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  1. Kooter

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hiiiiyyy oh my goodness! I turnned a corner day 5 and i am feeling sooooo much better! Can finally consume around 1litre a day and the warm clear soups are definately what my tummy likes. Nice and soothing. I agree regarding the optifasts....I have opted out! Haha. Been having a 250ml protein shake (coffee flavour yummmmm) for breakkys and then rest of day soups and watered down yoghurt and protien waters. Oh and lots of V8 vegie juice watered down. Mine was done through little holes...5 altogether....is that laproscopic? I was told to take dressings off on day 4 and when i did they were all completely healed and closwd...like no scabs? Thats weird isnt it....seems quick.
  2. Kooter

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi everyone! How are u all going? I am post op day 4...and feeling somewhat regretful. I know its early days and i must suck it up as this feeling eill pass but i can only get about 200mls down of fluid each day. I have a fair bit of pain like air is trapped in my throat...does anyone else have this? I really hope it dissipates so i can be a little more comfortable. How are you all feeling?
  3. Kooter

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    oh Working mum, I feel for you. Missing your kids But you will be home tomorrow and like I keep telling myself, our children will benefit greatly from having a healthier mum so its all going to be okay. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. I only have to do 1 week of Optifast so today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am still about to pass out from nerves about the general anaesthetic but my support Posse of sisters, best friend and Mum have been pillars of strength for me. Please keep posting those of you who are ahead of me, you are a great inspiration. GO AUGUST SLEEVERS!
  4. Kooter

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hello. I have been trying to work up the courage to type this. The reality is sinking in and im scared $#@%less Getting sleeved on the Sunshine Coast on the 22nd August. I am sooooo very anxious. Like i hope i dont run from theatre before they tie me to the bed