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  1. i was banded just over 2 months ago, and i've lost 17 kilos, which is great, but since my last fill i've been really struggling my surgeon suggested only putting another .5mls in with the last fill, but me being my impatient self asked for the whole ml. since then i can't eat, i couldn't keep half a can of tuna down today, and my last fill was 2 weeks ago. if anyone has any advice or has had the same problem i'd love to hear from you thanks rachael
  2. so after all my suffering on the optifast, the day has finally arrived! as of tomorrow night i'll finally be banded! i'm so excited and nervous and everything else my boyfriend suprised me with a bracelet with 'even though you're getting smaller, you're still the biggest part in my life' engraved on it! so im definitely feeling good about tomorrow now hope every ones doing well! wish me luck! x
  3. Charity

    Rachael from Melbourne 20 years old

    Hi guys, thanks for all your replies!! i met with my surgeon yesterday and everythings going well, i read about adding ice to the shakes in a blender, and gave it a shot and i must say they are so much better! i can actually stomach them now! So if any one else reading is struggling with the optifast please try this i've lost 4.8 kilos and this is my 8th day on the optifast, 8 more days to go before i get banded! i'm getting excited
  4. Hi everyone i came across this site while looking for some support during my Optifast phase I was wondering if there is anyone else around my age who has had, or is having the lap band? Also any tips for coping easier with the Optifast phase would be much appreciated! I'm booked to have my surgery on the 3rd of February Wish me luck