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  1. Seven

    nearly newbie

    Hi Scared I too had to wait the 12 months, I am fully covered as of 1st February 2012 so can make my surgery date soon (just dealing with some other health issues first) I will be following your progress eagerly as Ill only be a few paces behind!! The past year I have struggled with the idea as well, and also tried to give myself another shot at losing it myself, the result was a good 10kg gain So I think it is definitely time!! Good luck with it, Ill be here reading eagerly
  2. Seven

    A little bit disheartened

    Medibank, basic hospital (no extras) I chose $500 excess, costs about $700 a year, Have had to wait the 12 months, have 2 months left till I can have surgery. All up I should be out of pocket about $2,500(that with the excess, anaesthetist fee, surgery, and all the other bits and pieces) The past 10 months have actually gone really fast, so although it is hard to see it now, by the time your cover does kick in you will hardly remember the wait! Good luck with it all and just think what's 12 months in the grand scheme of things aye?!
  3. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    !!!!Good luck Tuffy!!!!
  4. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    I think the pregnancy really brought it all out for me, as they test you when you are pregnant because it can effect bub as well as yourself .... and like I said all my prior tests came back fine. But also I think I have been suffering slightly my whole life from it. Also I read a lot of peoples stories where initial tests didn't show any signs etc only for it to all pop later, so you never know if its not showing up it might still be effecting you some way. But I was thinking today, wondering if anything in the past 3 weeks changed, as this is when my symptoms hit worrying heights and caused me to talk to my GP, and I realised that this is exactly the time I found my miracle breakfast!! I hate breakfast, it usually just makes me sick to eat it...but then I get silly hungry just before lunch time and my moods go mental and I start demanding ALL THE MACCAS!!! Well then I found 'up&go' !!! Perfect something cold I could skull down in 10 seconds and it would see me through happily (better yet I could have it on the run) well realising that my symptoms worsened the same time as I found 'up&go' I thought I might have a look into it (I only realised the connection after sipping on one this morning) - Turns out up&go are actually soy protein based, soy protein attacks the thyroid, and this is a big problem for people who are iodine deficient..(Iodine deficiency is very strong in TAS)... Well I actually hadn't had any up&go's in the fridge for the past few days as we had ran out, we only restocked yesterday... first one in a few days today and guess what? I am feeling all those horrible symptoms ten fold today...the past couple of days they had been there but nothing like how they kicked in today, typing right now is a struggle, like I have weights attached to my fingers and arms, I have been jumping up from cramps all day, I just want to pass out....the list goes on. I guess I wrote this here to make others aware that Soy proteins can do serious damage to your thyroid, and to be wary of the miraculous breakkie that is up&go Seriously I am so sads I can't have these any more... I need a non-soy alternative stat!!!
  5. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    It really is hard to keep up with all these posts, but really great to know you are all in the same state, using the same hospitals, Dr's etc. I have hit a cross roads it seems, I had my blood work done yesterday - got a phone call as 7am this morning from GP assist telling me to go to my GP asap as my results were showing very low thyroid function (SO not expected) I had never really looked into it before but I had been tested in the past and given the all clear, but 6 months post baby it seems my thyroid has gone to shit! I got in to see my GP and was sent for more blood results to get some clearer understanding of where I am and how we are going to tackle this! (still in shock from all this) - So I go back wednesday to see my Dr to find out more.....my consult with Tony is booked for Thursday, so I think for now I will be putting that on hold until I know exactly how I am physically! So, after looking in to HYPOthyroidism and am pleased to see how much of my everyday existence is actually a 'symptom' that can possibly be treated tired, lethargic,weight gain, inability to lose weight, aching all over, premature grey hair, lack of hair growth, hair loss, depression, coldness, numbness, poor circulation, moodiness, lack of interest in sex (Partner is pleased that this could be treated ) ..... along with a bunch of other symptoms... The Hypothyroidism has also resulted in High cholesterol, and possibly high blood sugar ... as well as a few other things I am being tested for. SO my Dr's are informing me my life should improve greatly with treatment which is just nice to hear....though I have read a lot about it and it seems the results vary, with some people becoming rapidly worse with treatment etc....so I am not letting my hopes build up too high just yet! Has anyone else here been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism? have any info for me? I understand that it can be caused due to an auto immune disorder... I am trying not to do my head in too much thinking about it right now, but today it seems my life just took a turn and I have entered a new path on my life journey, and though I basically have to wait and see where it leads, I just want to to KNOW!! Hopefully no matter what happens I will still be able to have the surgery next year, and the mix of surgery and med's will greatly improve my life!! sorry for all the jabber jabber, just needed to get it out to someone....
  6. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Hi Guys (Love this Tassie group btw) I went to see my GP today to get my referral for my appointment with my surgeon, and as my 'normal' guy was away I had to see someone new any way when I mentioned the surgery she expressed how in Aus, Tas especially, the band is looked upon as a very useful tool and aid in weight management, but she also mentioned she had been working in the uk where they tend to advise against it due to mortality rates, complications etc. I have spent a long time researching the band, I understand the risks and consider the risk of not having the surgery outweigh that of having it, especially as mortality rates are actually extremely low, and are related to the general procedure of surgery rather than the band itself. But I guess it was unexpected and for some reason scared me to not have that 'support' from my GP (iykiwim) but in saying all this, she never actually said she wouldn't give me the referral. I have been having some other health related issues which we have considered a more important focus, so we are having some bloods run and until we know the results from those we are putting the 'lapband' talk off as the results might ultimately effect me even being able to have the procedure at all But again, with all this said I haven't cancelled my app with Dr Tony for the end of next week yet, as if the bloods are ok then I will get my referral and be moving along as planned! *fingers crossed* Sorry for the many words, I just mainly wanted to get it all out How did you guys cope with that niggling knowledge that there is a chance you might not wake up from the op?? With two kiddies at home I know its something I am thinking about, and its definitely on my partners mind. I know I can't really dwell on it too much, as not having it could easily take me from them any way. Stoopid Dr's and their scare tactics Haymaddi - I can relate to the tired and out of control feeling so well, mine resulted in a whole pizza and half a 1.25lt Coke last night, and only my parter stopped me order another pizza.... I felt horrible after, but I knew I was out of control prior but I really struggled to bring myself around...and ultimately I failed big time. I look forward to the band just preventing that extreme behaviour as its always a slippery slope for me after a blow out!! Congrats on moving on from it and getting back on track - and for confessing, its hard to do!! Now for something completely new.... has anyone here used the implanon/nexplanon?? how have you found it? if not, what do you guys do for Contraception? I am nearly 6 months post baby and really don't want to have another any time soon, the pill doesn't appeal as I am terrible at remembering to take it, and well condoms ruin the whole experience (IMO).... I thought about the IUD, but the idea of it puncturing my womb kind of scares me
  7. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Ooo is it a secret group? I'd love to join!
  8. Seven

    One week post op

    Hi Penny! Welcome and Congrat's on the 4.5kg loss! Glad to hear you are recovering well. I am yet to be banded and can't wait to be sharing losses with other bandits. I am so excited to see the Tassie crew growing on here as well! Look forward to watching your progress!
  9. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    I have an appointment for my consult with Tony! (Still early days I know) - 10th November!!! If all goes well I should be able to kick off my new life around February (Insurance kicks in) I too would love to get together with you ladies, even though I would most likely not be a bandit by then! I have Facebook, but also don't plan on telling everyone. Certainly Family members wouldn't be the best support, as well as other people with their other opinions! Hope you are all going well on your banding adventure!!!
  10. Hey Hope everything is still going well for you post op! :D

  11. Hi all, So Who did you go with for your surgery? Why did you chose them? How have you found their after care, manner etc? What was expected of you prior to surgery? (Opti-fast etc) What was expected after surgery? e.g. How long was the liquid stage? Have you had any complications? Any other information you could share? Thanks
  12. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Tuffy - Exactly, I am sick of trying everything only to find all I have really lost is Money!... and eventually I just gain more weight. Also, I used to live in Bellerive, have moved now, but it was great for the beaches you have Bellerive beach and Howrah beach joined by a beautiful little bush/coast track I used to walk that every day, and it is absolutely beautiful in the warmer months. Oh and last summer we saw so many Dolphins playing in the bay Having places like that close by makes getting out for walks sooooo much easier it was more of a treat!! haha fancy that! Plus they are both Dog friendly beaches so if you do get a dog you'll have a great time watching them make friends!! They also run the Dog school in Bellerive, $2 a lesson which is great! Good luck all, hope you are all travelling well
  13. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Thanks Tuffy and Haymaddi for replying. If circumstances had of allowed I too would of just self funded and jumped on the operating table (very keen) but as it was I was pregnant and also I just don't have those kind of funds. But being pregnant certainly made the 12 month wait go a lot faster, which has been nice and now I am only a few months away from finally being able to have it done! I'll make my app with Tony soon, so hopefully I can get s better Idea of the costs Bet you can't wait for the 7th Tuffy! Just having that date must be pretty exciting!! - I might have to treat myself to a treadmill as well...or at least try and convince my other half I deserve one Welcome Katherine! Congrats on such great results, that certainly is inspiring!! Every summer I tell myself I will not put myself through another one of being so over weight, and then the next summer rolls around and I am heavier than the previous. Well this summer I will be my heaviest through it, but next summer I will finally full-fill that promise to myself! Might even be able wear bathers rather than some old shorts and a t-shirt!! So great to see the Tassie crew growing on here!!!
  14. Seven

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Just wanted to jump in and say Hi! I am hoping to get banded early next year, waiting for health cover to kick in mainly. I am thinking Dr Tony as I have heard only good things! Can anyone answer a few questions for me? Like how much were your Anaesthetist fee's? What were your costs all up, I have private cover, so just wanted to get a general idea. Also can any one tell me what happens if we have a problem with the band that requires surgery ... will we have to pay all the same costs again? if we need a new band are covered completely or will we have start all over again (cost wise) Sorry for all the questions, My initial app wont be till January so just hoping to work out some sums now Cheers
  15. Seven

    Dont you feel horrible??

    Its great to read everyones responses and to know I am not alone in my thoughts. So though I might be getting ahead of myself here is anyone able to tell me what happens once the excess weight is gone? If one of the reasons we are able eat so little is because we are living off our energy/fat stores... what is needed once we have used them up? do we need to loosen the band to eat more, most likely resulting in weight gain, or does it just even out and work some how? Thanks everyone!