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  1. Get the Complete Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery book and the portion plate and bowl. You can usually get these at the clinic or order online. Best of luck and remember, it's not a "never ever" food future but more "not too much, not too often" for some food.
  2. It's been a couple of years since I've been on this forum. After having my reconstructive plastic surgery in 2016 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and I took Lyrica which caused an 8kg weight gain in 6 weeks. I gained more weight during a really awful time in my life (DV, the death of my mother, breakdown in family relationships, financial difficulties). I then had terrible reflux caused by an incompetent lower oesophageal sphincter and hiatus hernia. I saw Assoc. Prof Michael Talbot in Sydney and this repaired in 2018. I weighed 101kgs, up from my lowest weight sleeved of 87kg. I lost 5kgs after the repair surgery, he told me to consider a duodenal switch to help me lose weight once and for all. I dismissed the idea, instead trying to lose weight utilising my sleeve diet and exercise. All attempts failed. I saw Dr Ken Loi at St George Private Hospital (a colleague of Talbot), he explained that my pylorus valve has weakened and my sleeve empties faster which explains my ability to eat more and get hungry quicker. He recommended the SADI procedure, it's less complicated/risky than the traditional DS, it seems to have the same results and avoids malnutrition and chronic bowel issues typical of the DS. I'm booked in for the surgery on 24 March. I'm not looking forward to the optishit diet (again), the gas pain (I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair, there's no give in my abdomen) and I'm hopeful that I can finally lose weight. Lap band 2010 (HW 125, LW 95-97kg,) Lap band removal 2013 Sleeve 2014 (SW 111, LW 87kg) Plastic surgery 2016 Hiatus hernia repair and fundoplication 2018
  3. kazbo

    Low cost Sleeve

    you could try the ACT Public system (it takes more than a year because you have to go through the obesity clinic first. If you do travle, Dr Talbot in Sydney is highly recommended.
  4. dont be scared of a bypass - it's often the best option for exbandits because of the reflux issue. I have chronic reflux - thankfully I just take a strong dose of Nexiium but I wish I didn't have to take the extra medication.
  5. Hi Bliss There is a recovery period following the sleeve - I found that eating 'hard to digest' food such as steak or coleslaw was quite painful for the first few months so it was trial and error. I have had absolutely no issues with regurgitation/blockages, etc like you get with the band simply because the sleeve works like a normal stomach, just on a smaller scale. You have the benefit of having been so long since your lap band removal that most surgeons would probably consider you to be similar to a virgin sleever and a lower risk of complications than most ex-bandits. GO YOU!
  6. kazbo

    band revision

    there is still a restriction from the band being in place - it takes time for the stomach to unpleat once the lap band is removed. I had band-like restriction for around 2 weeks before it started to settle down and feel less 'bandy'...I took the time to enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and chicken breast in that time - I had forgotten how much I enjoyed and missed them. Good luck - I hope it all goes well for you...you seriously will not know yourself once that lap band is gone!
  7. kazbo

    band revision

    I maintained my weight for the first 6 weeks before my weight started to creep up. I think I gained around 8kgs or so in the 17 weeks period between band removal and sleeving. It all came off during the optishit stage so no biggie. Weight loss has been slow and stopped after 5 months of being sleeved - bummer! I would encourage you to explore ALL your options (including bypass which seems to be more effective for ex-bandits). Many band-sleevers experience slow/poor weightloss results (as compared to virgin sleevers) and reflux is very common because the lap band has made the stomach lazy.
  8. kazbo


    you had stomach surgery, not brain surgery - our minds will inevitably work out ways to trip us up if we are not mindful. Sliders are the curse of the WLS patient. Yes we can all overeat if given the 'right' foods (usually sliders), enough time and the opportunity. Grazing is the 'best' way to do this
  9. kazbo

    Ups and downs (and ins and outs)

    aaaah fuck! Sorry to hear of your troubles...I wish you all the success in the world with your revision surgery
  10. Hey Shorty Yes I had the sleeve in March 2014. Should have had a bypass - weight loss stopped after 5 months and wouldn't budge past 87kgs. I have chronic reflux (treated with Nexium every day)...but hey, that's life! I'm making the best of it as I don't really want any more WLS (unless absolutely necessary)
  11. In March 2016, I had my reconstructive plastic surgery with Dr Vlad Milovic in Canberra. My procedure included a breast reduction, tummy tuck with muscle repair and lower body lift with purse string gluteoplasty - in that operation he removed 9 1/2 kgs of skin and tissue and over 1 1/2 litres of fat via liposuction. My procedure (including surgical fees, operation theatre fees for the cosmetic component, anaesthetist fees, pressure garments and special furniture/equipment hire) cost a smidge under $40,000. I paid for mine by refinancing my mortgage. The butt lift and back part of the body lift was the cosmetic component - everything done on my front was considered medically necessary and therefore attracted Medicare rebates (which meant that my PHI covered the theatre and hospital accommodation fees). Dr Vlad is considered to be one of the top 5 reconstructive plastic surgeons in Australia, he specialises in reconstruction following massive weight loss. He's not cheap but he's worth it! I would NEVER recommend going overseas for reconstructive plastic surgery - as massive weight loss patients, we are already high risk and need very specialised care and attention.
  12. kazbo

    Overweight and happy

    bloody brilliant!!
  13. kazbo

    Bad stories on the band???

    it's no secret the troubles I have had with my lap band - I won't bore you with the details as you can read them yourself. A good friend of mine had a lap band around 18 months before me. She had it fitted, she had 2-3 adjustments and she has lost 40kgs and maintained it. Her experience with the lap band is vastly different to mine, it was on the basis of her good results that I decided to get a lap band in the first place.
  14. kazbo

    Gastroscopy Result

    Like you, I have a relatively small amount of regained weight to lose (12kgs to get me to my lightest sleeved weight of 81kgs). But I am over weight loss!! I am fed up with dieting, monitoring intake, counting protein/calories/carbs/intake/output. I am finding it so hard to find that spark inside me to dig deep, suck it up and push through this and get on track. I have been on this whole 'health and lifestyle' challenge for 10 solid years now, it has been 7 years since my first WLS and I am sick and tired of the process. My get up and go has definitely got up and left!
  15. kazbo

    Scared and sleepless

    yes it's normal to feel anxious and scared. If you were a high risk for dying on the table, they wouldnt operate. I'm a band to sleever - it takes longer to recover, you have to be super careful to not overdo it but so long as you follow the surgeon's instructions and contact them if you have any concerns, you'll be just fine and wondering what all the fuss was a bout in a few weeks time. Take care and good luck