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  1. Ironman

    6 days til Surgery

    No worries brother
  2. Ironman

    Gastroscopy Result

    Thanks Kazbo for a hit of reality.. us newbies need to see the hard works never over.. thanks again x
  3. Ironman

    My updates

    Great work Jem.. still going strong champion.. On the up side i have hit double figures this week.. yay on the down side ive had 2 hospital admissions in the last two weeks for the surgical removal of a kidney stone. Emergency dept doctor didnt think it was related to my sleeve surgery but the urologist does (a rare complication)... so im not sure.. maybe i got complacent with my fluid intake.. anyway all good now I'm down 24kg in 11 weeks. Keep up the good work
  4. Ironman

    Scared and sleepless

    Yes but youll be fine.. chin up
  5. How you travelling MGL?
  6. Ironman

    My updates

    You must be feeling a million dollars Jem. Great work x
  7. Ironman

    My updates

    We're here for the long haul Jem... Keep up the good work sweets. x
  8. Ironman

    Have I already stuffed this up ?

    Hope your still doing ok Ash?
  9. Ironman

    168kgs and Counting Down

    your only 5 days post op laggy. liquids do get easier although i forget some times and take a few gulps and get some pain when it doesnt all fit. it was day 5 for me when i produced the devils marbles.. that to has settled down.. 4 weeks post op tomorrow... no regrets
  10. Good luck MGL on your op next week. Not long now. The time goes fast.. Looking from the other side anyway.I'm 3 weeks postop now and all clear sailing. 15kg in five weeks. Bloody stoked
  11. Ironman

    Food funeral

    Good job Ash. Remember that one of the main roles of the liver is to basically convert carbs into glycogen and store it. Each part of glycogen is hydrated with 4 parts of water. This means that a gram of glycogen stored in the liver weighs 5 grams. On the opti/carb free veg pre op diet your body is forced to use this stored liver glycogen as energy in place of our normal high carb intake. You wont make a big difference with the fattyness of your liver on the diet for two weeks.. Most of the liver shrinkage comes from depleting its glycogen stores. Each gram of glycogen your body uses for energy shrinks the liver by 5 grams. This is my interpretation anyway. Just stick to your opti and free veges and you'll do great in two weeks. Dont worry.. Just be strong.. Good luck
  12. Ironman

    Surgery Tomorrow - Scared

    Great to hear your ok Laggy.. your new beginning has begun X
  13. Ironman

    Food funeral

    Hi MissAsh, I seriously felt EXACTLY the same. I've been dieting in many forms for 30years and never stuck to any of them. i was shit scared on how i was going to stick to the opti. i really did find that i lost most of my appetite after the first 3 days once your ketones kick in and switch off your hunger hormone ghrelin. That what i found anyway. Just take each day, 1 day at a time.. If i can do this Ash anyone can. im not saying itll be easy but its doable. Just keep reminding yourself about how important this is for your operation. good luck beautiful
  14. Ironman

    Surgery Tomorrow - Scared

    We all had doubts.. Good luck Laggy
  15. Ironman

    My updates

    I'm still a serial weigher. lol Several times a day.. Think i've stalled a bit this week too.. Must be a monthly thing for me too.. lol