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  1. Laggy added a post in a topic: The 1st week   

    You should try blitzed up lasagne, god that was good when I had that as one of my  puree meals lol
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  2. Laggy added a post in a topic: Sleeve Scars   

    I have 5 holes, scars.  the biggest is on my right side which is about 5cms long. The one just under my breasts in the middle is almost completely invisible  The are very thin lines, still bright purple, but I was done in June.  If it is anything like my thyroidectomy the scars will turn white between 6 months to a year.  I was thinking of getting a tattoo round the biggest one
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  3. Laggy added a post in a topic: Operation this week   

    Hi Fi, I had my gastric sleeve in June this year and am now 40kgs down.  It was scary going through the operation and preparing all the things I needed for when I came home.  But it was over so fast and only 2 days in hospital I didn't really have time to be scared in the end.  An aunt of mine once said to me after she had major surgery, "you are asleep for it all so you aren't going to feel anything".    All I can say is ask all the questions you can, even the ones you think are silly, get your broth and soups ready and frozen so when you come out of hospital there is nothing for you to do except microwave it.  Buy some Miso soup packets because it is nice to have a different flavour and get your washing and cleaning done so there is nothing you need to worry about.  
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  4. Laggy added a post in a topic: The 1st week   

    Great to hear you are doing so well.  But do take care, you have internal stitches and you don't want to give yourself a hernia after the surgery.  I am now 4 months post op and I can drink mouthfuls of water, but I have learned my limit.  I used to be able to skull a whole bottle of water but those days are long gone.  I particularly dislike not being able to have a sip of something while I am eating.  But you just have to take time and see what feels comfortable.  Right now you stomach is healing and so take it easy on it.   I also slept with a pillow propped up next to my stomach and it was some time before I could sleep on my belly like I prefer.  Even lying on my side was hard work for a few weeks.  But it goes by really fast.  You will see
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  5. Laggy added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Well done Hulk.  You are so brave to go back after the first time.  I am so glad you came through well.  As Denzel said, just take care of yourself, follow the doctor's instructions and don't worry about the weightloss.  Before you know it you will be a new you
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  6. Laggy added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    All the best Hulk, I am sure everything will go smoothly and you are gonna be home in no time sipping liquids for the next couple of weeks..... Oh the Joy!
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  7. Laggy added a post in a topic: Optifast!   

    My pre op diet was 2 weeks of: Optifast 3 times a day.
    I was also allowed to eat from approved vegetables. Celery, Capsicum, lettuce, tomato, garlic, mushrooms all low calorie healthy veg. No potato or peas etc.  up to 6 cups a day.I was also told to have 1 teaspoon per day of oil to help prevent issues with gallbladder as such a low fat diet can cause problems.On top of that I was also allowed to have Lite Jelly as a treat if I was still hungryI could not have meat, fish, eggs or anything other than stated above.I lost 9 kilos in 2 weeks before surgeryHope that is clear
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  8. Laggy added a post in a topic: Optifast!   

    I found it was good to change between the Optifast soup, bars and shakes.  I also made cauliflower rice and turned it into fried rice with vegies and a little soy sauce.  I used my 1 teaspoon of oil per day so I could do that.  Or made stir fry vegies.  Roasted tomatoes with garlic.  fresh Asparagus.  Lots of different things with vegies..  I was also allowed Jelly.
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  9. Laggy added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    I am so glad you are ok and yes enjoy the steak.  What did you think of Game of Thrones?  I was cheering for the Dragon ;D
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  10. Laggy added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    No worries matey
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  11. Laggy added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    OMG I am so sorry to hear this.   The must have dealt with it quickly, so glad you are ok.  How long are you going to be in hospital?  
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  12. Laggy added a post in a topic: 4 days post op   

    Congratulations Larnie, you sound like you are well on track and doing good.  You will improve every day and feel great pretty soon.
    Working Mum and Hulk I wish you both all the best for your surgery.  It's scary, and stressful, but they are so professional and handle everything very smoothly.   You guys will be out the other side in no time.  
    Don't forget to let us know how you are doing.
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  13. Laggy added a post in a topic: 6 days til Surgery   

    Hey Iron Man, you could be Iron Man 2 like the movies lol.  But anyway, good on you for taking this step, I am sure you are going to do great.  It's a long road but you have already done amazing with weight loss and your preparations so I know you are on the right path to be successful.
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  14. Laggy added a post in a topic: Pre-Op diet question   

    I did 2 weeks pre op diet, 3 optifast meals per day (Bar, shake or soup).  Plus 2-8 cups of the approved vegetables either stirfried, cooked, or as a salad.  I was also told to use a teaspoon of oil per day to avoid gallbladder issues.  I could have some soy sauce on my vegies, or I could have balsamic vinegar on my salad.  On top of that I could also have Lite Jelly.  I lost 8kg in 2 weeks following that diet.  Plus a minimum of 2 litres of water a day
    Hope that is helpful.  Good luck with everything
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  15. Laggy added a post in a topic: Nearly there...   

    One thing I tried which was a welcome change from stir fried vegies, is Cauliflour Rice.
    I used a whole head of cauliflour grated up with a little oil and spread it out on a tray in the oven and baked it for about 15 minutes.
    I then made fried rice out of it.  Instead of using real rice.  It was extremely nice and a welcome change from soups and things. 
    Keep up the good work. you will be post operation sooner than you think
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