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  1. Laggy added a post in a topic: Nearly there...   

    One thing I tried which was a welcome change from stir fried vegies, is Cauliflour Rice.
    I used a whole head of cauliflour grated up with a little oil and spread it out on a tray in the oven and baked it for about 15 minutes.
    I then made fried rice out of it.  Instead of using real rice.  It was extremely nice and a welcome change from soups and things. 
    Keep up the good work. you will be post operation sooner than you think
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  2. Laggy added a post in a topic: Abdominal pain   

    NewleaseonlifeWA please call your doctor, best to be safe.
    MissAsh, I am sorry to hear you are in hospital, I am sure they will get you sorted out nice and quickly.  
    Take care
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  3. Laggy added a post in a topic: Nearly there...   

    Hey Larnie16, 
    I stir fried the vegies, I made vegie soup, I cut up asparagus and stir fried them on their own with a little soy sauce.  I made curried vegies. I even made vegetable soup half puree'd and half left chunky which was very nice.  It is hard and by the end of 2 weeks I was so glad to not have to do it anymore.  
    I had my surgery 4 weeks ago, starting weight of 168kg now down to 150kgs.  I'm 52 and like you was suffering from back pain and joint pain.  I can tell you now it has been well worth it, I am already feeling much better moving around.  I am not focusing on the end goal at this time.  I am working toward better health, lowering my blood pressure, no longer being pre-diabetic, able to stand for as long as I want to.  Improving or even getting rid of my sleep apnea.  For me the end goal is so far away.  But I already see improvements in my back pain and asthma. 
    So keep at it, you will start to see results really quickly.  Plus you have the liquids phase to do next.  Miso Soup, V8 juice, Broth, Yum Yum 

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  4. Laggy added a post in a topic: Scared and sleepless   

    Hey MissAsh, I had my surgery 2 weeks ago today.  I was very scared too, I weighed in on the day of  surgery at 161kgs.  So my BMI is over 60.  I asked the surgeon how they would deal with someone of my weight because I was also scared of dying on the table.  He told me that they are used to dealing with people of my weight and even higher.  They do extensive medical tests to ensure you are fit enough for the surgery.  Don't forget that any weight you lose beforehand also helps improve your readiness to have surgery.  I was very anxious when I went into the theater but they are so reassuring.  I had a night in ICU to ensure that there were no issues due to my weight and lack of fitness.  Yes I am very very unfit too.  Once you are under they are ready for any contingency and have everything there at hand to help you if needed.  It is like one minute you are awake, then you are asleep and a minute later you are awake again.  I know it is hard, but the best thing is to try to relax because you will wake up more relaxed when it is over.  I like to listen to music.  I find that helps me a huge amount.  I have some good songs if you are interested.  Assuming you like Heavy metal
    My best suggestion would be to make sure you are completely honest about all your medications and physical well being when discussing your surgery and filling out the forms.  That way there are no surprises for them.
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  5. Laggy added a post in a topic: 168kgs and Counting Down   

    Sunday 2nd July, 2017 - Tomorrow is my two week anniversary since surgery.  I had my visit at the surgeons office on Thursday and all is going fine.  They even said I could start to try some Puree'd food.  Woo hoo.  Unfortunately since then I have started to feel nauseous and so am kind of struggling to get enough liquid in at all.   Scales said I am down to 153.1 this morning.  I need to eat more protein.  Also feeling very tired at the moment.  I still think this is the right decision for me, but I am feeling a bit down at the moment, probably because of the nausea and tiredness.  Lucky I am off work for a few more weeks yet.     They tell you 1-2 weeks off work but honestly I am 52 and this surgery did knock me about quite  a bit.  Plus side, I am starting to feel the effects of the weightloss even if you can't see them yet.  I am finding my back is not so sore and it is easier to stand for some length of time.  So I know I am doing the best thing for my health.  

    PS the Humungous Boobies have not changed at all DRAT!
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  6. Laggy added a post in a topic: 168kgs and Counting Down   

    I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow for my first post operation appointment.  The Dressing are coming off YAAAAAAY.  Also looking forward to the Puree faze hopefully starting Monday.  Ima gonna puree up my husbands savoury mince if he isn't careful!  Anyway doing good so far.  Got on the Scales this morning and am down to 155.2kgs.  Hope you are all doing well.  Thanks for your comments
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  7. Laggy added a post in a topic: 168kgs and Counting Down   

    Hahahaha Devils Marbles! such an accurate description.  Thanks Ironman, I can see you are going awesome too.  Let us know how you go on your 4 week mark.   I haven't regretted it yet, but I am finding wanting food difficult.  So far so good.  I am looking forward to some scrambled egg
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  8. Laggy added a post in a topic: Sleevers July 2017   

    I had mine done on 19th June, so a bit earlier.  but happy to chat if you want
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  9. Laggy added a post in a topic: 168kgs and Counting Down   

    It has been nearly 5 weeks since I met my Surgeon.  3 weeks since I started Optifast and 5 days since my surgery.  I Started at 168kgs and on the day of surgery I was 161kgs.  Today I am 157kgs.  To say it has been easy is silly.  I hate Optigag and I really want to chew on a chop.  But I am seeing a difference already in my face and that is what is keeping me on track.  Yesterday was a hard day.  I drank too much and was very uncomfortable.  I am struggling to get the liquid required but am persevering.  It is hard work though.  Last night I dreamt about making hamburgers and the night before I dreamt about eating tacos.  Everything on TV has food in it.   Whilst I don't feel hungry, I am wanting to eat tasty food.  Liquids are hard work.  Don't let anyone tell you its easy.I got some Miso soup yesterday and that was a welcome change.  Now for the icky stuff.  5 days without a poop.  Not that i needed one, but I am a regular 2 times a day gal.  So glad that resolved itself this morning.  My stomach itches like crazy so I think I have an allergy to the dressings from the surgery.  Sorbeline helps a little.  I havent' warn a bra since surgery because one incision is right where the bra would sit.  That means no going out for me as I have gnormous horriblous boobious a condition no one wants to be afflicted with.  Other than that I am doing good and am happy with my weightloss so far.
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  10. Laggy added a post in a topic: One Advantage to Gastric Sleeve   

    You don't have to get up at 4am every morning to Pee 
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  11. Laggy added a post in a topic: Tips for faster weight loss!   

    That's a pretty incredible weightloss, well done.  I wouldn't go too fast because you skin needs to keep up with you as much as possible.  I am no expert but your health is important.  You are doing incredible well.  
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  12. Laggy added a post in a topic: Surgery Tomorrow - Scared   

    Thanks everyone, finally at home.  feeling pretty sore at the moment.  MissAsh, I was put into ICU for a night to monitor, I think cause the doctor was worried about my BMI as well as age and lack of general fitness. He just wanted to be sure.  Anyway, the hospital was great, as were the staff there.  Cant fault them at all.  Now have to get used to my new stomach.  
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  13. Laggy added a post in a topic: Surgery Tomorrow - Scared   

    Hi everyone, spent a busy night in ICU, and now in my room.  Pretty sore, but doing ok.  Had a panic attack when i woke up from the surgery but is all calm now.  Having some lemon cordial . Have only pee'd once.  Working on that lo  thanks for the support
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  14. Laggy added a post in a topic: Surgery Tomorrow - Scared   

    I never get to count lol.  Thanks Miss Ash.  I will update everyone when I can. 
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  15. Laggy added a post in a topic: Surgery Tomorrow - Scared   

    Thanks guys,  I packed a nice big wrap to keep warm because I figured I would have a drip in so I don't need to worry about sleeves. I really appreciate your words
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