigh myself daily as well and I have just come off my weight stall so exciting seeing the scales go down every day! So yep I put it down to not being on the fluids anymore. I to had the same issue with dairy but now am back to normal (thank goodness)
  7. carly0898

    I had a leak

    Hey hun, How are you feeling/recovering? I bet you are glad to be back home and with your family now
  8. carly0898


    Hi Bertie Welcome!! I have been on the forum for quite some time, I was previously banded and now I have just had the sleeve done I am 3 weeks post op (4 weeks monday) my weightloss has been slow I have only lost 11kgs all up but as the saying goes "slow and steady..." Everyone gets quite anxious prior to their surgery because of the fear of being put to sleep and waking up not having the sleeve done, I was so worried I hadn't lost enough weight and my liver would be too big, but i woke up and everything went well. I was in hospital for 2 nights my surgeon came to see me each day to see how I was tracking and he said if I wanted to go home that would be fine or I could choose to stay a 3rd night. I definitely recommend speaking up if you aren't feeling great and staying another night. I haven't had any issues at all so far with my sleeve (touch wood) so I have no bad stories to give you. My only issue is that sometimes I just want to eat a big meal (but that is why I had the surgery done hahaha so I need to suck it up) Anyway I wish you all the very best with your journey and we are all here to answer questions from our own experiences
  9. Hi Raven, i too am a newbie to the sleeve, i had my band removed then had to wait 3 months until i could have the sleeve it felt like a life time! But its all done now and i am happy with my decision, no more vomiting or reflux! one thing that the drs dont explain (well mine didnt) is you can be prone to infection which is very treatable its more common with the older style bands, i ended up with cellulitis but i was quick to catch it so it went away quite quickly after having an iv of antibiotics also!! Your scar may leak this is just fluid that has built up around the port and needs to come so dont freak out if that happens (i did lol)
  10. carly0898

    Liquid struggle

    Hi Denzel, I think that was quite harsh and unnecessary to take out your frustrations like that on Jem, if you didn't like a comment then there is no need to respond, as so many people on here keep saying "everyone's journey is different" As for this taking up your time and it being so draining I suggest maybe taking a break from the site, no one is forcing you to sit and read every comment and forcing you to comment on every post. It is really sad that you have caused someone to disable their account, this should be a safe space to ask as many questions as people like - the search bar on this site is really not good and very difficult to find what you are looking for as it is searches the WHOLE site not just the sleeve forum.
  11. carly0898

    Setting goals

    Hi Ironman, I am the same, I was really stressed prior to having my op and being told the percentage that you would loose of excess weight. I posted a question to the people on here and I got a lot of great stories back that made me feel so much better! I would say that you set your first goal to the number of your excess weight (there is a formula to work that out ask mr google) and then once you have achieved that then set your next goal.
  12. carly0898

    Liquid struggle

    Hey Ironman - how did you go seeing the Surgeon (did you see Dr Liew?) were you able to get down or was it too flooded? Hey Jem - how are you doing with liquids are you onto puree yet or still on the liquids?
  13. carly0898

    Exercise Physiologist

    Hi All, Just wondering how soon after their sleeve operation they saw the exercise physiologist? Thanks
  14. carly0898

    Confused about "soft" foods

    Hey Jem - I do yoghurt with oats and protein powder that's pretty yum! I get the Organic yoghurt from Aldi, also from Aldi are these little bowls of rice with tuna that are yummo you just peel the lid off and whack it in the microwave (great size as well I end up with maybe 3 teaspoons left). On the weekend I made up chicken carbonara and froze into snack size zip lock bags, Kmart have these set of 6 plastic small bowls that are a perfect serving size for us sleevers and they were only $2 so that is what i used for my measure. Another option is if you like zucchini, is to grate the zucchini put into a saucepan with some butter and salt and just cook that until soft. Cottage cheese mixed with a teaspoon of dip, I found the green olive and cottage cheese is pretty yum as well hope these ideas help
  15. carly0898

    Overseas Sleeve Surgery

    Omg!! What jerks!!! You pay all this money and you get nothing in return for being a loyal customer! I am with Peoplecare (not many people have heard of them) I do not have one bad word to say about my health fund, you call them up and you speak to someone straight away no need to press any buttons and the people that you talk to are in Australia! After I came out of hospital I got a phone call from them and they have set me up on this program where a nutritionist and a physio calls me each week for 6 months at no extra cost. Claiming things back is super easy as well. Once I turned 25 I had to get my own PHI separate from my parents and I didn't have any issues with waiting periods, hopefully its not based on the level of cover :S