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  1. franclyfreeing

    Reflux is killing me!

    Hi guys, I got my band in February 2017. It has been amazing! I have had next to zero issues until a couple of weeks ago. I am experiencing the worst acid reflux I have ever experienced. It's waking me up at night, and stopping me from eating for most of the day. I haven't had a fill in 4 months so I don't think the band is too tight, but no idea what would have changed recently to make me feel this reflux. Does anyone have any ideas if I need to get my band loosened or should I just take some anti reflux meds until it passes? Appreciate any words of wisdom that anyone has! Thanks xxx
  2. franclyfreeing

    Banded yesterday! Please help!

    Hi all, I am 25 from Melbourne and had my operation yesterday. I'm in quite a lot of pain and just wondering if the following things are normal: - heartburn (only slight but definitely noticeable) - pain in left shoulder (apparently from the gas) - very bloated tummy, apparently also from the gas. Thank you in advance. Feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment. I hope everyone's journeys are going really well.
  3. franclyfreeing

    Day 3 and needing a friend

    Hi everyone, I have just signed up to this site - this is actually the first time I have ever written in any kind of forum - must be the year of firsts for me. I am getting my lap band on the 28th of February so I am on day 3 of optifast. I'm actually feeling ok - pretty tired (&hungry!) but nothing too bad. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? I feel like this two weeks is going to go really slowly. Also - I'm 25 years old! Really excited about this year and to finally feel proud of the way I look. Really looking forward to hearing from anyone. I am an avid videographer so I am filming a little clip each day so I have something to look back on and see how far I have come.