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  1. Anna

    Plus size clothes

    There is a FB closed group Taking Shape buy,swap,sell page. Could be worth a look. I have just discovered it along with Camilla,Mimco,Metalicus,Alice McCall and Lorna Jane!! DANGEROUS
  2. Good luck- I just came on to say you have my daughters name and birth year!Your parents have good tasteĀ :lol:

  3. Anna

    Tummy tuck recovery

    TT 3yrs ago,2x drains out on day 5,went home on day 6.
  4. I would be miserable without my lapband! I consider myself lucky to have a relitively easy banded journey and would do it again (but sooner than 44)
  5. I had him 4yrs ago - as a low BMIer and he hadnt done too many,but the ones he had done were having good sucess and it changed his mind
  6. Anna

    Drinking and the band

    As small pinch of salt will kill fizz and wont change the taste
  7. Anna

    Drinking and the band

    Fizzy drinks dont bother me - but eating less means getting tipsy quicker!
  8. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/woman-poses-with-her-old-heavier-self-in-amazing-photo-series-after-68-kilogram-weight-loss/story-fnixwvgh-1227347969253 Great way to showcase her weight loss
  9. Step away from the Chocolate!

    1. duckie


      Tried and failed... a new dawn a new way forward!

  10. Anna

    Surgery time??

    Pretty sure I wa charged for 40mins by the gasman
  11. Anna

    Tummy tuck?

    TT almost 2 years ago - LOVE it But well after baby making,so can't help with that one
  12. Anna


    Sounds like two perfectly normal cats LOL Archie is also an indoors cat, who thinks outside is much better - until he gets out there!
  13. Anna

    9 months in...

    No,but it did take me 2 years to loose 23kg - slow and steady
  14. Anna

    20 year high school reunion

    Make sure you wear a name badge - nobody will recognise you!
  15. Anna

    Quick and Easy Sweetish Treat

    No Missy - the chia recipe I posted under the sago one