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  1. aussiebro

    Overseas Sleeve Surgery

    Thanks Carly 0898 I might try giving them a call, (I was pretty pissed off when I found out as well, I'd been in numerous times to check I had the right cover, and they never said I needed to change. Good to hear a positive review about someone's health fund!
  2. aussiebro

    Overseas Sleeve Surgery

    Hey Jemabell - not a silly question at all! We've been with BUPA for about 10 years, but they won't pay unless we change our cover and wait another 12 months. Which I really don't want to do. Which is why we are thinking of having it done overseas. Hi Carly0898 - have you changed funds? Which fund are you with? Not sure if it's an option but it might be?
  3. aussiebro

    Last Day of Work - Surgery on Monday (13/3/17)

    How are you going now? Did you need to contact the surgeon?
  4. aussiebro

    Overseas Sleeve Surgery

    Has anyone gone overseas for their surgery? I'm considering it, just found out my PHI doesn't cover it, and don't want to change providers and have to wait the 12 months. Just wondering how it went and which: companycountryhospitaldoctorAny help would be appreciated.