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    Had my surgery 18 August 2016. Top weight 97.4kg. Suffered weight issues all my life. Tried a myriad of diets, supplements etc but couldn't sustain any of them. Like most, gained more than I lost. Due to health problems, I elected for bypass surgery. My first goal was to survive the procedure. By time I went in for op I was down to 93.4kg. My first major goal is to get to 75kg and then reassess the impact on my body and health to see if I want to head towards the goal which they I should be for 164cm. Keeping in mind I'm 63, I will take it one step at a time. This Tuesday just passed, I weighted in at 78.2kg. Clothes size is down from 20-22 to 18 on most things. People are noticing. My BIG HICCUP was my sister passed away 3 weeks after my op and it as knocked me for a "6". I started eating bread and other carbs due to lack of preparations and am having trouble getting off them. Secondary problem: I received false teeth and cannot chew much with them and thus resorted to soft quick foods, hence the bread. I have had continual diahorrea and/or loose bowels since the op. I believe it is due my sensitivity to some foods as well as the carbs as I had the problems before surgery. I AM HAPPY WITH MY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS.