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  1. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Sydneysiders, I need your advice.   

    I am in Sydney, and was sleeved through the OClinic, with Dr LaPage. And I had the surgery done at Concord Hospital too, like Bina. 
    My PHI didn’t cover WLS so I did the Concord Hospital plan, because I had enough health issues to allow me to go through the public system. I paid the OClinic fees outright, and had a couple of other payments to make but it wasn’t much more than what the excess would have to have been if I’d gone through PHI. It ended up costing ~$7,000. I made the decision in January and it took a couple of weeks to get my hospital date, which was in May, so all up it didn’t take too long to wait ... well, it was quicker than waiting 12 months for the PHI to take effect. 
    Concord Hospital was very good! I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the SAN hospital over the last 20 years (thanks to an MRSA bug I got while giving birth there!) and found the staff at Concord to be friendlier and more accomodating than at the SAN. The rooms aren’t lavish, and I had to share a room, but it’s a hospital - and it’s not like I could eat anything either. haha 
    Anyway, it was the best thing I ever did! I haven’t lost as much weight as many people here, but am very happy with how it’s all going. If you have any questions, feel free to IM me. Good luck
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  2. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Tomorrow is the day....   

    All the best!! 
    Its a a bit of a roller coaster the first few weeks, but just remember that while it will feel endless at the time, it’s such a short blip of time in the context of your whole life. Hang in there, and much like having a newborn - it definitely gets better, and easier. Please pop back in here because no matter your question or issue, there will be someone around who will have gone through it, or knows someone who went through it. 
    Take care! 
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  3. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    I take an SSRI which is an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication but discovered that I couldn’t take it in capsule form for the first couple of weeks after surgery. So I went to my GP to get something else to take instead as, I’m sure you know, you can’t jut stop taking them ... and I’d had previous bad experiences with missing just a couple of days of meds, as well.
    Anyway, the GP gave me a different antidepressant that I could grind down but it didn’t include anti-anxiety properties and after 2 days I was having anxiety attacks constantly. I was really upset and disappointed at the GP as well (and have since changed doctor’s). My husband got online and discovered that I could open the capsule my “normal” med comes in, and take the granules in liquid instead. Crisis averted, and within about 4-5 weeks I was back to taking the capsule as normal.
    I hope my experience helps you figure this stuff out prior to a week or so before surgery, as one good friend said “the last thing you should do when doing something that causes anxiety, is stop taking anti-anxiety medication”! Doh! 
    All the best to Queenie and Katie! It’s certainly the best thing I have done for myself. 
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  4. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Me too, with the tailbone pain! I haven’t lost nearly as much weight as you guys, congrats all around!, but I find if I sit for extended periods of time at work, my bum is so sore. I have a desk bound job, so it’s not ideal but I try to move around every hour at least, which is kind of good practice anyway. 
    I’m sure greater weight loss leads to more pain, so I’m interested to see if the cushion helps as it might be a good investment for work.
    Gemma, thank you for your updates. I’ve loved reading about your success, and your pics on the precious page are amazing!! 
    For the record, I’ve lost 32kg since sleeve surgery in May 2017, and at 50 and with the “worlds slowest metabolism” (direct quote from family doctor) I am very happy and more than half way to goal. 
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  5. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Date Set Extremely Anxious and Scared   

    Welcome LouisA! 
    I was sleeved in May 2017, and while I was also very anxious about the surgery as well as what life afterwards would be like, this has been the best thing I’ve done for myself ever! Try to settle your anxiety without eating (lol) and take one day at a time. Or try some online guided meditation or mindfulness? 
    If, however, you feel like anxious because you *don’t* want to do this, then don’t. You need to be 100% sure that this is the right thing for you as it’s no quick or easy fix. It takes a lot of effort and courage to do this. 
    Good luck! 
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  6. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Changing Taste Buds?   

    I was sleeved just under 6 months ago, and have found my preferences and tastes have changed in this relatively short time. I rarely ate fish or seafood prior to the sleeve; even fried fish and chips wasn’t appealing pre-sleeve but I eat fish every single day now, and really enjoy it.
    I eat tuna or smoked trout for lunch most days, and last night had white fish marinated in miso paste, then lightly pan-fried for dinner. Even when I eat out, I will choose fish over meat dishes. I found fairly early on that red meat especially beef doesn’t sit well in my tummy. Even mince is too heavy for me now. 
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  7. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Sleepless in SA   

    I'm 11 weeks out, and I know people say this all.the.time but it really does get better! I couldn't stomach Optifast so bought Nature's Way protein powder (non-flavoured) and would add it to V8 veggie juice or V8 fruit juice. It's still not great tasting but at least you don't get the horrible chemical aftertaste that Optifast leaves you with. 
    No.2s took a while to get going, partly because you're just not taking in much to dispose of, but I ended up buying prune juice, and after two doses I was back on track. Now I'm on solids, I keep a bag of prunes in the fridge (because I like them, and miss eating dried fruit) and have a couple every few days to keep things moving. 
    I'm not worrying about skin sagging so am no help there, sorry. For the record, I started at 144.4kg prior to the two-week Optifast fast, and am down to 123kgs as of today. I'm 50, and have/had the worlds slowest metabolism ever, so will happily take whatever weight loss I get. 
    All the best to you in your journey. 
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  8. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: stalled?   

    It's completely normal but I totally understand how you're feeling. I was sleeved on 10 May and experienced the stall a couple of weeks ago. Plus I was a bit constipated too, which didn't help. The scale didn't change for probably 2 weeks, and I was freaking out, but it's over and I'm back to losing.
    if it's any help, I stalled between my 2 week checkup and my 6 week checkup, and when I went to the clinic for the 6 week checkup, I had only lost 3 kilos in the intervening 4 weeks. I was upset and felt that the clinic would be disappointed in me too, but they were so reassuring and told me that I'm right on track, etc. that it was really nice to hear. And since then the scale has started to move again - and in the right direction. 
    The stall will end, just hang in there. 
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  9. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: One goal down one to go   

    Well done @BackOnTrack! Your progress is amazing - even more so because I too am part of the 144.4 club, as that was my weight the day I started the pre-op Optifast process. 
    If I get anywhere near your results, I'll be ecstatic. Thank you very much for sharing.  
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  10. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: 2 Years On   

    Thank you @youngbelle, your post has been just what I need to read tonight.
    I was sleeved 3 weeks ago and started out at 144kg, so reading about your success is really nice. for the most part things have gone well, however I was off work today because I'm quite constipated and as a result have been feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have so far lost 14kg (incl 2 weeks Optifast) and my weight hasn't changed in a week, no doubt due in part to bring bunged up, but I know that will change once things are moving again. 
    Cingratulations to you, and thanks for your entry.  
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  11. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: 12 month sleeve anniversary   

    Congratulations @Millymollymandy!
    That's an awesome achievement. Well done - you are an inspiration to us newbie sleevers. 
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  12. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: One week to go   

    So sorry to hear this @tuppence. I wish you all the best in your recovery and a speedy return to home. 
    I, too, was over the fluid stage very quickly but the good news is that it's only two weeks and then the next stage begins. It's ok to feel frustrated and not very enthusiastic about drinking stock cubes in water (lol). If it helps, maybe create a countdown calendar so you can cross off each day until the end of the phase? 
    Take care.
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  13. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: First hick up since sleeve   

    Firstly, congrats on the 40.2 weight loss! That's amazing.
    Now, you poor thing! It sounds like yesterday was a horrible day all up. With not being able to swallow or keep down cough medicine - I'd go to a chemist that you know/like and talk to the pharmacist. There are tons of products out there, and they may be able to recommend something that will sit better in your tummy, or cough drops/lollies or even a puffer.
    Also, try sleeping with your head a bit more elevated, so one or more pillows than you normally have. That might help with the coughing. 
    I hope today and tonight are much better! 
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  14. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Sleeved at Concord (NSW) 10 May   

    Haha! The gurgling is something else! I experienced it a bit on the Optisfast, so it wasn't a complete surprise, but I think of it as my tummy's way of letting me know that it's adjusting to the new life and everything is fine.
    How are you going on the liquids? While I was ok on Optifast pre-surgery, since coming home and only being able to sip, I did struggle with 3 Optisfasts a day, but the dietician recommended a protein powder which I put it in with V8 juice, and it all went down fine. Now I don't mind having an Optifast for brekky, and then the protein powder for other meals. Plus I'm lucky in that I seem to be hitting my target of liquid, too.
    Not that it's all sunshine and unicorns ... I did get a bit backed up down below, which caused a bit of bother, but I tried to relax myself through it, and managed to get that under control again too. 
    All the best to you, and all the others about to embark of this new stage of life. 
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  15. BusyLizzie added a post in a topic: Sleeved at Concord (NSW) 10 May   

    Thank you very much @Hopeful015 and @All4theBetter for the encouraging words. I'm home now, so all is well with the world. 
    I'm sip sip sipping, and settling in to the routine at home. 
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