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    12 month pre op diet...

    Hi everyone, my doctor has just referred me to the gastric sleeve specialist to start my journey towards my op. I see that the 12 month supervised weight loss program is a mandatory WA Department of Health requirement. I previously spent 3 years under the supervision of dieticians that my doctor had sent me too. I followed the program to the letter and lost a significant amount of weight, but being a lifelong yoyo dieter, stacked it all and more back on once the program was finished. I'm extremely motivated when it comes to following diet instructions, but always end up blowing it when it comes to maintenance, and stack the weight plus more back on. My question is, as my doctor has the records of my weight loss under a dietician, would this count towards the 12 month pre op diet requirement (could the 12 months be shortened) I have no problem going on the diet, and I understand losing 10% of my current weight pre op is required for a safer operation. Its just 12 months seems like a huge amount of time to have to be on it before the op will be allowed. I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. This is all exciting and new to me, and of course I'm chomping at the bit to begin this new uplifting chapter in my life.