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  1. CarolC

    2 more sleeps!

    I am excited for you and I hope that cold is gone in time for surgery!
  2. CarolC

    The final countdown

    Wow how exciting for you. Sounds like you are well organised. How are are you expected to stay in hospital?
  3. CarolC

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    I had my phone consult with Dr Sartoretto, it was a good consult I thought. He asked a lot of questions based on my personal/history, allowed plenty of time for me to ask my questions. I like his approach to weight/fat loss with the focus more on body fat percentage / body composition than scale weight. Dr Sartoretto has done approx 160 ESG which is quite a good number given its a relatively new procedure in Australia. While I had already done a range of blood tests, I now have a referral for a breath test and oral glucose test. I was pleased to see that there wasn't a change in the budget with regards to early release of super for WLS (unless its still hidden in the fine print somewhere).
  4. CarolC

    2 days post Op - issues

    Hi, I'm pretty new myself around here, sorry I can't help with your query, but hopefully some members who have had a sleeve can share their experiences with you. Hope you are feeling much better soon.
  5. CarolC

    Senior wanting best sleeve surgeon Tas /Vic?

    Hi Bunny, are you in the North, South or elsewhere in Tassie? Unfortunately we don't have a lot of options in Tassie. Issue we have in Tassie is the lack of procedures they may do compared to surgeons on the mainland this impacts experience, ability to deal with after service, ability to deal with complications etc etc. There aren't too many surgeons in Tasmania who do the sleeve. Some years ago when I was first thinking about options for weight loss, there were only two clinics that did banding and none in Launceston, there is one in Launceston now. I never went through with the band, and have recently started looking at options again. As far as I can tell there are two clinics that do the sleeve, one of their websites seems unavailable so can't verify what they do and don't do. The other I wasn't impressed with when I was looking into the bands. There is one surgeon in Launceston that does the sleeve. Hopefully if there any other Taswegians here with more information that they will post. They may know of other surgeons/clinics that I am not aware of. I have now decided on the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and will likely go to NSW for that. ESG is similar to the sleeve operation you are considering but is done endoscopically and part of the stomach is overstitched not surgically removed. It is described as being non-surgical / minimally-invasive If for any reason I wasn't a good candidate for an ESG, I would consider the surgical option but don't know if I would actually proceed, but I would definitely go to a surgeon in NSW or Victoria who had done at least 300 of the procedures if I did proceed. There is a USA surgeon who says he wasn't fully experienced until he had done at least 250 procedures so that's my benchmark.
  6. CarolC

    Scale and non scale wish list

    I am looking forward to buying clothes that will actually fit better, clothes that aren't too big in the shoulders or too long in the arms or legs because I have to buy a size 18/20 but am about 5ft tall. I will be happy to fit into petite clothing sizes again. I am happy that I will be improving my health, I want to be an active and well, I want to be able to walk up steps without gasping.
  7. CarolC

    Assistance with Accessing Super - Info

    Wow, and couple that with the tax needing to be paid on the withdrawal, the withdrawn funds are dwindling quickly...
  8. CarolC

    I'm booked

    That's great, about five weeks out - that time will go quickly.
  9. CarolC

    Surgeon Anthony Clough - Melb

    I haven't had any surgery with Anthony Clough, but I did a search here and if the link below works, you will find a list of posts with his name in them, hopefully you can get some useful info from them: http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/search/?q=clough
  10. CarolC

    It happened!

    That's not long at all, well done! I hope I can get my appointment and things together before the recommendations of the govt review for early release of super are out!
  11. CarolC

    It happened!

    That's great news! How long did you have to wait until you had a response from them? May will be here before you know it...
  12. CarolC

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    Just wondering if any past ESGers have update on how they are going? I went to my doctor today for a referral. I decided on Dr Adrian Sartoretto of the BMI Clinic, fingers crossed I am a good candidate for the ESG. I like the non-surgery aspect of it.
  13. CarolC

    Today is the day!

    I am just wondering about the bowel movement...if you are just on fluids with no fibre at all, are you likely to have a bowel movement?
  14. CarolC

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    I am in the same boat, I had done some research and was just getting ready for a referral when I found out that ESGs were not covered by medicare and never were. Surgeons were using a code for sleeves but that particularly sleeve (ESG) isn't covered. I was hoping that surgeons were lobbying for it to be covered by medicare. I am now looking at either using super (if I can get in before the rules change as the govt is currently reviewing early release of super for bariatic surgery) or using MiFund. One of the clinics I am looking at using MiFund and it looks a lot cheaper than a loan. I will use super if I go to the clinic that doesn't use MiFund.