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  1. Laptosleeve17

    Any success Band to sleevers?

    Hi There, i converted lap to sleeve in 2017 - I almost died from complications - it’s a long story and can be found if you search the site. typically revision surgery isn’t as successful as the body knows the drill - I went from 140kg to 75kg (with the band) and my revision weight being 112kg and I’m now 65kg (170cm tall) would I do it again knowing the shit storm that followed (probably yes) would I have been as successful if not for complications (8 months nil orally with a nasal gastric tube for feeding) highly likely not. in the end it comes down to you and your desire to achieve your goal. good luck x
  2. Laptosleeve17

    Long time update

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would come past and give an update on my progress. Last September I passed my year anniversary of recovering from surgical complications from lapband to sleeve conversion. Im incredibly healthy and have stabilised my weight between 63-65kilos - I was 112kg at surgery revision. My surgeon has continued to look after me and from my case reviews have been made and so have surgical changes so I feel like what happened to me can and will be avoided. I’m one of the lucky ones - some have lost their life post surgery. Please know how serious surgery is and it has serious risks attached. Keep Living xx
  3. Laptosleeve17

    Band to Sleeve! What’s the process?

    Hi There!! I had a band to sleeve conversion in Feb 2017 - I had severe post surgical complications that almost resulted in me dying. It is high risk for complications so please be completely informed before proceeding.
  4. Laptosleeve17


    I haven’t joined in for awhile so thought I would today surgery weight 27th feb 2017 - 112kg (BMI 38.8) Last weigh in 19th October 2017 - 77.4kg (BMI 26.6) Today’s weight 3rd January 2018 - 69kg (BMI 23.4) My goal for this year is to get to 65kg and to tone up now I am able to eat 3 small meals a day and keep up fluids I feel like I’m ready to get seriously fit again.
  5. Laptosleeve17

    Will I lose weight going from band to sleeve?

    I suffered a leak at the top of my stomach where the oesophagus meet - I must have been healthy because it took 3 weeks for me to show signs of illness. I ended up with an abscess the size of a football internally that also infected my liver - I also ended up with pneumonia, collapsed lunch and a massive fluid collection. 6 weeks in hospital - 6 months with a nasal gastric tube for feeds pretty much nil by mouth that whole time. I ended up getting glued back together.
  6. Laptosleeve17

    Will I lose weight going from band to sleeve?

    I had the bandin 2010 lost 70kg and was fine until my pregnancy in 2014 - I gained back 35kg and had a band to sleeve revision done in feb 17 - I suffered serious complications almost resulting in death. I got the all clear in Sept 17 and my health has been fine since - I’ve gone from 112kg to 68kg with half my weight loss whilst ill and half since. If you stick to eating healthy you will be successful.
  7. Laptosleeve17

    Surgeon for my revision scared me today

    I not have time now but will come back and share my story of a band to sleeve revision wi5 complications that almost killed me.
  8. Laptosleeve17


    will post there next Wednesday! im really good - had another check up a few weeks ago and got clearance to eat all foods -my consumption has increased so my stamina is almost back to what it was. One final gastroscope in January to check it all out and my surgeon has said he will clear me as fully healed. While it was the worst experience of my life I learnt so many things about myself (good and bad) I’m sort of glad I went through what I did.
  9. Laptosleeve17

    It's not going to solve all your problems

    I found with my band around 5 years out it became really hard to keep the weigh off even with a good diet and exercise it kept creeping on - I think once you’re obese your body likes to be a certain weight and it’s a constant battle - people who have never had a weight issue will never understand.
  10. Laptosleeve17


    I made going to join in! surgery weight 27th feb 2017 - 112kg (BMI 38.8) current weight 19th October 2017 - 77.4kg (BMI 26.6) im 170cm tall or 5’7 goal weight 70kg ( BMI 24.2) with a rethink of maybe 65kg (BMI 22.5)
  11. Laptosleeve17

    Band to sleeve conversion

    Hi AJS78, i recieved the all clear a few weeks ago close to 6 months from leak to recovery. I spent 6 weeks in hospital and 5 months with a nasal gastric tube for feeds. I’m one of the lucky ones as there are people who are some who are close to 2 year post complications who still aren’t healthy. Despite my leak I still firmly state I had a great surgeon who gave me 100% of his time and energy in getting me better (and zero bills) as far as I’m aware I’m not going to encounter any long term side health issues which is fabulous. Good luck on your journey while I’m sure your surgery will go smoothly I feel like people should hear my story even though it’s not pleasant it’s reality.
  12. Laptosleeve17

    Band to sleeve conversion

    I’m possibly the worst person to respond but I feel I should. I am a band to sleeve revision patient. My surgery was performed all in one (yes surgeons do it all in one) during my surgery I also had a hiatus hernia repaired. I encountered complications 3 weeks post surgery to the point I almost died. I’m not going into it too much as I’ve written my story here and honestly it’s far too traumatic reliving it. Please be mindful when thinking about revision surgery and before you blame the same day surgery I am currently in a support group of similar people and I am the only band to sleeve convert in a group of 170 so that wasn’t what caused my issues they just happened.
  13. Laptosleeve17

    Fabulous Update

    It's so horrible - I was expecting to have a gastric bypass but my surgeon used a more no invasive procedure to fix me which I am extremely greatful for as it took longer but the risks of more complications were basically none. I'm on a private Facebook group of people who have faced complications - some are 2 years out and still battling and some are faced with peg feeds for life. I am extremely thankful for my outcome as I know it could have been so much worse not just from a feeding viewpoint but a living viewpoint.
  14. Laptosleeve17

    Fabulous Update

    Hi Azra, I won't go into it to much but I almost died through the complications from the leak (extended stay in hospital, endless tests, drains, picc lines to name a few) while there is no fault on either side just bad luck - complications do and can happen so be very sure you research and are thouroughly informed because I was and I did everything right and it still went very very wrong. Take Care
  15. Laptosleeve17

    Fabulous Update

    Hi all for those who remember I suffered a serious leak back in March after my band to sleeve surgery in February. Today I finally got the all clear that my leak has healed close to 6 months after the event! I also had my nasal gastric tube removed (that was my food source since my leak) I've been cleared for soft foods and have already eaten 2 meals successfully (volume wise I'm only around 1/4 cup) today is a great day however I still regret my decision to have revision surgery. Oh I guess another bonus is that I've lost 30kg and don't have much more to goal.