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  1. kazbo added a post in a topic: Overweight and happy   

    bloody brilliant!!
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  2. kazbo added a post in a topic: Bad stories on the band???   

    it's no secret the troubles I have had with my lap band - I won't bore you with the details as you can read them yourself.
    A good friend of mine had a lap band around 18 months before me. She had it fitted, she had 2-3 adjustments and she has lost 40kgs and maintained it. Her experience with the lap band is vastly different to mine, it was on the basis of her good results that I decided to get a lap band in the first place.
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  3. kazbo added a post in a topic: Gastroscopy Result   

    Like you, I have a relatively small amount of regained weight to lose (12kgs to get me to my lightest sleeved weight of 81kgs). But I am over weight loss!! I am fed up with dieting, monitoring intake, counting protein/calories/carbs/intake/output. I am finding it so hard to find that spark inside me to dig deep, suck it up and push through this and get on track.
    I have been on this whole 'health and lifestyle' challenge for 10 solid years now, it has been 7 years since my first WLS and I am sick and tired of the process.
    My get up and go has definitely got up and left!
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  4. kazbo added a post in a topic: Scared and sleepless   

    yes it's normal to feel anxious and scared.
    If you were a high risk for dying on the table, they wouldnt operate.
    I'm a band to sleever - it takes longer to recover, you have to be super careful to not overdo it but so long as you follow the surgeon's instructions and contact them if you have any concerns, you'll be just fine and wondering what all the fuss was a bout in a few weeks time.
    Take care and good luck
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  5. kazbo added a post in a topic: Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    @LIssySarah and @Melty - PLEASE lodge a complaint with AHPRA!!! it is only by people like you speaking up will this dangerous medical device be finally banned in this country!
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  6. kazbo added a post in a topic: Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    the long term issue that I have with my stomach is that the lap band made the top of the stomach lazy so the sphincter does not close properly/tightly. This means that if I eat or drink something, if I then lay down or bend over it literally falls out of my stomach. It also means that I have chronic reflux that will never, ever go away (unless I revise to a bypass with a minimiser ring). I take a Nexium tablet once a day to manage the reflux.
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  7. kazbo added a post in a topic: Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    Melty - I had my band of torture removed in November 2013. As soon as it was removed and I was allowed to drink, it was at that point that it really, truly hit home to me just how much stress and anxiety the band caused me when faced with swallowing anything. After around 6 weeks (and after my stomach unpleated), I could eat and drink absolutely anything (up until then, steak, salad and chicken breast hurt).
    After my lap band was removed, I binge ate to make p for lost time on salad, sandwiches, yoghurt, FRESH FRUIT - OMG! it was BLISS to be able to eat food without having to add lashings of gravy or sauces, or to cook it until soft.
    I still have disordered eating, mainly around the fear of hunger and I still associate hunger pangs with an emergency.
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  8. kazbo added a post in a topic: Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    LissySarah - dear lord! my heart goes out for you!
    Surely there MUST be a way for you to have yours removed in the public system on emergency grounds?? this is no way to 'live'!
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  9. kazbo added a post in a topic: Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    sadly - tales similar to mine (and far, far worse) are becoming more and more common now that lap bands have been around for some time.
    The long term risks of having a device installed (and rubbing against a sensitive organ such as the stomach) will only see an increase in the number of patients who suffer from erosion and other complicatiions.
    Sadly, the lap band was offered as a low-risk solution that is adjustable and reversable - what NO ONE ever tells you is that whilst the lap band can be removed, the damage it causes the person (scarring, adhesions, chronic reflux, eating disorders) is incredibly debilitating.
    I am glad for those who have a lap band with no issues - it is a sad truth that those who experience success and no complications are very, very minimal.
    For the majority who do have problems then they MUST speak up! for the majority this is a dangerous medical device that mutilates bodies and destroys lives.
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  10. kazbo added a post in a topic: Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    I have just received the report from my complaint to AHPRA regarding the mutilation and misery my lap band has caused me.
    In short - it mutilated my body, destroyed my life, disordered my eating, increased my depression and anxiety and was the biggest bad decision I have made.
    The response from AHPRA (in relation to my complaints of ongoing pain and suffering from the damage from the lap band and port) is that there is insufficient evidence to link my pain with the 'alleged' pieces of silicon tubing stuck to my abdomen wall.
    They have advised me that if they receive enough complaints regarding the pain, suffering, damage and other issues caused by the lap band (including the need for revision surgery) they will then be able to conduct the appropriate investigation to consider the lap band as a dangerous/problematic medical device.
    I (as an individual) can do no more to get these revolting instruments of torture and waste of time, money and effort banned in this country.
    In short - now is the time to SPEAK UP OR SHUT UP
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  11. kazbo added a post in a topic: Doctors who fat shame   

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  12. kazbo added a post in a topic: Tassie senior wants gastric sleeve done!   

    HI Bunny
    YAY! for you!
    most people are in hospital for 2-5 days (depending on the surgeon and the patient). Many people travel interstate for surgery - the clinic you choose will advise you on what they require from you. They will probably ask for you to stay in their location for 1-2 weeks post-surgery to make sure you have healed well and you have no complications.
    Most follow ups can be done via Skype or the phone
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  13. kazbo added a post in a topic: The post-surgery fears of a fat foodie   

    Hi Laonie
    I am an avid foodie - my job is to find out the latest innovative food trends around the country/world (yep, it;s a real job!). I get to travel around Australia, visiting tradeshows, tasting food and also doing extensive research into mega food trends. I am a foodie through and through. My son is also a chef, a good friend of mine is the food & wine ambassador for Italy - we have good times together sampling food and wine.
    My interest in food - flavour, texture, enjoyment has only been enhanced with WLS. I am now interested more in these things, rather than quantity. I invest in good quality food and love cooking and eating! I just don't eat very much.
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  14. kazbo added a post in a topic: Sleeve - no opti   

    not everyone has to do opti, not all surgeons ask their patients to do opti (yay for you!!)
    I recall my first 2 weeks being pretty bloody revolting to tell you the truth - I was so dehydrated I caould barely keep up the water intake and I generally felt like shit. Once I got properly hydrated, I started to feel better. I had oral thrush for weeks (urgh!) - I highly recommend taking a good quality probiotic ASAP (I use Bioceuticals Ultra45 probiotic).
    I didnt have drains, I think I had a drip for 2-3 days max. Get up and walk as soon as you can as it'll help you to recover quicker/better
    No lifting for 6 weeks - that means no lifting baskets of washing, pushing shopping trolleys or vacuuming. Get a cleaner, order groceries online and be kind to yourself.
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  15. kazbo added a post in a topic: Tired of lapband..   

    in what way are you sick of the band?

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