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  1. Hi, I've had a weight problem since forever, at least my teens, no earlier. I'm now 54. I've decided to get the 'sleeve' process done and I've had an initial consultation (4weeks ago) and been assessed as suitable (172kgs, bmi 55) and see the specialist at the end of May. The GP, who did the assessment said I should lose at least 10kgs before the operation. I'm going with 2 replacement meals and dinner and not finding it too hard (lost nearly 8kgs). I think that is mainly because I want the operation to go ahead and be a success. Support in my family is a bit mixed, mum's onside now she's read all the information from the specialist, one sister very positive and one not so much. Talking about food, emotional eating, pain in my knees and ankles due to long term obesity and all seems very hard but healthier than maintaining a 'cone of silence'. I'm glad and grateful there is this support site. I appreciate reading other people's stories at different places in their journey.
  2. Ruth

    Newbie here - extremely nervous.

    I hope your surgery went well. I'm nervous too and don't have a date for my surgery yet.