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  1. mickydsydney

    attaching ticker???

    hey guys how the hell to you attach that ticker thingy to your posts cant figure it out haha thabnks micheal.
  2. mickydsydney

    eating on the run...

    biggest loser snack bars help me out or they have these like snack chips things that i get vege somethings haha
  3. mickydsydney

    self confidence????

    oh ok haha well im gay for starters thats an issue in itself theres this excess skin following me everywhere haha im much happier but maybe it will come with a little more time my weight loss has been pretty fast too so maybe it will just take time haha making more friends and finding the 'one' blah blah haha
  4. mickydsydney

    self confidence????

    hey people, so Ive lost 70kgs yay me I know pretty cool but Im still having huge confidence issues I know this sounds korny and stuff but when im around others or meeting new people i just clam up cross my arms and hope that they will start a conversation haha the question is ' does my brain still think im fat? and I need some opinions on this topic as I'm starting the dating scene a little more now thankyou micheal. all opinions welcomed and warranted haha..
  5. mickydsydney

    23 and worried about loose skin

    the only thing you can do about it is excercise and tone up a bit I had the surgeoury in january this year and lost 70kgs and i look like a sack of potatoes haha but im gooing to get the loose skin removed in a few years time.
  6. mickydsydney

    tis the season to get stuck!!

    Hello everyone, just wishing you all the best wished for xmas and new year and remember to control yourself with diet and chew chew chew at this time everyone has a stuck moment ive heard hahah so yeah have fun stay safe!!!!
  7. mickydsydney

    Help! Need chocolate

    you know theoretically if you melt the chocolate down it becomes a liquid BUT do you really want to play yourself? when I had chocolate cravings on liquids i just had milk with a little milo in it or low cal weight watchers hot chocolate powder it does help though
  8. mickydsydney

    Naming Your Band

    true story make sure you are great friends unlike myself it took some time to get used to have something foreign in me haha
  9. mickydsydney

    coughing up blood!

    yeah it is i remember seeing ur posts when i was first banded marion haha i have some photos in the gallery a before and present one ive got a few more to add and its taken the best part of a year for my results
  10. mickydsydney

    Whats on the menu for Christmas day as bandits?

    the normal menu roast everything haha prawns christmas pudding just in tiny amounts gotta watch over eating and chewing at this time of the year hence why i had a fill haha
  11. mickydsydney

    What was your "last supper"?!

    I had a somber moment i was on opti for 2 months prior to surgeoury and my last supper was a hamburger from the local takeaway and i had two bites and threw it up cause i couldnt tolerate that food as sad as it sounds haha
  12. mickydsydney

    Naming Your Band

    oh wow quite horrible comments hahah i like ur one htough a classic
  13. mickydsydney

    naming your band

    thanks super bandit ur a legend
  14. mickydsydney

    naming your band

    hahah betsy im thinking something like larry or bob hahahaha
  15. mickydsydney

    coughing up blood!

    i go to the circle of care clinic baulkham hills he said that it was probably leading from my flu the other week or i might have swallowed something sharp and it made a sore or something like that all i know is that im relaxing a little more thinking im okay now pheeew